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Note II Apple

Apple-Samsung WAR will never ends as long as Samsung keeps releasing premium devices to compete with the iPhone, just a few days back Samsung released the GALAXY Note II with a 5.5 HD sAMOLED Display and Quad-core CPU, but apple won't stand still for this New Galaxy Monster device.

Samsung GALAXY Note II will be available on Markets before the iPhone 5 which will affect Apple's 6th Generation iPhone aka "iPhone 5" sales in the U.S. and Europe. So That, Apple is going after Samsung's 2nd Generation Note.

iphone 5

Apple is currently getting ready to file a Patent infringement against the Samsung GALAXY Note II GT-N7100 to BAN its sales in the U.S. before the release of its iPhone 5 this fall as the Note II will affect the iPhone's sales for sure.




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Samsung Exynos 5250


If you are not Familiar Samsung's Exynos 5250 processor, we will tell you everything about it now. It was first announced last year by a Samsung Executives, They said that Exynos 5250 would features a 2.0 GHz Cortex-A15 CPU (its not confirmed if samsung will Manufacture dual-core or Quad-core of this CPU) and will feature an ARM Mali-T604 GPU.

The New CPU from Samsung deliver an amazing speed and performance, with less power consumption than other Exynos 4 CPUs. This means you can get a superb perfoamnce without affecting the battery life.

samsung Exynos 5250

Most of Samsung's mobile application processors are produced in Korea, but they just spent $3.6 billion to upgrade their fab in Austin, TX to boost capacity as they will producing the Exynos 5250 their. You can know more info here.

The Exynos 5250 is reported to be integrated in the Upcoming Samsung GALAXY Note 2 that will announced during this Month 29,August.

Galaxy Note 2 (By GSMarena)


We got some information about the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Specifications earlier this week. Today we got even more News, KoreaTimes reports suggest that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will pack a 5.5-inch flexible AMOLED display made by Samsung itself.

youm logo

Samsung already has these flexible AMOLED panels on its factory in korea, We made a report about the launch of the Samsung "YOUM" brand for the flexible AMOLED back in April,2012.


Samsung youm

Samssung YOUM AMOLED panels uses a Unbreakable Plane (UBP) and plastic substrate helping it reduce its thickness by 0.4mm. This may not sound like much, but on a 5.5" screen, the space saved is enough for Samsung to employ a far larger battery without making the Note 2 any thicker than its predecessor.

Source (KoreaTimes)


Samsung Galaxy Note II


Today, We've some Exclusive NEWS, We have just got the first Official Photo of the Samsung GALAXY Note II (Front panel photo Above). Also we can now confirm that the Next Galaxy Note will pack a 5.5-inch display.

The Display resolution is not yet confirmed, but it may be 1280 x 800 not 1080p as it was rumored before. The display type is sAMOLED using regular RGM Matrix not-PenTile which means more subpixels and better image quality.


Galaxy Note II Confirmed Specifications


The Samsung Galaxy Note II will also expected to be powered by a Samsung Exynos 4 Quad-chip with each of the four cores clocked at 1.5GHz. The rear camera will be 8MP as the same sensor on the Galaxy S III.


Galaxy Note II


Samsung scored a huge hit with their Galaxy Note as over than 7 million Galaxy Notes have been sold globally. After this success Samsung is looking to release the second version of the device "Samsung GALAXY Note II". The photo above is a concept design of what the Galaxy Note II may will look like according to the latest reports which shows that the Note II's design will be very close to the Galaxy S3 in shape and colors too.

The Galaxy Note II will have slightly larger 5.5-inch display with WSXGA+ 1680×1050 and 360ppi pixel density, going above 300ppi is pointless as Human eye won't be able to separated pixels above 300ppi. The Galaxy Note 2 will feature Super AMOLED (non-Plus) display from PenTile matrix family because these displays last longer and are more power efficient that true RGB AMOLED Plus displays.


Galaxy Note II


Full GALAXY Note II Specifications


The Galaxy Note 2 will be powered by a Dual-core Exynos 5250 processor which is built on latest ARM Cortex-A15 CPU processor architecture clocked at 2.0 Ghz along with an 1.5GB RAM, it would be logical to use it for the Galaxy Note 2 due to get the Highest performance and power efficiency on such a huge device.

