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Galaxy Ace


Samsung is still working on its official Jelly Bean updates, but XDA-developers members have been quite busy porting the latest Android distribution to various smartphones and already have quite a lot to show for their efforts.



The most recent achievement of the dev community is quite impressive though. The Samsung Galaxy Ace and Samsung Galaxy Gio two smartphones based on the older-gen ARMv6 CPU got CM10 ports, which will certainly be their only chance of tasting Jelly Bean 4.1.




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iPhone - Samsung

To say that the currently raging trial between Apple and Samsung has been a revelation would be a massive understatement. The latest bit of juicy information got submitted as evidence yesterday, revealing that Apple offered Samsung the rights to license its patent portfolio for the amount of $30 per smartphone and $40 per tablet back in October, 2010. According to the submitted presentation from Apple, the amount which Samsung owed for 2010 alone was in the vicinity of $250 million. It included revenue not only from sales of Android devices, but Bada OS, Windows Phone and Symbian ones as well.


Samsung - iphone

As most of you likely remember, this was the time when both the iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S were released. The latter had shocked Apple's executives with its resemblance to their own company's offering. According to the testimony of Apple's patent licensing director Boris Teksler: "We didn't understand how a trusted partner would build a copycat product like that."




iPad mini

Apple is in hot war over intellectual rights with Samsung but its dependance on the Korean hardware giant production is just going to grow in 2012. While in 2011 Apple spent nearly $7.8 billion on Samsung-made parts but in 2012, this number will grow further to $11 billion.

"The amount of the current contract is around $9.7 billion, butis expected to rise to $11 billion by the end of this year as Apple is planning to release a smaller iPad, probably with a 7.85-inch screen, and to sell more of its MacBook Air PCs using Samsung faster solid state drive storage," said Samsung executive told The Korea Times speaking on the condition of confidentiality.

Now, while the focus of the executive message the fact that Apple will spend more on Samsung parts, having a confirmation of the real possibility for a 7.85-inch iPad (iPad mini) from a Samsung official is probably even bigger news.


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Samsung Ad

Samsung has again hit the Apple fans with its new ad saying that the "Next Big Thing is Already Here".

The ad series which comes heavily up on Apple fans and the forthcoming Apple iPhone 4S, mocks the Apple motto of bringing out the next big thing.

Latest Ad Video Below!

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Apple Vs. Samsung

Apple turned up the heat on Samsung in Australia when it expanded its patent and trademark lawsuit to include 278 new infringement claims covering 22 patents and ten devices (some of them unreleased). This is a significant increase from the original lawsuit which targeted only the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and included with a handful of patent infringement claims. If the court grants Apple an injunction based on these new claims, it potentially could prevent Samsung from selling any Android device in the land down under.

Samsung and Apple are embroiled in a heated legal battle that began in August of 2011.

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iPhone5 concept 4"

Reports from Reuters and Wall Street Journal Confirm that Apple's Next Generation iPhone aka "iPhone 5" or "the New iPhone" will have a 4-inches screen measure from corner to corner.

That would represent a roughly 30 percent increase in viewing area, assuming Apple kept other dimensions proportional. Apple has been using a 3.5-inch screen since introducing the iPhone in 2007 and all these displays was Manufactured by Samsung Ltd.



Also The Reports from Reuters confirm that the Next Generation iPhone displays will NOT be Manufactured by Samsung as we announced before that Samsung will stop Manufacturing any parts for Apples products, The production of the new screens has begun at three suppliers: Korea's LG Display Co Ltd, Sharp Corp and Japan Display Inc, a Japanese government-brokered merger combining the screen production of three companies.





Foxconn's CEO, Terry Gou, revealed an intent to overtake Samsung in every electronics-manufacturing way imaginable within 5 years.Foxconn recently bought stake in a Sharp LCD screens plant, and it is precisely this partnership it hopes will give it an edge over Samsung's technology.


Terry Gou went so far as to say that Sharp is three years ahead of Samsung in its 10th generation screen plant, perhaps focusing on the IGZO technology that the Japanese have developed, and which is making debut in the Resolutionary display of the new iPad. Moreover, he fleetingly mentioned that people should wait for the iPhone 5, as it will put the Galaxy S III to shame.


iphone 5


The whole tirade about the war on Samsung went on when the CEO was announcing the partnership with Sharp as a done deal. "Snitches get stitches" is apparently the driving force behind this animosity towards Samsung, as the Koreans played the role of "tainted witness", exempt from an European Commission investigation into LCD price fixing.


According to Terry Gou Samsung is "a company that has a track record of snitching on its competitors". His capitalistic heart was apparently too broken to have anything to do with them, so he turned over to Sharp: "I respect the Japanese and especially like their execution and communication styles. Unlike the Koreans, they will not hit you from behind."




Apple - Samsung


We reported before that a UK judge ruled that Samsung did not copy Apple's patent design when it manufactured the Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1. The judge did rule that Apple had to put up a notice on its website and in U.K. papers acknowledging that Samsung did not copy the Apple iPad.

The listing must stay up for the next 6 months on Apple UK Website https://www.apple.com/uk/. The comic above give an example funny solution for Apple!

Samsung Apple 3G Patent


Samsung Electronics and Apple Inc. 3G patent dispute over wireless transmission technology is "ridiculous and might be best settled in mediation", According to what the judge who overseeing the case in Australia said.

Samsung sued Apple claiming the maker of iPhones is infringing three patents covering data transmission over the 3G wireless spectrum. The suit was in response to Apple's claim that Samsung stole its design ideas for computer tablets and phones. A trial scheduled to run for three months began today before Federal Court Justice Annabelle Bennett.


Source (Video)




Apple today announced the results of the third financial quarter of the year and as usual the numbers are impressive but the iPhone sales is dropping.

The company reported a Q3,2012 profit of $8.8 Billion, Compared to a $11.6 Billion in Q2,2012. Also the iPhone's sales has been dropped from $35.1 Million to $26 Million, this 9.1 Million loss is due to the Samsung Galaxy S III release during this quarter, the korean giant flagship device hits the markets in the US, EU and all over the globe.


Apple Q3

Samsung will also release a Galaxy device in the same time Apple will relier its new iPhone 5in Q4 this year, which will also affect the phonier sales more.


Apple vs. Samsung

Today, Apple scored its first major victory against Samsung & Android tonight, including a giant $1 billion dollar judgement. Though largely in Apple's favor, they failed to win some key rulings and so they won't be able to slow down Samsung (and other current Android devices) as much as they had hoped.



In particular they failed to win any design or trade dress protection for the iPad. As a result tablet design and most current Samsung phones (as well as other Android handsets) that don't look like the 3G won't infringe on Apple's design patents. For the tablet market in particular this means competition will continue apace.


For More Info Reuters


Tim cook

After Apple scored a major victory over Samsung in Court, Many Android lovers and Apple fans too said that Apple didn't won the trial but also "won the Hate of all Android users and its own users too" as beend said around in social Networks.

Apple CEO, Tim Cook sent a Note to all Apple Employee expressing his happiness after beating Samsung, Here is the Full Email:

"Many of you have been closely following the trial against Samsung in San Jose for the past few weeks. We chose legal action very reluctantly and only after repeatedly asking Samsung to stop copying our work. For us this lawsuit has always been about something much more important than patents or money. It's about values. We value originality and innovation and pour our lives into making the best products on earth. And we do this to delight our customers, not for competitors to flagrantly copy.

We owe a debt of gratitude to the jury who invested their time in listening to our story. We were thrilled to finally have the opportunity to tell it. The mountain of evidence presented during the trial showed that Samsung's copying went far deeper than we knew.

The jury has now spoken. We applaud them for finding Samsung's behavior willful and for sending a loud and clear message that stealing isn't right.

I am very proud of the work that each of you do.

