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Original Samsung Galaxy S III extended battery 3000mAh is Now Available for Pre-Order

19 December, 2012 Galaxy S III



Samsung GALAXY S III comes with a 2100mAh battery. However, some users found it not enough to complete that day with, either you playing many games or browsing the web for many hours. Software updates tend to reduce the battery consumption but it doesn't extend the battery life that much too. Instead of buying a cheap Chinese battery, Samsung released its Original Extended battery Kit 3000mAh for the GALAXY S III users in the UK.


Original S3 extended battery kit 3000mAh


The extended battery kit includes the actual 3000mAh cell, and a special back cover designed to accommodate the larger battery. The back cover includes an embedded NFC chip and is available in blue or white to match the color of the phone.




The Extended battery kit will features :


• 3000mAh replacement battery adds 900 mAh to your battery life.

• Replacement back cover houses the extended battery and protects against damage.

• Built-in NFC chip for full phone functionality.

• Official Samsung product made for the Galaxy S3.



Pre-Order from [MobileFun]


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