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Samsung has officially launched its "YOUM" brand for flexible AMOLED displays, ahead of the bendable panels showing up in commercial hardware later this year. Registered as a trademark complete with a bendy YOUM logo in mid-March, and detailed on the new Samsung Mobile Display site, YOUM promises to be thinner and lighter than traditional AMOLED and LCD-TFT screens, as well as being "unbreakable."



Samsung Youm TV Concept




Samsung YOUM Technology


That is down to the differences in the sandwich of layers that make up a YOUM flexible display. An LCD screen would usually have six, two of which would be glass; an OLED panel would have four, again two of which would be glass.



Samsung youm Design



It is that glass which makes the screens more vulnerable to damage, and indeed stops them from flexing or folding. In contrast, Samsung YOUM panels use film-based encapsulation ("encap") and TFT layers, rather than glass substrates, which make them more resilient to damage along with allowing more flexibility in device design.




Samsung YOUM Smartphones



Samsung YOUM Device


Samsung Flexible AMOLED


Samsung has previously shown off foldable devices as well as various flexible prototypes, and has suggested that as well as gadgets which literally bend, it could also use the YOUM AMOLED technology to create wraparound displays that could cover two or more surfaces. That way, your phone could have a regular front screen that continues around to the side.


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Samsung YOUM

Samsung Electronics VP Kwon Oh-hyun revealed that the company is currently receiving "huge" orders for its upcoming flexible OLED displays which was branded as "YOUM".


Samsung YOUM

Samsung's Korean factories have orders to make no less than 960,000 flexible OLED panels this year, which is a pretty big number for a fledgling technology. That's why some analysts is assuming that this HUGE quantity might hint that Apple is ordering flexible OLEDs for its gadgets.


"We will be mass producing flexible OLED displays from the latter half of this year as the demand from our clients is significant. OLEDs will replace LCDs as the main mobile displays from around 2015 as the screens are thinner and brighter. Samsung has massively invested in OLED-related technologies and will continue to do so." said Kwon, Head of components department at Samsung



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GNote II


We reported before that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is coming in October with a Full HD 1080p 5.5-inch display, Now we got some reports rumor that it could feature a YOUM flexible OLED screen. If you didn't hear about Samsung YOUM technology Head to this link Here to know More.


G Note 2


The rumor for a 5.5-inch made with plastic substrate instead of glass comes courtesy of a Korean website, and nobody but Samsung could vouch for the validity of that claim. The source also claims that it will have a 12MP camera, whereas we've heard before it will sport an 8MP shooter, so it would all be some wishful thinking.



The Korean company is now said to be starting production of flexible display panels "YOUM" this quarter, according to local news outlet DDaily.


youm logo


Samsung earlier revealed those new panels will be named Youm, and now we know they will be very thin at just around 0.6mm. That's nearly three times less than current panels that are 1.8mm thick.





Samsung flexible AMOLED displays YOUM is said to be coming very soon. Sadly, manufacturer has run into road blocks when trying to leverage the lab process to mass scale production, a Korean publication reports.



The decision to make a dedicated A3 line for making the YOUM-branded flexible AMOLEDs has been canned, and the process moved to the existing A2 one for easier supervision. The problems is said to be not with the blue diode, which is produced with the existing FMM method that Samsung makes the Galaxy series AMOLED screens with, but rather with the red and green ones, which have to be produced by the new Laser-Induced Thermal Imaging (LITI) method.




YOUM Samsung 2013


A BBC report confirmed that Samsung Display Inc. will start delivering the previously rumored flexible OLED screens Samsung YOUM. This technology will be the future of Smartphones and tablets... Imagine treating your phone like a piece of paper.



Samsung is obviously not the only company working on the technology. LG, Philips, Sharp, Sony and Nokia are all working on flexible displays, but the word is that Samsung will be the first to actually ship the displays in products as early as next year 2013.


Samsung YOUM

Of course, we still don't have flexible motherboards, or flexible batteries, so don't expect fully flexible phones just yet. Researchers are still working on just such handsets, razor-thin, paper-like and bendable.