Today, values have won and I hope the whole world listens.





apple Samsung lte


After Apple scored a huge victory against Samsung in the U.S. court and got $1 Billion for damages, the Korean company has pointed its LTE patent gun against Apple and is just waiting for an upcoming iPhone 5 with LTE to start firing in court. Samsung has the strongest LTE patent portfolio in the industry, holding more than 819 patents and a lot of those were developed by Samsung itself.


apple lte

Apple on the other hand has also pre-emptively loaded the patent guns in defense mode Cupertino has a meager 44 LTE patents developed on its own, but it has been actively purchasing patents and with all of its acquired IP, Apple's LTE patent portfolio now amounts to 434 patents. U.S. patent firm InterDigital is the second-biggest player in LTE with 780 patents.


"This shows that Apple has been taking strategic steps to acquire intellectual property to prepare for potential legal disputes before it launches its own LTE smartphones,"  -  Korea Intellectual Property Office official said.




Apple - Samsung


We all are aware of Apple - Samsung major US patent lawsuit that been going for over than a year. However, these legal issues didn't affect their component supply deal, which has Samsung provide most of the memory chips that Apple uses in its mobile devices such as iPad,iPhone and iPod.

According to Reuters and several other news outlets, all citing anonymous sources, with the iPhone 5, Apple is now steering away from Samsung as its main chip supplier. Instead, the company is looking to strengthen its supplies from competing chip manufacturers such as Toshiba, Elpida and Hynix.


Source (Reuters)



Gus Richard, analyst, reported that Apple is looking to replace Samsung-produced chips with another manufacturer. While it isn't known if this is the direct result of the many legal battles between the two. He says that Apple is talking to TSMC about chips using the 20nm manufacturing process.


Samsung - Apple A6

A chip industry source confirms the analyst's story, saying that the relationship between Apple and Korean based Samsung has deteriorated to the point where both sides are just looking to fulfill current contracts in force and then breaking up. Yet another Asian source says that Apple will be turning to TSMC for its quad-core chips.




Apple vs Samsung


Samsung fans will relate as, Apple lost its appeal against Samsung in from of the UK Court judge, Apple claimed in its appeal that Samsung copied its iPad design.


Now after losing the battle, Samsung won, and Apple is forced to run Ads in British newspapers, and leave a message on its Apple UK website telling that Samsung didn't infringe on its design patents.


ipad vs. galaxy tab

Sounds a bit humiliating, but the law is the law, and if the US had something similar. That is the same judge who jokingly acknowledged that Samsung's tablets aren't considered as "cool" as the iPad.



Source BBC

Apple Samsung


Today Apple executed the UK's High Court order that ruled the company should acknowledge that Samsung didn't copy the iPad's design in its Galaxy Tab slates. The court order states that the text should be published in a font no smaller than Arial 11 and Apple has done just this.

Apple posted a link on the UK front page of its website to a "Samsung/Apple UK judgement" page, where it has posted the UK Court of Appeal's ruling. Here is the Full Statement:



Apple confirms that Samsung didn't infringe on its iPad patents and hasn't copied the tablet's design in the UK, but also states other courts, like the one in Germany, have ruled the opposite.



Notifications Center on iPad - iPhone

We reported before that Samsung is preparing to sue Apple over the iPhone Notifications Center that Apple took its idea and concept from Android. Now, Apple is moving to protect itself from this action by seeking a patent for the iOS Notifications Center that was presented in 2011 with iOS 5.


apple patent 2012,june

You may be wondering "But Android had it first!"... In fact, Google's filing for Android's "notification bar" was back in 2009. However, there are indeed quite a few differences between the platforms.

Samsung and Apple new legal drama this year will be about features and software patents, not round corners.


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Android ICS 4.0.3 released first on the Galaxy Nexus, All manufactures promise to update their latest phones from Gingerbread to ICS. Now, most major phone manufacturers including Asus, Samsung and Sony have finished the testing and certification and are ready to update device to ICS very soon.

Phone makers have not yet updated their devices to the latest Android despite the fact that the 4.0.x version was released in November of last year. That is nearly a five month gap in which Gingerbread continues to be the dominant Android version on high-end handsets on the platform.

And if the rumors are true, Android 5.0 JB should make fragmentation even worse as the publication expects the new version to arrive as early as May or June. Internally, this is allegedly slowing down phone manufacturers with ICS updates as they try to prepare for 5.0.

Samsung has already pushed an ICS update for its Galaxy S II, and next in line are the Galaxy Tab 8.9, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Galaxy Note. Asus has also updated its original Transformer, and Sony recently announced plans to bump up the Android versions of the Tablet P and Tablet S by end-April.

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S3 vs One X


We're pretty sure that Man people out there are currently wondering which Android smartphone to get the awesome Samsung Galaxy S III OR the fantastic HTC One X.

YouMobile Ask you (Our reader) to give us your Honest opinion about which smartphone you prefer S3 or One X ? Which one you recommend to your friends ?



Share your Opinion with us on the Comments section below!


apple icons

After Samsung intoduce some evidence that Apple got the iPhone's design from them in the first place back in 2007, Apple is going with the trial in a New direction, claiming that Samsung also copied its iOS default Icons (Contact, Photos, phone... etc).


"Samsung is also infringing Apple's icon trademarks by advertising and selling a wide variety of products using confusingly similar icons...The icons on these products were intentionally designed to look like Apple's icons and infringe Apple's trademark rights," - Apple claims.


apple icons

Apple says that Samsung copied some of those icons and gives plenty of compelling evidence in a lot of Samsung devices. Here is a list of all Samsung phones where the allegedly copied icons appear:


Captivate; Continuum; Droid Charge; Epic 4G; Exhibit 4G; Fascinate; Galaxy Ace; Galaxy S (i9000); Galaxy S 4G; Galaxy S II (AT&T Edition, 4G); Galaxy S II (T-Mobile Edition); Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch; Galaxy S II Skyrocket (4G LTE); Galaxy S Showcase; Gem; Gravity Smart; Indulge; Infuse 4G; Mesmerize; and Vibrant.


Source (CNET)


Galaxy s blaze Q


The latest Samsung Galaxy device "Galaxy S Blaze Q" for T-Mobile which basically a U.S. Galaxy S III with a QWERTY Keyboard. The device specifications has been leaked from T-Mobile as it rumored to be released during this month (August,2012). Check the device Specs list below and we will announce once the device is Officially released.

Samsung Galaxy S Blaze Q Specifications

Galaxy Tab 11.8

About a week ago, Documents leaked from Samsung Korean based manufacturer indicate a New tablet code named the "P10". The tablet will pack an 11.8-inch display and its said to have a resolution of 2560 x 1600 which confirm a Retina display will be onboard od this new tab.

FCC Gtab 11.8

Today, A Samsung tablet hits the FCC with a Model Name of GT-P8110 and have a 11.8" display which confirm that Samsung is getting ready to release the Galaxy Tab 11.8 very soon. you can check the source link to see the FCC Documents yourself


Source (FCC)

Samsung Galaxy S Blaze Q


The U.S. variant of the Galaxy S III is getting a QWERTY keyboard, T-Mobile will get Samsung Galaxy S Blaze Q with same specs as the Galaxy S III but with a QWERTY. It will be released on 15,August.

The Samsung Galaxy S Blaze Q appears to essentially be a US Galaxy S III with added five-row, slide-out QWERTY keyboard, save for its ridiculous name selection. Its specs include a dual-core Snapdragon S4 CPU, 1GB RAM, 16GB of built-in memory, 720p display, and Android 4.0.4 ICS. Naturally, T-Mobile's speedy 42Mbps HSPA+ network will be present as well.




T-Mobile Note


The Samsung Galaxy Note launches on T-Mobile nearly 11 months after the launch of the original international version of the phone and still costs a hefty $249.99 on a two-year plan.

That just doesn't seem reasonable to us, and etailer Wirefly is here to fix that injustice with a $70 price drop which brings the price of the Galaxy Note down to $179.99 for those willing to sign into a two-year agreement with T-Mobile. Good news is that the same price is also good for those due for upgrade on the carrier.