Galaxy Note 2 will be announced on October,2012 and may hit the markets before the Holidays.


GNote II


We reported before that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is coming in October with a Full HD 1080p 5.5-inch display, Now we got some reports rumor that it could feature a YOUM flexible OLED screen. If you didn't hear about Samsung YOUM technology Head to this link Here to know More.


G Note 2


The rumor for a 5.5-inch made with plastic substrate instead of glass comes courtesy of a Korean website, and nobody but Samsung could vouch for the validity of that claim. The source also claims that it will have a 12MP camera, whereas we've heard before it will sport an 8MP shooter, so it would all be some wishful thinking.

Galaxy Note 2

According to the Korean Digital Daily website, Samsung is planning to have an Unpacked event for the Galaxy Note 2 this year. It will happen in 30,August a day before the IFA expo kicks off in Berlin, Germany.


Galaxy Note 2

According to the information the Event will start at 19:00 (local time, CET) and will be all about the Galaxy Note 2. According to the latest reports, the Note's successor will be powered by a Quad-core Exynos chipset, will feature a 12.1MP camera and will actually be narrower despite the larger, 5.5" screen. The device will also pack Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.


Unpacked 2012


Galaxy Note 2 Full Specifications

With the original Galaxy Note going official at last year's IFA, it was only logical for its successor to arrive at the same event a year later.




Galaxy Note


Strangely, T-Mobile decided to release the Galaxy Note in the U.S. last month, almost a year after the phone was officially launched by Samsung internationally and about 7 months after it was launched by AT&T... It's just too MUCH late


As Samsung is about to announce the Galaxy Note successor "Galaxy Note 2" this Month, T-Mobile decided to Cancel the Galaxy Note launch and stop all shipments of the device in order to bring the Galaxy Note 2 to the U.S. as soon as it launch internationally.



samsung muse


Samsung always brings the best accessories to its flagship devices, and this one is very useful in some situations where you'd like to listen to some music but don't want to carry a smartphone, such as during running or jogging and you have a Galaxy S III or Note II with you ? Well you gonna need something as small as the Samsung Muse.



Samsung Muse comes with a data transfer cable that plugs into your smartphone and with the help of Samsung's Music Sync Android application lets you transfer music on your smartphone on to the Muse. The Muse has 4GB of storage for yor music.



The Muse has just been launched in the US for $49.99 in Pebble Blue and Piano White. Supports Samsung GALAXY III and Samsung GALAXY Note II. The pricing is identical to the iPod shuffle, which only has 2GB of memory.


Samsung Muse [Buy]



This is a benchmark test between the Samsung GALAXY Note II with a Quad-core Exynos CPU clocked at 1.6GHz vs. Samsung GALAXY S III with the same Quad-core Exynos CPU chip clocked at 1,4GHz vs. LG Optimus 4X HD with a Tegra 3 Quad0core CPU. Watch the Video below to see the scores.

It wasn't quite the fair fight, considering that there is a generational gap in the 32nm manufacturing of Samsung's Exynos 4412 processor, and the 40nm process used for Tegra 3, but LG's handset held its own in Quadrant and AnTuTu just fine. It bungled the Vellamo benchmark, which is admittedly done for testing Snapdragon processors, and favors instruction sets like the ones in the Exynos family.


Galaxy Note II


Rumor has it that a cheaper alternative to the Samsung Galaxy Note II is already in the works and will be released on the European market. It might not carry the Note branding, however, as it will not come with an S Pen, according to the source.

It is also speculated that an LCD screen will be used instead of an AMOLED panel. The idea behind this rumored handset is to let a broader range of consumers have a taste of what having a smartphone with a huge screen feels like. How much the cheaper Note II alternative will cost, however, is not being mentioned.


Samsung tablet


Next up we have a rumor about a 13.3-inch tablet by Samsung that will mimic the concept behind the Asus Transformer series. In other words, the slate will be accompanied by a physical keyboard dock. The dock could also be sold separately, as an optional accessory. Our guess is that this mysterious 13.3-inch tablet will run Android.



Samsung Christmas 2013

Samsung has produced a variety of ads this year to promote their red-hot devices, the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note II.




