Nike+ App for Android Now on Google Play [Free Download]

26 June, 2012 Apps


About 2 Years ago, Nike release its Nike + Running app for iOS, throwing out the requirement to link your phone with one of the company's wireless fobs and relying on your smartphone's own sensors to measure position and track your progress.


Nika +


We have some Good News, Nike has finally ported its Nike+ app over to Android and its Now Available on Google Play, "better late than never" Right ?


Download Nike+

Download Nika+ [Play]

Carry your phone along with you on a run, and Nike+ will get set recording data straight away. The phone's GPS tracks your location, while the accelerometer acts as a pedometer. Together, the sensors provide info that the app uses to give you real-time audio feedback, encouraging you on, as well as lets you review your workout after the fact, analyzing run summaries and measuring your progress over time.



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