During the Q2,2012 in Europe, Apple's iPhone sales is slowing Down for the first time. The biggest winner of in Android world is Samsung which commanded 45% of smartphone sales in the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain in a 12-week period ending July 8th.

Actually, it's Apple itself that first noted its weak performance in Europe, blaming bad financial weather and anticipation for its next device.
 Apple in contrast got only 16% of total sales, Making Samsung the Top Smartphone Brand in Europe.



Galaxy Note 10.1

Samsung has just officially Relessed the long waited tablet Galaxy Note 10.1 after it was returned to the R&D center for a specs update and now the tablet is as ready for action as it could be. It comes with Samsung's very own Exynos 4412 chipset with a quad-core 1.4GHz processor, Mali 400MP GPU and 2GB of RAM.


galaxy note 10.1

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 comes with 10.1" screen, It features a PLS TFT resolution of 1280x800 pixels, making for a pixel density of 149ppi. it also comes with some exclusive apps to take advantage of the stylus, including S Note, S Planner, Crayon physics, Adobe® Photoshop® Touch, and Polaris Office. There's also palm rejection support, so you won't hit any buttons by accident with your palm when drawing with the S Pen.


Galaxy Note 10.1

Galaxy Note 10.1 Specifications


The tablet is available in Korea, Germany, the US and the UK. It'll gradually be rolled-out to other global markets some time this month. European pricing is set at €479 for the Wi-Fi only version and €599 for the 3G-enabled units.

Galaxy Note 10.1

Just right after Samsung officially announced ... The source code for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 has been released and it is now Available for download.

This means that developers can now start developing custom ROMs for the newly announced 10.1″ slate and users can roll-back to the factory ROM if they experienced any issues with a custom ROM.



Galaxy Tab 2 7.0

After Google release Nexus 7 tablet priced at $249. Samsung is now releasing the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 Student Edition that easily beats the Nexus 7 in terms of value for the money. And that's a huge statement. 
Here's why... the Tab 2 7.0 Student Edition sells for the same $249 too but it also includes a keyboard dock and a USB peripheral connector in the price.


Galaxy TAb 2 7.0 Specifications


Now, the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 Student Edition is said to arrive in Best Buy stores on August 19th, so you'd definitely have a hard choice if you're looking for a no-compromise 7-inch tablet nowadays. Which one would you prefer the Nexus 7 or the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 with the keyboard and USB connector bundle?




Samsung Exynos 5250


If you are not Familiar Samsung's Exynos 5250 processor, we will tell you everything about it now. It was first announced last year by a Samsung Executives, They said that Exynos 5250 would features a 2.0 GHz Cortex-A15 CPU (its not confirmed if samsung will Manufacture dual-core or Quad-core of this CPU) and will feature an ARM Mali-T604 GPU.

The New CPU from Samsung deliver an amazing speed and performance, with less power consumption than other Exynos 4 CPUs. This means you can get a superb perfoamnce without affecting the battery life.

samsung Exynos 5250

Most of Samsung's mobile application processors are produced in Korea, but they just spent $3.6 billion to upgrade their fab in Austin, TX to boost capacity as they will producing the Exynos 5250 their. You can know more info here.

The Exynos 5250 is reported to be integrated in the Upcoming Samsung GALAXY Note 2 that will announced during this Month 29,August.

Samsung-Apple video

The American comedian and TV host Conan O'Brien who now hosts his show "Conan" on TBS has done some videos for the show that talked some aspect of the mainstream technology. His parodies of the Apple videos are especially popular among the tech circle. Now He is back with a New video about Samsung-Apple trial. Watch it below and Enjoy!

Click to Watch The Video!

Galaxy Note 2 (By GSMarena)


We got some information about the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Specifications earlier this week. Today we got even more News, KoreaTimes reports suggest that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will pack a 5.5-inch flexible AMOLED display made by Samsung itself.

youm logo

Samsung already has these flexible AMOLED panels on its factory in korea, We made a report about the launch of the Samsung "YOUM" brand for the flexible AMOLED back in April,2012.


Samsung youm

Samssung YOUM AMOLED panels uses a Unbreakable Plane (UBP) and plastic substrate helping it reduce its thickness by 0.4mm. This may not sound like much, but on a 5.5" screen, the space saved is enough for Samsung to employ a far larger battery without making the Note 2 any thicker than its predecessor.

Source (KoreaTimes)


With Windows Phone 7 almost upon us the leaked pictures and videos have been steadily popping up on the web. Enter the i8700 in its leaked video debut. Sure there have been pictures of it before now and of course some healthy chatter on the specifications, most of which could be guessed at from Microsoft own minimum standards for Win Phone 7 devices. Well we got a Video that the handset has appeared on it (Below). Enjoy!


Samsung i8700

Galaxy Note 10.1

Samsung has just posted the Official Hands-on Video of its latest tablet, The Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 that has just been released yesterday in the U.S. NewYork event. Watch the Video below and Enjoy!


Show Video


samsung galaxy note 10m

Samsung's head of global Marketing, Younghee Lee, announced yesterday that the Company has sold 10 Million Galaxy Note devices worldwide in only 9 Months... That's an Impressive number!

This 10 Million devices include the International Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 sales + The AT&T LTE version of Galaxy Note I717, Samsung is expected to release the 2nd variant of the Note and will be named "Galaxy Note II" this Month.




Note 10.1


The Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 is becoming the Most powerful tablet Samsung ever made with its quad-core 1.4 GHz Exynos processor running the show. Samsung launched the GALAXY Note 10.1 in the U.S. today and sales will start tomorrow.


Galaxy Note 10.1 Accessories

The 16GB model will cost $499 and the 32GB variant is priced at $549. While the tablet introduced today uses Wi-Fi connectivity, a 4G LTE model is expected out later this year.


Galaxy Note 10.1

Samsung just launched the GALAXY Note 10.1 tablet in the United States. The announcement came at a dedicated event in New York.


Samsung US Launch


Sporting a 10.1-inch display with a 1280x800 resolution, the tablet has some serious horsepower under the hood. It runs Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich with a splash of TouchWiz on top on the powerful Exynos 4 Quad SoC, featuring 1.4GHz quad-core CPU with 2GB of RAM.


Galaxy Note 10.1


Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 Specifications


The Galaxy Note 10.1 is available in 16GB or 32GB Wi-Fi and 3G variations, expandable via the microSD card slot. It also comes preloaded with cool apps like Adobe Photoshop Touch and Adobe Ideas, S Memo and S Note, which really take advantage of the included S Pen.


Note 10.1


Samsung has sent out invites to a location in the Big Apple, where it is expected to introduce a new product. The drawing on the invitation shows what looks to be a generic tablet with the words "Meet the new way" written inside the drawing using a stylized font. This New product is the Updated New GALAXY Note 10.1 tablet.

Galaxy Note 10.1

On Monday, Samsung launched the Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 tablet in the U.K., at its retail location in the Westfield Stratford shopping center which would point to the U.S. introduction of the device on Wednesday 15,August. And if that isn't enough of a clue for you budding Detectives, earlier this month the manufacturer said it would be launching the device globally during August. Actually, late last month, there was speculation that August 15th could bring an introduction of the Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1.




Samsung Galaxy Note II


Today, We've some Exclusive NEWS, We have just got the first Official Photo of the Samsung GALAXY Note II (Front panel photo Above). Also we can now confirm that the Next Galaxy Note will pack a 5.5-inch display.

The Display resolution is not yet confirmed, but it may be 1280 x 800 not 1080p as it was rumored before. The display type is sAMOLED using regular RGM Matrix not-PenTile which means more subpixels and better image quality.


Galaxy Note II Confirmed Specifications


The Samsung Galaxy Note II will also expected to be powered by a Samsung Exynos 4 Quad-chip with each of the four cores clocked at 1.5GHz. The rear camera will be 8MP as the same sensor on the Galaxy S III.


