Sprint to launch Samsung GALAXY Nexus on April 15th

18 March, 2012 GALAXY Nexus


A source for S4GRU tells the site that the Sprint Samsung GALAXY Nexus will be launched on April 15th. The source is characterized as a Sprint insider from the Product Development division who confirms the release date even if it works out to be a Sunday. Sprint has a contest featuring the device that ends on April 14th which would seem to point to a release around the 15th.

Sprint Galaxy Nexus

Even though Sprint has not flicked the on switch on its LTE network, a goal made harder by the end of the carrier relationship with LightSquared, the Sprint version of the Samsung GALAXY Nexus will support 4G LTE. According to the source, the default connectivity will be 3G which means that when you turn on the phone, it will boot up to a 3G connection. The handset will feature a 3G/4G toggle switch that will allow the user to switch to a faster data speed.


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