Samsung couldn't just wish us Happy Holidays without doing it in a commercial. The spot shows off some nice eye candy with the display on the Samsung GALAXY Note II combined with the ancient art of Kirigami. The ad makes great use of the 5.5 inch screen on the device.


s3 dock audio


A New Samsung Audio deck for the GALAXY smartphone series has been leaked. The accessory can connect to your Samsung GALAXY smartphone through Bluetooth 3.0, a 3.5mm jack or a microUSB port. When plugged into the latter, it was also act as a charging dock for your phone. In fact, it will charge any Android phone with a USB charging port on the bottom.


The Dock will be released to the market by Q1,2013 and will Make it first appearance on the CES 2013 event in February.



Dock Features:


• USB Audio Class

• Universal dock station

• Bluetooth version 3.0

• Power: 6W (3W x 2)

• Power volume button

• Charging Port

• 3.5mm Audio Plug-in




Samsung Tec Tiles


Samsung TecTile is a programmable NFC tags can perform lots of cool stuff when an NFC-enabled smartphone is in proximity, so one can launch apps, make a call, open website.. etc. Samsung released a new version of the TecTile mobile app, thus expanding the list of things you can do with TecTiles even further.


Samsung tectiles

With Tectile app version 3.0, users can assign a string of actions to a single TecTile. That way one can have their Bluetooth radio turned on and navigation app launched when in the car, or the ringer volume turned down and the alarm clock app launched when it's bed time.



Tectile 3.0 [Google Play]


Another new feature, is to have one TecTile tab can perform different actions depending on whose smartphone is tapped on it. That would make it more convenient for multiple users to use the same TecTiles around their home or workplace. Moreover, TecTiles can now be set private, so that the actions being assigned with it are performed only on a specific device.


Tectile 3.0 [Google Play] - Tectile 3.0.15 [APK]


Samsung financial report for the Q4,2012 (October - November - December) isn't officially announced yet, but has been leaked. If the leak is correct, Samsung could have made a crazy $8 Billion in profits in Q4 of 2012, $5.5 Billion are from Mobile products.

The official numbers are expected near the end of the month, but early reports say that Samsung will be announcing Q4 operating profits that are up 65% compared to last year at 8.7 trillion. That would mark a new record hight, 7% better than the previous record of 8.1 trillion won in July-September.


Galaxy Note II glass

Yesterday, We showed an Exclusive press shot of the Samsung Galaxy Note II. Today, We have a photo of the front Screen Glass of the Galaxy Note II leaked via Nowhereelse.com from the Factory that has a 5.5-inch Empty-space in the middle for the device screen, which confirms the screen size.


Galaxy Note II glass


The leaked front Glass Panel shows the same exact Note II design that was leaked yesterday, the only minor change is the light/proximity sensors has been moved to the right side beside the front-facing camera instead of the left side. Other than that it has the same home button shape and speaker shap too.


via (GSMarena), Source (French)


Galaxy Note II

Samsung's Unpacked event in Berlin scheduled for Next Week,Samsung has just released a teaser video for the star of the show the Galaxy Note 2. In the short clip, we get to catch a glimpse of the stylus, which the upcoming phoneblet will sport.

Much like with the case of the bigger sibling the Galaxy Note 10.1, the video accents the creativity features, which the stylus sporting Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will have on tap. The spokesperson in the clip is Win Wenders a critically acclaimed film director.


Show Video!


note II


The Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100 will be unveiled this Wednesday at the Unpacked 2012 Samsung event this Wednesday.


Galaxy note II


A screenshot of the retailer's database shows two color versions of the Galaxy Note II Ceramic White and one more that is listed as 'TBD'. If we look at the launch colors of the Galaxy S III, it should be blue though there are other possibilities.


Galaxy Note 2

We all are waiting for the Samsung's Unpacked Event 2012 this Wednesday 29,August which is the second Unpacked event this year to see the 2nd Galaxy note as the first one was the legendary event that brought the Galaxy S III to us.


week 40

Latest confirmed reports from retailers, shows that Samsung Galaxy Note II Model number N7100 will launch on the Week Number 40 of the year... Which is the first Week of October. So the you'll be able to get your hands on the Galaxy Note II by Early-October.


Galaxy note II

At the Samsung Mobile Unpacked event held today at IFA, in Berlin, Samsung introduced the GALAXY Note II, a whole new level of innovation for the GALAXY Note category. The new Samsung GALAXY Note II enables unique experiences in personalized and expressive content creation, making it the ultimate smartphone for on-the-go creativity.