Apple - Samsung


Apple continue to go after Samsung in courts on many countries (U.S., UK, Australia, Germany, Korea... etc), Samsung lawyers argued that even if its gadgets are found to be infringing on Apple patents in the end, not all of them would have broke alll of the submitted patents at once during their sales cycle, so the damages are likely to be substantially less, but the interesting take from the story is the 35.5% gross profit margin that Samsung allegedly commands on its mobile devices.


Given that Apple's gross on the iPhone can hit up to 60%, and that Samsung doesn't sell much tablets compared to its smartphone sales to bring down the margin, this means that overall Samsung has been more conservative with its profit charges than Cupertino in that period.

Apple's witness Terry Musika said that these calculation are not "just me sitting on a desk with a calculator", but they are derived from "literally hundreds of millions of calculations" by a team of 20 analysts, programmers, statisticians and economists that arrived at the $2.5-$2.75 ballpark estimate of infringement due by Samsung. Apple has paid $1.75 million to the team for this number-crunching, added Mr Musika.


Source (Reuters)


Galaxy S Relay 4G

The Samsung Galaxy S Blaze Q which is basically a U.S. Galaxy S III but with a QWERTY keyboard is not launching this Month, as latest reports suggest that t-Mobile will rename the phone to "Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G" instead of the "Blaze".

The specs we announced before is still the same but Re-branding a product may take some time, We don't have any confirmed repeated yet.



Audi has confirmed that its R8 e-tron will be fitted with a digital rear-view mirror. The digital rear-view mirror will work in conjunction with a camera that will enable a larger field of vision unlike a conventional rear-view mirror.




Interestingly, the mirror will be a 7.7-inch AMOLED display supplied by Samsung Display and is selected due to the display's power efficiency, thinness than a regular LCD.



Galaxy Note 10.1

Samsung has just released the latest source codes for its latest products, as always, they have now released the source code for the Galaxy Note 10.1 on the Samsung Open Source Release Center.


Samsung ICS

Along with the Note 10.1 source code, Samsung has also release the Source code of the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich version of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Galaxy Tab 7 Plus.


Source (Samsung)


Galaxy S blaze Q press shot

Samsung Galaxy S Blaze Q the Full-QWERTY version of the Galaxy S III for T-Mobile has just got its first Official press shot showing August,15th on the homescreen.

So, the leaked press shot shows that the device will be released on T-Mobile U.S. on 15,August with the specifications we announced 2 days ago. We have no info about its price yet.




GNote 10.1

The recently announced Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet is arriving soon to the UK, Samsung Mobile UK announced on its twitter account that the device will be launched on retailers in the UK this Thursday "16,August".

The Samsung Mobile UK tweet didn't mention anything on the pricing, but there are a few retailers accepting pre-orders for the slate already. If you want to be among the first to get a Galaxy Note 10.1, Westfield store is your only option.


GNote 10.1


Galaxy Note 10.1 Specifications HERE


The expected prices is £400 for the 16GB Wi-Fi only version and £480 for the Wi-Fi + 3G option 16GB. Galaxy Note 10.1 will be Available on White & Gray.

Source (twitter)



We hae got some great news for you, our dear Bada-loving friends. Samsung has just confirmed that it will be bringing the latest version of their proprietary OS, 2.0, to all the devices in its Bada lineup before this year has ended.

Have in mind though that due to hardware limitations some of the Wave smartphones will not get the full feature set that Bada 2.0 brings.



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Samsung started rolling-out its ICS 4.0.3 Updates Today starting with some european contras (Pollen, Korea, Lithuania.. etc). According to the latest confirmed reports from Samsung, UK wll get the Update Next Week (20,March) and this info has been confirmed by Samsung UK.

"Samsung UK can confirm that the roll out of Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) on Galaxy S II will be available from week commencing 19t March, However the availability of software upgrades in the UK will be dependent upon each network's own software approvals process."


So, UK fans, you will taste the ICS Next week, so Get Ready nad Make sure you have the Latest KIES Software Installed on your MAC OR PC.

Keep your Eyes on our SGSII Update Page!

Galaxy S II ICS Update

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Samsung Galaxy S 2.3.5


While Samsung Users are Waiting for the Android 4.0.1 Ice Cream Sandwhich Update by 2012, which Google has just released its Source Code, Samsung has pushed her first Official Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread Update throught KIES as we announced before that the Update is coming on Q4,2011 and here we are, Just in time for UK users!

Samsung Galaxy S 2.3.5 GB

Phone: Galaxy S GT-I9000

Country: UK

Firmware Version: 2.3.5

Baseband Version: I9000XXJVT

Kernel Version:

Samsung Galaxy S 2.3.5 GB

The Update Came with Many Improvements, Including:

  • Bringing the latest Android Gingerbread Version 2.3.5
  • Animation shadow at end of any list while you scrolling.
  • Messages App is faster on Start-up time, Opening SMS or sending SMS.
  • Battery life and power consumtion slightly improved
  • Performance Improvement.
  • Some System Apps Bugs fixed.
  • Home screen hang bug fixed.
  • Market Apps are running more smoothly (Games, Editors... etc)
  • Improved picker Widget
  • Main Camera Enchances

Special Thanks to Vijay for Sending this Screenshots, and to SamFirmware

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SGS 2.3.5

If you are a Happy Samsung Galaxy S User,  Keep your Eyes on this Page that will be Continous Updating with available Gingerbread 2.3.5 Updates Statuses for all counties worldwide.



For Android 2.3.4 & 2.3.5

Updated: 5,March 2012 Nxt:


GB 2.3.6 VPU Page is Coming Soon



(2.3.4 Available!) → 2.3.4 Update is Available for this Region/Carrier.


(Pending…) → 2.3.5 Update is Not Available for this Region, yet!


(Updating…) 2.3.5 Update is on "Test Mode".


(Update Available!) → The 2.3.5 Update is Available on KIES!

Click Here to Get to the Page!


UK (Unlocked) → Pending… 2.3.4 Available!

UK (Orange, T-Mobile) → Updating… 2.3.4 Available!


UK (Vodafone, O2) → Pending… 2.3.4 Available!


UK (THREE) → Update Available! (23/11)


Brazil → Pending…


Russia → Pending… 2.3.4 Available!


Turkey → Pending…


Taiwan → Pending… 2.3.4 Available!


Spain (Movistar) →  Pending…


Spain (Vodafone) →  Pending…


Spain →  Pending… 2.3.4 Available!


Italy → Pending…


Italy (THREE) → Update Available! (23/11)


Venezuela → Pending…


Bulgaria → Pending… 2.3.4 Available!


Greece → Pending…


Malaysia → Pending…


Singapore → Pending…


Slovenia → Pending…


Norway (Telenor) → Pending…


Netherlands → Pending…


Philippines → Pending…


Poland → Update Available! (22/12)


Poland (Orange, T-mobile, Plus) → Pending… 2.3.4 Available!


Poland (Play) → Update Available! (16/12)


Belgium → Pending…


**Egypt →  Update Available! (22/12) I9001


**UAE/KSA →  Update Available! (22/12) I9001


Korea → Pending…


Bangladesh→ Pending…


Romania (vodafone, Cosmote) → Pending… 2.3.4 Available!


Romania (Orange → Pending… 2.3.4 Available!


Romania (unlocked) → Pending… 


Cyprus → Pending…


Argentina → Pending…


India →  Pending…


USA → Pending…


China → Pending… 2.3.4 Available!


Canada → Pending…


Croatia (VIP NET) → Pending… 2.3.4 Available!


Hungary (Branded & Unbranded) → Pending… 2.3.4 Available!


Switzerland → Update Available! (22/12)


Israel (PTR) → Update Available! (23/12)


South-Africa → Pending…


Lithuania → Pending…


France (Orange) → Pending… 2.3.4 Available!


