Samsung to stop Making CPU Chips for Apple after the A5X, Intel takes the Deal

12 May, 2012 Samsung

iPad powered by Samsung

Well, If you don't know that already, Despite the huge patents disagreements btween Apple & Samsung, Samsung is the manufacture of all Apple's mobile products (iPhone, iPad, IPod) CPU chips like the A4, A5 and the latest A5X chip for the New iPad.

A5X Samsung

After the iPhone 5 launch this summer with the A5X chip, Samsung won't manufacture the CPU chips for upcoming Apple products anymore which was the reason of these product's success on the Market. However, Intel will kicks-in and take the deal to be the CPU Manufacture of the upcoming Apple Mobile products.


During Intel's annual investor day on Thursday, CEO Paul Otellini outlined his plans to have Intel Inside mobile devices including those manufactured by Apple. Thanks to tablet sales from the market leading Apple iPad, the PC market shrank by 6% during last year's Q4, giving Intel fewer boxes to put its chips into and none other than Apple CEO Tim Cook said that he predicts that the tablet market will eventually top the PC market. Otellini says that he needs to make Intel's silicon compelling enough by running the iPad better than the current Apple's Samsung-made chips.




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