Galaxy note II


We've just got the Official Datasheet of the Galaxy Note II specifications from Samsung. Check it out at the link Below.


GALAXY Note II Official specifications




The Samsung Galaxy Note II is arguably the biggest star of the IFA 2012 and many were wondering if the second-gen phoneblet will actually be worth the hype. And what better way to see if the Note II delivers than to compare it to the Galaxy S III best-seller.

The Galaxy Note II has undergone a complete redesign, and now looks like a proper bigger brother of the Galaxy S III. But is the bigger screen, the S Pen and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean be enough for the Galaxy Note II to steal the show from the company's current Android flagship ?



Samsung GNote2 vs GNote vs SGS3



Galaxy note II

The Samsung Galaxy Note II might have already captured your heart with its 5.5-inch HD screen, quad-core processor and great new S Pen features, but if you want to understand just how good of a creative tool it can be, here is a detailed hands on with the device, posted by Samsung itself.


Show Video


Galaxy Note II

Now that the Samsung GALAXY Note II is official, some of you are probably wondering when you might be able to get one, and how much it will cost you. Well, The Galaxy Note II will be available starting from Early October.

Vodafone Germany will be selling the Galaxy Note II for 
€640, which is about $800. The price is €79.90 on a 2-years contract. The price is high but I think it worth it.




Galaxy Note II

The just announced Samsung Galaxy Note II and Galaxy Camera will both benefit from 50GB of free Dropbox cloud storage. The Dropbox offer however will be valid for two years and after that period users would have to pay for their cloud-stored files.

This also automatically means that you'd get Dropbox pre-installed on Galaxy Note IIs and Galaxy Cameras. The Dropbox integration on the camera in particular is possibly because the device is capable of receiving data over 3G/4G via a dedicated SIM card.






"Dropbox Announces Deep Integration with New Samsung Galaxy Camera and Galaxy Note II, First time integration allows users to sync and share photos across all Samsung devices. Dropbox, a free service that lets you bring your documents, photos and videos everywhere and share them easily, today announced an integration with the recently released Samsung Galaxy Camera and Galaxy Note II. With these integrations, Dropbox users can now enjoy a seamless content syncing experience across all Samsung devices.
People who purchase the new eligible Samsung Galaxy Camera and Galaxy Note II and complete the Dropbox get started guide (dropbox.com/gs) can get 50 GB free space for two years."




Note II Apple

Apple-Samsung WAR will never ends as long as Samsung keeps releasing premium devices to compete with the iPhone, just a few days back Samsung released the GALAXY Note II with a 5.5 HD sAMOLED Display and Quad-core CPU, but apple won't stand still for this New Galaxy Monster device.

Apple is currently getting ready to file a Patent infringement against the Samsung GALAXY Note II GT-N7100 to BAN its sales in the U.S. before the release of its iPhone 5 this fall as the Note II will affect the iPhone's sales for sure.




Galaxy Note II Grey

Samsung has just announced the GALAXY Note II and its already Up for Pre-order, starting with Indiaa. The online retailer Infibeam has put the Galaxy Note II on pre-order for 38,500 INR, which is about $694.

According to the retailer, Samsung Galaxy Note II will be available as early as September,22. Initially, the phone will be available in its grey and white versions, but later the device will be available in brown as well.




Note2 S cloud

Few Months ago, We heard before that Samsung is planning to launch a Cloud-service that match Apple's iCloud and it will be Named "S Cloud" but it didn't appear till now with the launch of the New GALAXY Note II at the IFA event.

Without any official announcement or any other form of unveiling, S Cloud right now is buried in the settings on the 2nd Galaxy Note. It controls synchronization of photos and videos to Dropbox, and there are little details beside that. Samsung announced that it's offering 50GB of free Dropbox storage for two years to Galaxy Note II buyers. Hands-on Video below.



Show Video on Mobile


Note 2


The Samsung GALAXY Note II has just goes live for Pre-order in the UK on Clove UK website and other few retailers are also taking pre-orders. The prices of the retailers is very close to each other.


Note 2 Prices


Clove UK is offering the 16GB SIM-free unit for about £546 including vat. which seems to be a good deal. We guess once the euphoria passes and Samsung catches up with the demand, it will settle down at slightly lower levels.