South-America  Pending…


Germany (Unlcoked) → Update Available! (23/12)


Germany (Debitel) → Pending…


Australia (unlocked) → Pending…


Australia (Three, Vodafone)→ Pending…


Austria → Pending…


Austria (THREE)  Update Available! (23/11)


Ireland → Pending…


Finland → Pending…


**Nordic Countries →  Pending… 2.3.4 Available!


*Rest of Europe → Pending… 2.3.4 Available!


*Any Country in Europe that is not on the list Above.

**Nordic Countries (NEE) are Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Greenland.

***These Countries get the Same build version of Android with Arabic Enabled!


Gingerbread Update 2.3.3


SGS GB 2.3.5


Android 2.3.5 Update Change-log:

  • Animation shadow at end of any list while you scrolling.
  • Messages App is faster on Start-up time, Opening SMS or sending SMS.
  • Battery life and power consumtion slightly improved
  • Performance Improvement.
  • Some System Apps Bugs fixed.
  • Home screen hang bug fixed.
  • Market Apps are running more smoothly (Games, Editors... etc)
  • Improved picker Widget
  • Main Camera Enchances

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Galaxy S

Last week, We announced that Samsung will launch a VPU or a Value Update package that will for the Galaxy S I9000 Users, that will Offer them the same experience of the ICS but in Gingerbread (browser, multi-tasking... etc) instead of the CORE ICS 4.0.1 OS Update which samsung said it "could not run smoothly on the galaxy s older hardware, and will not deliver a good experience to the user".


However, a Samsung spokesperson today has said that the company will NOT offer the (VPU) update either due to the hardware specifications of the older Galaxy devices, in that they are limited to and fully optimized for the Gingerbread experience only. The news will frustrate Galaxy S owners that had gotten their hopes up following recent reports, They won't get the ICS nor the VPU, with many still on a two-year contract, they were hoping to see new features on the device.

We are Truly Very Sorry to all Galaxy S Owners and Fans for this Bad News, but we will keep supporting you with Gingerbread Updates and Bug fixes, also we will offer some easy-steps tutorials for How-to flash your Galaxy S to ICS 4.0.3.

Thank you,


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EA Dead Space


Samsung and EA are currently teaming up to offer the mobile version of EA Dead Space for free but only inside Samsung Apps store for Galaxy S II devices. If you rushed into your app drawer and then realize that Samsung forgot to include this free cool game on your GS2 device. While "Samsung Apps" comes preloaded in Galaxy S II devices in general.


Sadly, Many users in the United states, India and other places around the World have been left out. Don't Worry, YouMobile Offering you the SamsungApp (.apk) file that will enable you to download the Game on your Galaxy S II via the samsung App store. Once installed, perform a quick search inside Samsung Apps to find Dead Space and download your FREE Full Version.


Samsung Apps for Galaxy S II



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Samsung USA Tweet

Samsung sold more than 27.8 Million smartphones in Q4,2011 alone. Samsung has confirmed, making it the world largest smartphone vendor and contributing significantly to its record-breaking financial quarter.


The new stat was tweeted out by Samsung South Africa, and follows the company announcement last month that it had shipped over 300m handsets both smartphones and dumbphones in 2011 as a whole.

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Galaxy S XXJVU

Good News, looks like Samsung is twaeking the Galaxy S I9000 after all, The Picure above is taken from a leaked Official ROM for the Galaxy S I9000XXJVU based on Gigerbread 2.3.6 and built in 29,December 2011.

The New ROM brings some ICS features like face-unlock (picture above) and More:

  • Camera is better and can take picture when shooting video.
  • Photo Editor Added.
  • New Lockscreen sounds.
  • Auto-Rotation is fast in switching from portrait to landscape.
  • I/O performance is better.
  • Stock Browser is smoother.
  • Gallery3D is faster and smoother.
  • Higher FPS 3D graphics.



via sammobile

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Samsung Galaxy Note tabphone is headed stateside to join ATT lineup, these press shots should probably put them to rest. Going by model number SGH-I717, ATT version of the Gingerbread-powered Note likely to be revealed in a few short days at CES will reportedly maintain the class-leading 5.3-inch, 1280x800 Super AMOLED display and 1.4GHz dual-core Exynos processor that have made it unusually popular overseas but swap in a dual-core Snapdragon for LTE compatibility.

We are also expecting another high definition, LTE-capable handset from Samsung to hit AT&T in the near future, the SGH-i957 Celox HD.



We really liked MeeGo OS, but MeeGo now is dead and got replaced with "Tizen", Someone got their hands on the Tizen SDK and snapped several screenshots. Note that they are not from a real device but from an emulator. Still, it is a preview of what we can expect.






The SDK is supposed to come out in Q1 of 2012, so seeing a preview of it at CES is likely. When the phone will appear is another matter. Anyway, here are the screenshots in question. They can almost be confused for Bada screenshots, with little remaining of MeeGo innovative design.


Tizen I9500


Interestingly, the Tizen SDK reports the browser user agent as Samsung I9500. The odd thing is not that Samsung is working on a Tizen phone, but that the I9xxx line is usually for their flagship Androids I9000 Galaxy S, I9100 Galaxy S II, I9250 Galaxy Nexus. That was rumored before that the I9500 will be the Galaxy S III.

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Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung has already beat Nokia in terms of revenue, but now the South Korean company believes it will overtake the Finnish group in total shipments as well. Speaking to reporters in Las Vegas, Samsung CEO Choi Gee Sung revealed that the company had surpassed Nokia in revenue in the latest reported quarter and is confident it will be able to top Nokia in shipments, becoming the world largest cellphone maker in 2012.


Nokia lumia 800

Nokia had dominated the mobile phone market for over a decade, but the company has been struggling when it comes to smartphones with the surge of Android and iOS. Nokia smartphone sales lost to Apple in the second quarter of 2011 and now the company betting on its partnership with Microsoft to launch new Windows Phone devices.

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Samsung Galaxy S II ICS

Samsung has just finished working on a New ROM for the Galaxy S II I9100 ICS 4.0.3 Update, the New ROM XXKPA leaked today with many improvements from the last two KP4 and KP8 ROMS that was leaked last week. However, this ROM is more stable but its still have some minor bugs.

This shows that samsung is still working to deliver the best ICS User Experience to all Galaxy S II users, The Final ICS ROM will be ready by the End of this Month.

Android: 4.0.3
Build date: 5 January  2012.
Changelist: 51925



XXKPA 4.0.3 Change-log:

  • Not much Interface changes from XXKP8.
  • New unlock Screen.
  • Battery life better. 
  • Phones looks faster.
  • Touch response is better.
  • Firmware more stable, but bugs still exists.

Video Below!




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Samsung GTI9500

A Render-photo appeared from the Tizen SDK by Sammobile shows an unannounced device that rumored to be the Upcoming Samsung GT-I9500 (Picture above).

The device seems to have a metal border with metal buttons and it seems that this device is the same size as the Galaxy S2. 
Also the home button apparently needed replacing, instead of the rectangular shape it is a square shape now.

One thing is certain it support a front-facing camera and it has a large speaker on the front. And it looks like that device will have a shutter button aswell.

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GTab 7N+

There is a brand new Galaxy Tab in town, this one created in Germany with a new form factor that does a bit of like the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1N fom last year. But, it does have the long awaited forward-facing speaker upgrade, this being the biggest change between it and its 7.0 non-N edition. Inside you will be getting Android 3.2 Honeycomb right out of the box with Ice Cream Sandwich update coming very soon.

GTab 7N+

This device has a 7-inch PLS-LCD display at WSVGA resolution, that being 1024 x 600 pixels with 169.6 pixels per inch. The Galaxy Tab 7.0N weighs in at 345g, has 16GB of internal memory, and has a microSDHC slot to expand memory by up to 32GB. The battery inside this device is a massive 4000mAh, Bluetooth 3.0, and GPS, GSM and HSPA.

