October Launch of Ubuntu Smartphones

8 February, 2013 Other

Ubuntu Smartphones are set to be shipped on October this year, which will definitely tickle the fancies of people who love open source gadgets. This type of OS makes these smart phones' UI and whatnot highly customizable at will.

Presently, open source smartphones are either discontinued or are only available to a few developers. Furthermore, the market for Ubuntu Smartphones is highly specific, being North America as well as other geographic markets that prefer open source systems, according to a report by Wall Street Journal.

The source further states that Ubuntu has captured the interest of popular mobile carriers, but no word is given yet as to who and what companies were drawn to developing Ubuntu smart phones.

Developers and enthusiasts will definitely want October to come and a select few will also have access to this Linux-based OS as a pilot ROM for the Galaxy Nexus late February.



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