Gnote II

Expansys is also taking pre-orders but No price range announced yet but its about 


Also, Mobi City lets you reserve your unit 16GB Sim-Free for £600.

Clove UK


Gnote 2 vs GS3


The Samsung Galaxy Note II is arguably the biggest star of the IFA 2012 and many were wondering if the second-gen phoneblet will actually be worth the hype. And what better way to see if the Note II delivers than to compare it to the Galaxy S III best-seller.

The Galaxy Note II has undergone a complete redesign, and now looks like a proper bigger brother of the Galaxy S III.


Samsung GNote2 vs GNote vs SGS3




At the Samsung Unpacked IFA 2012, None of the U.S. carrier made an announcement yet about adding the GALAXY Note II to its lineup.

An XDA member found a Sprint device profile for a device whose specs match up to the Samsung GALAXY Note II. Besides matching the specs, the member claims to have some other undisclosed information linking the nation's third largest carrier to Samsung's phablet sequel.


Galaxy Note II

With an October launch of the Samsung GALAXY Note II expected, it shouldn't be too long before we find out if indeed the unit is heading to Sprint.




Note II

Samsung GALAXY Note II is the latest Flag-ship device from Samsung, It's currently considered to be the Most Powerful Android Smartphone in the Market with the same design of the S3, Samsung's Most powerful Processors yet Quad-Core Exynos 4412, 5.5" sAMOLED Plus displayand powered by the latest Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.


Note II sleek

Click on the Image to Enlarge it

All this Power and Samsung managed to fir the GALAXY Note II on a sleek 9.4mm Body Only... Well, to be accurate it's 9.36mm which is almost the same thickness as the Apple's iPhone 4S but with tons of more features.


Galaxy Note 2

Samsung's Unpacked IFA event on 29,August brought us the 2nd generation Galaxy Note which is the latest flag-ship device from Samung. Samsung GALAXY Note II will be hitting retailers all over the world very soon.


week 40

Latest confirmed reports from retailers, shows that Samsung Galaxy Note II Model number N7100 will launch on the Week No.40 of this year... Which is the first Week of October. So the you'll be able to get your hands on the Galaxy Note II by Early-October.




GALAXY Note II Specs



GALAXY Note II Hands-on Video


G Note II

According to some leaked screenshots, the Samsung GALAXY Note II will soon be coming to AT&T. This time the AT&T version of the GALAXY Note II, Model Name SGH-I137, will pack the same Quad-core Exynos 4412 processor as the International variant along with the 4G LTE Support.


G Note II

In the Galaxy S3, the Exynos processor swapped out for a dual-core Qualcomm S4 processor because of compatibility issues with the faster 4G LTE pipeline.


G Note II


G Note II


Other screenshots revealed the 720 x 1280 resolution of the 5.5 inch screen and the inclusion of Android 4.1.1. And as you might expect from such a beast, the device scored high on the Quadrant Benchmark test as it racked up a score of 5912. One run through on ATuTu reportedly came up with a score of 13551 which topped the Samsung Galaxy S III.


samsung S3

In China, Samsung decided to release a Dual-SIM card variant of the GALAXY Note II with the same 5.5-inch display. A picture of the back of the device with its back cover removed shows three slots, one for microSD cards, one for a regular-sized SIM card and one for a micro SIM card. The Chinese-version specs of the GALAXY Note II is the same as the International version specs.


G Note II

The dual-SIM card phablet is said to be coming to China Unicom, although pricing and release date are not yet known.




Samsung EX UHS-1 S3 Note2

Samsung will release its New microSD cards line-up with the latest 20nm technology next Month, The New Cards will have an incredible 70 Mb/s write speed and 10 Mb/s read speed with a 64GB of storage.


These New cards acts as SSDs (Solid State Drives) which boost the performance of any compatible smartphone 2x faster its regular speed.



According to the datasheet of the UHS-1 Extreme Ultra High Speed microSD card, the Samsung GALAXY S3 and GALAXY Note II is Compatible with this 64GB microSD UHS card and can run without any problems. For More info about the prices and Availability check our Review Here.