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Tags: samsung galaxy cm10 apple samsung samsung apple ipad samsung apple nextbigthing apple samsung apple iphone5 samsung samsung apple iphone5 apple samsung samsung apple patents apple iphone samsung galaxys3 apple samsung apple samsung apple samsung apple samsung apple samsung apple samsung ipad apple samsung apple samsung samsung kies update samsung kies android ics htc samsung asus jellybean htc samsung galaxys3 onex apple samsung samsung galaxys blazeq samsung galaxytab samsung galaxys3 samsung galaxynote samsung apple samsung galaxynote android samsung galaxynote samsung galaxytab samsung galaxynote2 apple samsung samsung galaxynote2 samsung i8700 samsung galaxynote samsung galaxynote samsung galaxynote samsung galaxynote samsung galaxynote samsung galaxynote2 apple samsung samsung android samsung galaxytab samsung ics samsung galaxy samsung galaxynote samsung bada touch youmobile samsung galaxysii ics samsung galaxys 2.3.5 update galaxys samsung samsung cancel galaxys i9000 vpu update package ics dead space samsung galaxy sii worldwide free full version samsung sold 27m smartphones android samsung galaxys i9000 xxjvu ics face unlock at&t samsung galaxy note tabphone first pictures tizen samsung gt-i9500 phone run samsung overtake nokia 2012 top maker samsung galaxy ics 4.0.3 official rom samsung gt-i9500 render image galaxy iii samsung galaxy tab 7.0n plus 

Galaxy Blaze 4G

T-Mobile and Samsung just unveiled the Galaxy S Blaze 4G with a dual-core Snapdragon S3 processor, clocked at 1.5 GHz, Super AMOLED first generation display and HSPA+ 42 Mbps downlink speeds.

Known specs shows that the Blaze 4G will be basically a Galaxy S with an upgraded processor and 4G speeds.


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Galaxy Tab 7.0 plus

White versions of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus emerged in Vietnam. Okay, there have been white versions around for a while, but these new ones are all white.

Galaxy Tab 7.0 plus

The currently available Black and White versions differ only by the color of the back the front has a black bezel around the screen in both of them. Apparently, Samsung has been working on a white bezel for the White version as these photos show.

Galaxy Tab 10.1





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Another day of leaked ICS ROMs, Samsung is really working hard on their ICS Update for the Galaxy S II to make sure they deliver the best ICS experience to all Galaxy S II users by the End of this Month.

The Latest ROM has just been leaked today the XXLP2 with some enchancments and less bugs than the LP1. It is still has the same TW interface but alot faster and with some ICS tweaks.


Build date is 10 January 2012

Android version: 4.0.3

Download XXLP2


Change-log of LP2:

  • Faceunlock is back.
  • Option to use taskmaneger.
  • Interface: Nothing in case of XXKPA.
  • Battery: Battery feels better.
  • Faster: Phones looks faster.
  • Touch: Touch response is better.


Video Below!

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Tags: samsung galaxy cm10 apple samsung samsung apple ipad samsung apple nextbigthing apple samsung apple iphone5 samsung samsung apple iphone5 apple samsung samsung apple patents apple iphone samsung galaxys3 apple samsung apple samsung apple samsung apple samsung apple samsung apple samsung ipad apple samsung apple samsung samsung kies update samsung kies android ics htc samsung asus jellybean htc samsung galaxys3 onex apple samsung samsung galaxys blazeq samsung galaxytab samsung galaxys3 samsung galaxynote samsung apple samsung galaxynote android samsung galaxynote samsung galaxytab samsung galaxynote2 apple samsung samsung galaxynote2 samsung i8700 samsung galaxynote samsung galaxynote samsung galaxynote samsung galaxynote samsung galaxynote samsung galaxynote2 apple samsung samsung android samsung galaxytab samsung ics samsung galaxy samsung galaxynote samsung bada touch youmobile samsung galaxysii ics samsung galaxys 2.3.5 update galaxys samsung samsung cancel galaxys i9000 vpu update package ics dead space samsung galaxy sii worldwide free full version samsung sold 27m smartphones android samsung galaxys i9000 xxjvu ics face unlock at&t samsung galaxy note tabphone first pictures tizen samsung gt-i9500 phone run samsung overtake nokia 2012 top maker samsung galaxy ics 4.0.3 official rom samsung gt-i9500 render image galaxy iii samsung galaxy tab 7.0n plus samsung introduce galaxy blaze t-mobile revealed samsung galaxy tab 10.1 7.0 plus white version new android 4.0.3 rom leak samsung galaxy i9100xxlp2 download screenshots changelog video 

Galaxy S II

The Galaxy S II WiMAX will be released by KDDI au in Japan and is more or less similar to the Galaxy S II HD LTE. The phone will feature specs like 1.4GHz dual-core processor, Android 2.3.4 OS, 4.7-inch Super AMOLED HD Display (1280x720), 8MP and 2MP cameras, full HD recording support, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0, GPS, microSD card slot, NFC support and 16GB internal memory.

The WiMAX version weighs 139g and has a talk time of up to 670 minutes.

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Tags: samsung galaxy cm10 apple samsung samsung apple ipad samsung apple nextbigthing apple samsung apple iphone5 samsung samsung apple iphone5 apple samsung samsung apple patents apple iphone samsung galaxys3 apple samsung apple samsung apple samsung apple samsung apple samsung apple samsung ipad apple samsung apple samsung samsung kies update samsung kies android ics htc samsung asus jellybean htc samsung galaxys3 onex apple samsung samsung galaxys blazeq samsung galaxytab samsung galaxys3 samsung galaxynote samsung apple samsung galaxynote android samsung galaxynote samsung galaxytab samsung galaxynote2 apple samsung samsung galaxynote2 samsung i8700 samsung galaxynote samsung galaxynote samsung galaxynote samsung galaxynote samsung galaxynote samsung galaxynote2 apple samsung samsung android samsung galaxytab samsung ics samsung galaxy samsung galaxynote samsung bada touch youmobile samsung galaxysii ics samsung galaxys 2.3.5 update galaxys samsung samsung cancel galaxys i9000 vpu update package ics dead space samsung galaxy sii worldwide free full version samsung sold 27m smartphones android samsung galaxys i9000 xxjvu ics face unlock at&t samsung galaxy note tabphone first pictures tizen samsung gt-i9500 phone run samsung overtake nokia 2012 top maker samsung galaxy ics 4.0.3 official rom samsung gt-i9500 render image galaxy iii samsung galaxy tab 7.0n plus samsung introduce galaxy blaze t-mobile revealed samsung galaxy tab 10.1 7.0 plus white version new android 4.0.3 rom leak samsung galaxy i9100xxlp2 download screenshots changelog video samsung galaxy wimax edition japan 

SGSIII (Click to view Bigger)

Click on photo to view Original version

In an official Samsung video used in their press conference at the event, The Galaxy S III makes a brief appearance, and it carries visible changes from the galaxy S II.


The most noticeable difference is how thin the bezel is much thinner than the one on the S II. We have rumors confirms that the S III will have a next-gen Super AMOLED screen with a 4.6-inch diagonal, which would fit in the frame of the Galaxy S II if Samsung shaves down the bezel. We are still waiting an official Release from Samsung which is probably will be during the MWC2012.

Video Below!

The Galaxy S III Appears on 7:11

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The Samsung Galaxy Note is the latest HIT for Samsung, Its a phone and a Tablet in one device, According to Daryl Deino, Los Angeles Industry analyst, confirms that this device will certainly come to both Sprint and Verizon. He goes on to mention that it will possibly be named the Samsung Galaxy Journal.

Galaxy NOTE

There is also the fact that there is no CDMA version of the Galaxy Note. It is definitely not impossible to make one, though, and it has been done before. Verizon has mentioned that smartphones will only be released with 4G LTE connectivity from now on. If this rumor happens to be true, we might be able to rock the Galaxy Note on Verizon 4G LTE network.


