The Dark Knight Rises Game Now Available on Google Play [Download]

20 July, 2012 Apps

Dark knight Rises

GameLoft has released The Dark Knight Rises on Google Play for $6.99 today in conjunction with the release of the film here in the United States. If your ready to fight crime and race the streets of Gotham City in Batman's Batcycle and his Aircraft, "The Bat" If you haven't heard of Gameloft before, they actually make some decent substantial games for Android and iOS devices.


Dark knight

The Dark Knight Rises ties in with the film's story and also adds some fun gameplay into the mix. For $6.99 it's really not a bad game and you'll get your monies worth. Obviously the writing won't be as good as the film, so if you were expecting that, you may be disappointed.


Dark knight

You have to keep in mind that this also just released today, so it may be buggy on some phones and also may not be fully compatible with Jelly Bean yet.



Download Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises [Play]




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