G Note 2


A trusted source for AT&T has told BGR that AT&T will launch the Samsung GALAXY Note II on October 21st. But that is another story for another day. Right now, we are focusing on the device with the 5.5 inch screen. Similar to the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S III, you can expect the Samsung GALAXY Note II to be picked up by each of the top four U.S. carriers and U.S. Cellular. It was a strategy that seemed to payoff for the smartphone.




The Samsung GALAXY Note II will come to market with that 5.5 inch Super AMOLED screen with resolution of 720 x 1280. That gives you a pixel density of 267ppi. Under the hood is a quad-core 1.6GHz Samsung Exynos 4412 processor with 2GB of RAM aboard. The device will be available in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB variants.



Verizon G Note 2


Photos the Verizon's version of the Samsung GALAXY Note II has just been leaked, Reports suggest that the Note II is coming this month along with the iPhone 5 to Verizon.


Verizon G Note 2

About the other carriers, Samsung GALAXY Note II will be available on AT&T staring from 21,September which is also the same date Apple will launch its own iPhone 5 device.




G note II


The Samsung Galaxy Note II should be coming to all major US carriers we saw photos of Verizon's version yesterday and today there is a ROM that confirms the existence of the Galaxy Note II for T-Mobile U.S.

Recent reports confirmed the T-Mobile US will get the Note II with a Jelly Bean ROM, which was compiled quite recently September,15. Samsung is still testing the software and there's no indication of when the phoneblet might launch.

The device will have a model number SGH-T889 and will reportedly pack the same specs as the international Galaxy Note II.



G Note II

The Samsung Galaxy Note II will be Officially available on AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, and U.S. Cellular, as it was just announced by the Korean manufacturer itself. This will help Samsung reach the milestone of 20 million units sold, which would be twice the commercial success of its predecessor. 4G LTE connectivity on the Galaxy Note II will be available on all models, except the one headed to T-Mobile, which will rely on 42Mbps HSPA+.


G note II US


Just like its international version, the U.S. Samsung Galaxy Note II variant will be equipped with a Quad-core Exynos 4412 processor clocked at 1.6GHz. It will be one of the most potent Android smartphones on the market, especially considering the fact that 2GB RAM come standard. Also all the U.S. versions of the Galaxy Note II will come Pre-loaded with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, so you won't Need to update it.




Samsung GALAXY Note II (Verizon)


Samsung GALAXY Note II (T-Mobile)


Samsung GALAXY Note II (At&t)


Samsung GALAXY Note II (Sprint)




Each carrier will announce its own Price/Plan upon launch, The Availability will be during Mid-November before the holidays.


Source (Samsung)


Galaxy Note II


Samsung GALAXY Note II to launch in Europe with a price of €699 (around $910) and will go on sale next week.


Germany is scheduled to get it first on September,27 and Italy gets it a day later. The UK, France and the Netherlands will have to wait just a few days longer, receiving the phablet on October 1-2. Most other European countries will get it in week 40 or 41 (that's the first two weeks of October).


Galaxy Note II

We had previously heard that the price in Germany will be set at €639, so we'll wait to see how much German retailers ask for it. Also, it will be available with carrier subsidies if getting it unlocked is too pricey for you.




GNote II


Samsung has just Officially launched the GALAXY Note II N7100 in Korea,Australia, India and Germany. Note II Price in India is ₹39,990 (around $750) whereas in Germany the phone will be sold for €699.


GNote II

Galaxy Note II is an updated version of last year's Galaxy Note and is basically a stretched Galaxy S III. It features a 1.6GHz Quad-core Exynos processor, 2GB of RAM, 8 megapixel camera with 1080p video recording, 16/32/64GB internal memory with microSD card slot and the latest Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.


GALAXY Note II Full Specifications


GNote II

The Samsung GALAXY Note II just got an Official announcement date in the United States. Samsung sen invitations for a Big even in New York City on October,24 which is only 1 Month away.


Note II


As you can see above, the image of an S-Pen in the invitation leaves no room to wonder about what the event will be all about. The Samsung Galaxy Note II will hit a number of US carriers simultaneously much like the Samsung Galaxy S III did.


GNote II


Samsung has released a new 8 minutes long demo video to demonstrate all the new features on the Galaxy Note II. The video showcases the large display, the new multitasking options and the built-in applications that you can use with the stylus.

In the video you'll see the new Gallery features Samsung has added to the Note II to take advantage of the bigger display. You have two new Gallery views and can now create folders and drag and drop images between them. Watch the Full Video below!