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Tags: samsung galaxy cm10 apple samsung samsung apple ipad samsung apple nextbigthing apple samsung apple iphone5 samsung samsung apple iphone5 apple samsung samsung apple patents apple iphone samsung galaxys3 apple samsung apple samsung apple samsung apple samsung apple samsung apple samsung ipad apple samsung apple samsung samsung kies update samsung kies android ics htc samsung asus jellybean htc samsung galaxys3 onex apple samsung samsung galaxys blazeq samsung galaxytab samsung galaxys3 samsung galaxynote samsung apple samsung galaxynote android samsung galaxynote samsung galaxytab samsung galaxynote2 apple samsung samsung galaxynote2 samsung i8700 samsung galaxynote samsung galaxynote samsung galaxynote samsung galaxynote samsung galaxynote samsung galaxynote2 apple samsung samsung android samsung galaxytab samsung ics samsung galaxy samsung galaxynote samsung bada touch youmobile samsung galaxysii ics samsung galaxys 2.3.5 update galaxys samsung samsung cancel galaxys i9000 vpu update package ics dead space samsung galaxy sii worldwide free full version samsung sold 27m smartphones android samsung galaxys i9000 xxjvu ics face unlock at&t samsung galaxy note tabphone first pictures tizen samsung gt-i9500 phone run samsung overtake nokia 2012 top maker samsung galaxy ics 4.0.3 official rom samsung gt-i9500 render image galaxy iii samsung galaxy tab 7.0n plus samsung introduce galaxy blaze t-mobile revealed samsung galaxy tab 10.1 7.0 plus white version new android 4.0.3 rom leak samsung galaxy i9100xxlp2 download screenshots changelog video samsung galaxy wimax edition japan samsung galaxy iii official video photo sgsiii sgs3 samsung galaxy note rumored hit verizon sprint 


An ad spotted on UK retailer Mobicity website lists an upcoming release of what is most likely aGalaxy S II HD LTE, except without the LTE designation.

For those of you unfamiliar with the HD version of the Galaxy S II, the main improvement is, you guessed it, a bigger screen 4.65in@720x1280px to be exact. It also features an upgraded 1.5GHz processor, and a more robust 1850 mAh Li-Ion battery.

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Tags: samsung galaxy cm10 apple samsung samsung apple ipad samsung apple nextbigthing apple samsung apple iphone5 samsung samsung apple iphone5 apple samsung samsung apple patents apple iphone samsung galaxys3 apple samsung apple samsung apple samsung apple samsung apple samsung apple samsung ipad apple samsung apple samsung samsung kies update samsung kies android ics htc samsung asus jellybean htc samsung galaxys3 onex apple samsung samsung galaxys blazeq samsung galaxytab samsung galaxys3 samsung galaxynote samsung apple samsung galaxynote android samsung galaxynote samsung galaxytab samsung galaxynote2 apple samsung samsung galaxynote2 samsung i8700 samsung galaxynote samsung galaxynote samsung galaxynote samsung galaxynote samsung galaxynote samsung galaxynote2 apple samsung samsung android samsung galaxytab samsung ics samsung galaxy samsung galaxynote samsung bada touch youmobile samsung galaxysii ics samsung galaxys 2.3.5 update galaxys samsung samsung cancel galaxys i9000 vpu update package ics dead space samsung galaxy sii worldwide free full version samsung sold 27m smartphones android samsung galaxys i9000 xxjvu ics face unlock at&t samsung galaxy note tabphone first pictures tizen samsung gt-i9500 phone run samsung overtake nokia 2012 top maker samsung galaxy ics 4.0.3 official rom samsung gt-i9500 render image galaxy iii samsung galaxy tab 7.0n plus samsung introduce galaxy blaze t-mobile revealed samsung galaxy tab 10.1 7.0 plus white version new android 4.0.3 rom leak samsung galaxy i9100xxlp2 download screenshots changelog video samsung galaxy wimax edition japan samsung galaxy iii official video photo sgsiii sgs3 samsung galaxy note rumored hit verizon sprint samsung galaxy sii released 

Samsung launched a new software update for its big Galaxy Note smartphone. Unfortunately this firmware version does not bring Ice Cream Sandwich rather it comes with a number of tweaks that overall improve the phone capability.

Galaxy Note Update

Update Change-log:

  • Keyboard now has five rows with the number row being always visible. Moreover, there is a new "one hand" mode that shrinks the layout, making it easier to type with one hand only.
  • Preinstalled torch widget that supports three different brightness levels you cycle through them by continuously tapping the widget.
  • Ability to set different brightness level for the browser, saving you some battery juice along the way.
  • Improved lockscreen with arrows around the padlock, encouraging you to swipe to unlock. A line of text telling you what to do has also been added.
  • Calendar app now supports different date formats. If you are not born in Europe you are probably not used to the day/month/year format, so you may want to change that.

Galaxy Note Update

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Tags: samsung galaxy cm10 apple samsung samsung apple ipad samsung apple nextbigthing apple samsung apple iphone5 samsung samsung apple iphone5 apple samsung samsung apple patents apple iphone samsung galaxys3 apple samsung apple samsung apple samsung apple samsung apple samsung apple samsung ipad apple samsung apple samsung samsung kies update samsung kies android ics htc samsung asus jellybean htc samsung galaxys3 onex apple samsung samsung galaxys blazeq samsung galaxytab samsung galaxys3 samsung galaxynote samsung apple samsung galaxynote android samsung galaxynote samsung galaxytab samsung galaxynote2 apple samsung samsung galaxynote2 samsung i8700 samsung galaxynote samsung galaxynote samsung galaxynote samsung galaxynote samsung galaxynote samsung galaxynote2 apple samsung samsung android samsung galaxytab samsung ics samsung galaxy samsung galaxynote samsung bada touch youmobile samsung galaxysii ics samsung galaxys 2.3.5 update galaxys samsung samsung cancel galaxys i9000 vpu update package ics dead space samsung galaxy sii worldwide free full version samsung sold 27m smartphones android samsung galaxys i9000 xxjvu ics face unlock at&t samsung galaxy note tabphone first pictures tizen samsung gt-i9500 phone run samsung overtake nokia 2012 top maker samsung galaxy ics 4.0.3 official rom samsung gt-i9500 render image galaxy iii samsung galaxy tab 7.0n plus samsung introduce galaxy blaze t-mobile revealed samsung galaxy tab 10.1 7.0 plus white version new android 4.0.3 rom leak samsung galaxy i9100xxlp2 download screenshots changelog video samsung galaxy wimax edition japan samsung galaxy iii official video photo sgsiii sgs3 samsung galaxy note rumored hit verizon sprint samsung galaxy sii released samsung galaxy note update lockscreen tweak 


Samsung Battery

Working all day on one battery charge. That is what Samsung promisses this year whith their new smartphones, says a senior manager at Samsung in an interview. It is for normal to heavy users, says the manager of the Korean electronics manufacturer.


According to Kevin Packingham, vice president for products at Samsung, Samsung will provide a guarantee for its smartphones this year. Guarantees that they will last at least a whole day in normal use on a single battery charge. Packingham told this in an interview with CNet. According to the CEO, many consumers now fear that they will get through an entire day on a single charge it. This is undesirable according to Samsung and they said that the tide will turn in 2012 with their upcoming phones.

