Samsung Galaxy S6 Rumors, Leaks and Specifications

10 June, 2014 Samsung

After the tremendous response garnered by Samsung Galaxy S5 it is now time for Samsung to launch its another highly sophisticated smart phone called as Samsung Galaxy S6. Though there is no official word that is available for the launch date but there are many rumors and leaks that are being floated all across the internet. Here are some of those rumors, leaks and possible specifications explained in detail.

Expect 4GB RAM and a 16-core processor

• This time Samsung is planning to come up with a huge 4 GB RAM with this smart phone and a 16-core processor. If this turns out to be true then this is going to be one of the fastest and smoothest smart phones ever made. With so much of power you can do many amazing things with this smart phone. Moreover it will not become obsolete for many years to come. The 16-core processor is going to be a Samsung Eryngoes 800 processor.

• There are also chances that Samsung Galaxy S6 might come up with 128 GB on-board memory. Well this much of memory is enough for you to save huge amounts of data that includes your favorite pictures, songs and movies.

Expect a projector option with Samsung Galaxy S6

• Apart from huge memory and fast processor there are also rumors that Samsung Galaxy S6 will have a projector option. It means you will be able to see your favorite movies at your home and even prepare those office presentations at home and then practice as much as you want.

• The leaked images are also suggesting that Samsung Galaxy S6 might have an Ultra HD display screen of 5.2 inches.

• The rear camera is expected to be a 21 mega pixel camera along with 8K resolution. If this happens then it will be like mother of all other smart phones.

• On the battery front it is believed that Samsung Galaxy S6 will come up with a powerful 3300 to 3500 mAh battery. This much battery is enough to last for more and more hours easily.

This smart phone will be available with Android 5.0 mobile operating system which is going to be the latest mobile operating system.

This smart phone is expected to be launched in early 2015 when the MWC will happen. Till that time you can enjoy a great smart phone experience with Samsung Galaxy S5.



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