Samsung Galaxy S4 Scratch Test - Check out the video

23 April, 2013 Samsung

If you are itching to see if your Samsung Galaxy S 4 will be able to stand minor scratches, watch what this guy does to calm your anxieties about ACTUALLY scratching yours while you scratch test your device. This is not an official Samsung release; however, it is from a YouTube user, Szabolcs Ignacz. Furthermore, it is always useful to manage your own expectations and please take extra care not to include sand on your household materials to use for scratch testing. Just saying...

The Galaxy S 4 is built with the new Gorilla Glass 3 by Corning and is said to be tougher and more scratch resistant. The tester used various materials to poke, scratch and slice the S 4 and none resulted in even minutely damaging the surface. It looks impressive once you've seen the video but most users are more interested on how it will fare with sand or concrete or even dropping the device from a few feet off the ground, such as what usually happens when a phone slips out of one's pocket!

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