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Tags: samsung galaxy cm10 apple samsung samsung apple ipad samsung apple nextbigthing apple samsung apple iphone5 samsung samsung apple iphone5 apple samsung samsung apple patents apple iphone samsung galaxys3 apple samsung apple samsung apple samsung apple samsung apple samsung apple samsung ipad apple samsung apple samsung samsung kies update samsung kies android ics htc samsung asus jellybean htc samsung galaxys3 onex apple samsung samsung galaxys blazeq samsung galaxytab samsung galaxys3 samsung galaxynote samsung apple samsung galaxynote android samsung galaxynote samsung galaxytab samsung galaxynote2 apple samsung samsung galaxynote2 samsung i8700 samsung galaxynote samsung galaxynote samsung galaxynote samsung galaxynote samsung galaxynote samsung galaxynote2 apple samsung samsung android samsung galaxytab samsung ics samsung galaxy samsung galaxynote samsung bada touch youmobile samsung galaxysii ics samsung galaxys 2.3.5 update galaxys samsung samsung cancel galaxys i9000 vpu update package ics dead space samsung galaxy sii worldwide free full version samsung sold 27m smartphones android samsung galaxys i9000 xxjvu ics face unlock at&t samsung galaxy note tabphone first pictures tizen samsung gt-i9500 phone run samsung overtake nokia 2012 top maker samsung galaxy ics 4.0.3 official rom samsung gt-i9500 render image galaxy iii samsung galaxy tab 7.0n plus samsung introduce galaxy blaze t-mobile revealed samsung galaxy tab 10.1 7.0 plus white version new android 4.0.3 rom leak samsung galaxy i9100xxlp2 download screenshots changelog video samsung galaxy wimax edition japan samsung galaxy iii official video photo sgsiii sgs3 samsung galaxy note rumored hit verizon sprint samsung galaxy sii released samsung galaxy note update lockscreen tweak samsung promises day battery juice upcoming smartphones 

Samsung ad

There is nothing like a good burn to start off your Tuesday afternoon, that being exactly what Samsung has aimed at doing today as they release their next in a long line of burns on the iPhone with the Galaxy S II.

As this particular video spot shows, the Samsung Galaxy S II running Android has the ability to translate your voice into text and send a text message without a hitch, this much to the dismay of a very chilly customer whose iPhone does not do the same. When he steps in the hipster clothing store it all becomes rather apparent where his heart lies.

Ad Video Below!

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Tags: samsung galaxy cm10 apple samsung samsung apple ipad samsung apple nextbigthing apple samsung apple iphone5 samsung samsung apple iphone5 apple samsung samsung apple patents apple iphone samsung galaxys3 apple samsung apple samsung apple samsung apple samsung apple samsung apple samsung ipad apple samsung apple samsung samsung kies update samsung kies android ics htc samsung asus jellybean htc samsung galaxys3 onex apple samsung samsung galaxys blazeq samsung galaxytab samsung galaxys3 samsung galaxynote samsung apple samsung galaxynote android samsung galaxynote samsung galaxytab samsung galaxynote2 apple samsung samsung galaxynote2 samsung i8700 samsung galaxynote samsung galaxynote samsung galaxynote samsung galaxynote samsung galaxynote samsung galaxynote2 apple samsung samsung android samsung galaxytab samsung ics samsung galaxy samsung galaxynote samsung bada touch youmobile samsung galaxysii ics samsung galaxys 2.3.5 update galaxys samsung samsung cancel galaxys i9000 vpu update package ics dead space samsung galaxy sii worldwide free full version samsung sold 27m smartphones android samsung galaxys i9000 xxjvu ics face unlock at&t samsung galaxy note tabphone first pictures tizen samsung gt-i9500 phone run samsung overtake nokia 2012 top maker samsung galaxy ics 4.0.3 official rom samsung gt-i9500 render image galaxy iii samsung galaxy tab 7.0n plus samsung introduce galaxy blaze t-mobile revealed samsung galaxy tab 10.1 7.0 plus white version new android 4.0.3 rom leak samsung galaxy i9100xxlp2 download screenshots changelog video samsung galaxy wimax edition japan samsung galaxy iii official video photo sgsiii sgs3 samsung galaxy note rumored hit verizon sprint samsung galaxy sii released samsung galaxy note update lockscreen tweak samsung promises day battery juice upcoming smartphones samsung iphone series voice typing 

Galaxy Note Inside

Samsung has provided detailed descriptions of all the important Galaxy Note functional elements. You should keep in mind that what we have here is the US version of the Note, featuring a Qualcomm chipset and LTE, instead of Exynos and HSPA+.

1. S Pen

Here’s the Galaxy Note breakdown, as provided by Samsung:

What would the GALAXY Note be without the S Pen? Still a pretty awesome phone, but that’s not the point.

The S-Pen uses electromagnetic induction technology and has pressure sensitivity equal to a regular pen. Your input on the screen varies with the amount of pressure you put, making it a seamless re-creation of writing with an actual pen.


The 5.29 HD Super-AMOLED display (1280×800) is combined with the Touchscreen panel (TSP).

3. Digitizer

The digitizer interacts with the S-Pen to sense the pen-tip’s location and the amount of pressure. By establishing an electromagnetic field, it blocks the noise and magnetism through the shield plate.

4. Bracket

The bracket is like the Note’s backbone, holding together all the custom parts to maximize space efficiency.

5. Main PCB

With over 1000 different parts included in the mainboard, it fully utilizes Samsung’s integration technology.

5-1 (Front)

Acceleration Sensor – Detects the tilting motion of the Note, whether you’re turning it sideways for a widescreen view or turning it to play games.
Gyro Sensor – Detects the up, down and sideways motion of the phone.
Proximity Sensor – Detects when a detectable object comes close to the phone. Prevents unwanted input during calls or other situations.
Light Sensor – Detects the brightness, used to adjust the screen brightness accordingly.
Bluetooth/Wi-Fi – With BT 3.0 + HS support, allows for fast transmission between mobile devices.
NFC – Can used for close-distance communication, allowing users to use the phone like a credit card or transportation card.
WACOM IC – Used to actualize the S Pen’s movement and use.
MISC – Front Facing Camera, DMB, GPS

5-2 (Back)

Internal Memory – 6/3GB of memory for storing lots of data including videos, music, etc.
LTE Modem Chip – The latest in communication technology, widely known as 4G.
1.5GHz Dual Core AP Chip – Twice the processing power with a dual core chip.
Misc – Back facing camera (with flash).

6. Rear case

The area that stores a variety of antennae and wires.

7. Battery Cover

The battery cover also stores the NFC antenna.



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The Bada 2.0 update certainly took its time to arrive, but it is finally seeding to S8500 Wave smartphones.

The release is not officially announced by Samsung just yet and there is no information about its rollout schedule, but we suspect it will go global quite quickly. Bada is not too widespread a system and while the Wave was a pretty popular smartphone, Samsung servers should handle it quite easily.

You can check if the update is already available for your region by hooking up your Samsung S8500 Wave to your computer and launching the Samsung Kies software suite.


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Galaxy S III

It is needless to say that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S III is one of the most anticipated Android devices, which are going to break cover this year one of the brightest stars of the MWC which is set to kick off next month in Barcelona.

According to a fresh new rumor, the yet to be revealed samsung flagship might break cover after MWC, but before the summer. The reason for this shocker is the company consideration for the U.S. market one of its most important ones. Apparently, Samsung wants to avoid a huge gap of availability as in the case of the Galaxy S II last year.

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Samsung Ltd.

Lately, Some reports across the WEB was showing that Apple is the biggest smartphone seller in 2011 according to the company shipments during the whole year, but these reports have misleading info.

Here is the correct chart that shows that Samsung is the No.1 biggest smartphone seller in 2011, Samsung booked a lot of succes with their Galaxy S 2 and Apple did this in their latest months of 2011 with the iPhone 4S.

Correct report

Samsung sold 40.8 million smartphones in 2011
Apple 37 million and Nokia 20 million

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The Galaxy S III is a device that will be popping up some time inside 2012, and today information leads us to believe that it will be sooner than later: a clue at Samsung own Global Download Center support site, no less. Here we can see inside the Mobile Device and Smart Phone categories a brand new Product Model Name: GT-I9300, a model that is a grade above the rest. Here will find the next Samsung handset that will break down the walls previously set up by the Galaxy S II last year and the Galaxy S before that.


Not only the GT-I9300 shows up today but also the Samsung GT-I9800, This code showed up at samsung WIFI-devices certifications.

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