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Microsoft Windows Blue to launch in few months, Replacing Windows 8

2 December, 2012 Windows 8

windows blue logo

While Microsodt Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 have both only been on the market a short time, but rumor has it that Microsoft may already be getting ready to release an OS update that supersedes both to an extent, called "Windows Blue", and it may even replace Windows 8 in just a few months. It sounds a bit crazy, but it may be true.

Apparently, the word is that Windows Blue will look much like Windows 8 with just some minor UI tweaks, and will likely keep the Windows 8 name, but everything behind it could be very different, including the pricing. Microsoft wants Windows Blue to be on everyone's computer, which means it could even be released for free to ensure users upgrade. From there, the idea is that Microsoft would offer regular yearly updates which will be standardized across desktop and mobile devices.




Microsoft is also planning to release a new Windows SDK along with the updates, and will stop accepting apps written using the Windows 8 SDK, although Windows 8 legacy apps will still run on Windows Blue.




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