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Samsung Galaxy S I9000 Gingerbread 2.3.3 update Release Status for Countries (Updating Daily)

6 June, 2011 Samsung

Samsung Galaxy S Gingerbread


Samsung has Released its (Gingerbread 2.3.3) Update for the Galaxy S I-9000 Officially last Month, but not all countries are getting it at the same time. So I made this Article to Show you the Countries that Already Got the Update, Countries that is getting the Update Now and the Countries that still pending for the Update. I will Update the Article Daily or When an Update come out.


Gingerbread Update 2.3.3


As we said Before the upgrade from Froyo 2.2/2.2.1 to Gingerbread 2.3.3 offers even greater user experience, with features including: 


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  • Faster Performance - Multimedia content now has a lower CPU consumption rate, while support for more powerful 3D Graphics enables an enhanced mobile gaming experience. 
  • Upgraded Usability - The user interface has been improved, enabling faster access and control and a more intuitive user experience. Users will also benefit from improved copy-and-paste functionality. 

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Last Updated 10,June 2011



UK  → Update Available! (Vodafone UK, O2 Start rolling-out)


Malaysia → Update Available!


Russia → Pending…


Singapore → Update Available!


Philippines → Update Available!


Indonesia → Update Available!


Belgium → Update Available!


Middle-East → Pending… (Not All countries)


Korea → Update Available!


Finland → Update Available!


Argentina → Pending…


India → Updating…


USA → Pending…


Canada → Pending…


Sweden → Update Available!


Africa → Pending…


South-Africa → Pending…


Eastern-Asia → Updating…


South-America → Delayed


Germany → Update Available! (will Get 2.3.4 soon)


Australia → Pending…


Japan → Update Available!


Rest of Europe → Updating…


Note: If your Galaxy S is locked to a Network and your Country Status is (Available!), your Update may delay according to your Network Operator as the approving process for the upgrade may take some time.



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