Samsung ces youm

Last year, when we saw the Samsung's flexible OLED displays under the brand "YOUM" we've been waiting for an official reveal of actual products featuring this technology. Today at the CES 2013, Samsung's executives has officially showed off some live prototype devices with flexible panels during the CES keynote, using YOUM panels and plastic, these devices can bend easily and become unbreakable.

ces youm


One of the possible uses for a flexible display panel is on a tablet that can be folded in half, thus becoming a smartphone that one can fit in their pocket. As you can see on the Photo below... This device is a concept of a future YOUM GALAXY smartphone (in the left) and future YOUM GALAXY Tab (in the right).

Galaxy YOUM

Another way to take advantage of this technology is to have a smartphone with a screen extending to the sides where notifications can be displayed even when the handset is lying down on a flat surface.


Of course, these are merely possibilities rather than practical real-world applications of the Youm flexible screens. But since we know that this innovative tech is almost ready for prime time, it will be interesting to see what kind of smartphones and tablets Samsung and other OEMs might implement bendable screens in.

Photos by Engadget

flexible Battery youm

We heard about Samsung's Flexible AMOLED screens known as YOUM, these displays are light, thin and flexible that can bend over 180-degree and it will be use on Smartphones starting Next year but What the use if you can bend the display but you can't bend the phone because of the solid battery !?

Well, the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology with Professor Keon Jae Lee, has developed a Flexible battery than can bend, twist and fold without losing power or performance. You can check out the video below to see the direction that smartphone batteries might be taking. While you might think that these flexible parts are being developed to make devices that more easily fold up in your pocket, the main concept is to develop parts less likely to break under certain circumstances.


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Willow Glass

Corning, the Maker of the Great Gorilla Glass, has just proved that the glass can be so flexible to be able to bend it 360-Degree with its New Willow Glass, a type of glass made using 100-micron technology as the successor of the Gorilla Glass.

Willow Glass

This type of glass could be used for LCD and OLED displays, and the biggest advantage it brings is reduced weight and thickness of the actual device. Now, what's also remarkable is that even at the razor thin 100-microns, the Willow Glass still retains the toughness and resistance to scratches of the familiar Gorilla Glass.

Willow Glass

The immediate use will be in smartphones, but the glass could end up in all sorts of different products solar cells and lighting units. There's a video below which is just as beautiful as the product itself, showing how Corning rolls Gorilla Glass.


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Galaxy S IV YOUM

Samsung's Executive officially showed us a Proto-type of an Upcoming Samsung flexible YOUM-branded smartphone, the Proto-type is believed to be very close in design and features to the upcoming Samsung GALAXY S IV that will released this year. The Samsung executive showed it at Samsung's CES 2013 press conference and surprisely it was a fully working phone with a customized TouchWiz UI too.



Galaxy S IV YOUM

This Proto-type has a YOUM flexible side curved-Display that work as an extension to the UI, enables the user to show horizontal content like text, icons and important messages floating horizontally without opening or touching the phone, which is very cool, the phone itself has a 5.0-inch display but we don't have any other info about the screen resolution of the hardware specifications of this GALAXY YOUM Smartphone.




According to Samsung's Executives, Samsung will be launching a whole line-up of Flexible and Bendable GALAXY smartphones under the YOUM branding in the near future, probably by the end of this year.


youm logo


Don't Miss the Press Conference Video below, it's really Amazing!


CES 2013 Samsung YOUM

After the CES2013 Event, Samsung showed the GALAXY YOUM Smartphones proto-types that the Exec. used during the Keynote, Qatch the Video here. Samsung showed two devices with YOUM flexible unbreakable screens.




Samsung YOUM CES 2013

Both Devices have an extended curved YOUM OLED display to show floating content (text, notifications.. etc) while the phone's flip-cover is closed or on sleep-mode. One of the devices has the curved-display at the bottom, and the the other has it at the right side.


Samsung also showed us its upcoming FHD sAMOLED 4.99-inches display with 1920 x 1080 resolution and about 440ppi pixel density too, the display will be featured on the Next Samsung GALAXY Smartphone "Galaxy S IV" this year.

Galaxy S IV FHD Display

The production date for the 4.99" FHD display is (Q1,2013) which indicates that its coming in the next couple months.



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