Galaxy Note II


Samsung just released the Galaxy Note II kernel source code, ready to be downloaded by the ROM hackers around the XDA-Devs forums.

The source code dump will ease the process of creating custom ROMs for the device, which is pretty good as it is, running Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean out of the box, and having plenty of novel features, like the multi-window mode.


Source (Samsung)


GNote II T-Mobile

Since T-Mobile officially announced that it will be offering the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note II, it was only a matter of time until we see it land on the carrier's web page. And here it is, ladies and gents, in all its glory, with a "Coming soon" tag attached to it, as if to tease us even more.


T-Mobile Galaxy Note II Specs


Given the information that is posted there, we know that the 5.5-inch monster of a smartphone will be offered by T-Mobile in two variants Marble White and Titanium Gray, in case you are wondering. What we don't know yet, however, is how much it will cost with a 2-years contract as pricing has not been disclosed yet. Another thing we are also not being informed about is exactly when the Samsung Galaxy Note II will be released as a specific launch date is not being mentioned.




Galaxy Note II S pen


Samsung launched the GALAXY Note II with S Pen and if you own one, you must be an artists! But if your drawing skills is at the level of a three year old trying to sketch a man with sticks for arms and legs, you won't exactly push the stylus tech to its limits.


S Pen


Well, a real artist Gérémy Arène, pushed it to the limit, drawing a great portrait of a Volturi from Twilight within the span of 2.5 hours (Fast-forwarded to 10 Min Video), just by working the S Pen magic on the Galaxy Note II. Make sure to watch the video below.


Galaxy Note II


Samsung Mobile USA today announced through its Facebook that the Samsung GALAXY Note II will launch tomorrow on all US Carriers Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, US Cellular. Every carrier will have its own GALAXY Note II version, most of them support 4G LTE and they all have the same specs.


Galaxy Note II


AT&T Galaxy Note II Specs

Verizon Galaxy Note II Specs

T-Mobile Galaxy Note II Specs

Sprint Galaxy Note II Specs



Get ready: the Galaxy Note II is coming to AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile USA, U.S. Cellular and Verizon Wireless starting tomorrow! Get the latest on your carrier - Samsung Mobile USA




Galaxy Note II

Today, U.S. Cellular launched its version of the Samsung GALAXY Note II, and it's Now available for purchase on the carrier's website. The device has been priced at $299.99 with a signed two-years contract.


G Note 2  Note 2


The specs for the phablet is impressive as they are, Check the GALAXY Note II Full Specs Here, there are some other interesting features that have created quite a buzz around the device. We've already shown you the multiwindow feature which divides the screen in two so that users can run a couple of applications at the same time.

Source (U.S. Cellular)

Galaxy Note II


The official Galaxy Note II dock has already landed on Samsung's U.S. web page and adds a few goodies, such as a full-sized HDMI output with 1080p video support, 3.5-millimeter audio output, and 3 standard USB ports for hooking up peripherals to the device.


Galaxy Note II


Basically, hook this baby up to an HDTV, grab a keyboard and a mouse and you'll end up transforming your Galaxy Note II into a mini multimedia computer.


galaxy note II dock


However, don't reach for your wallets yet as the accessory is not in stock, at least not for now. It is expected to become available through Samsung's internet store within 2 weeks, but that's not so bad after all, especially considering that some U.S. subscribers won't get their Samsung Galaxy Note II smartphones before late November. Getting one of these will cost you $100 only.



Galaxy Note II


Samsung GALAXY Note II, another big winner from the Korean manufacturer. After Only one month of availability overseas, Samsung announced that it has sold more than 3 million units in this short period.


Galaxy Note II


You might remember that Samsung's J.K. Shin said that 20 million units of the 5.5 inch device would be sold after 1 year, double the amount that the original Samsung GALAXY Note managed to hit. With the current rate 3M/Month, Samsung will Hit 20 million Note II units sold in less than a 1 year.



Galaxy Note II


That the Samsung Galaxy Note II is actually pretty awesome is something that 3 million people around the world already know. With its humongous HD screen, ultra-fast quad-core processor, and rich set of features, it is among the best Android devices currently available on the market.

If you still looking for a live-action Hands-on on the Note II, Here is a set of videos that Samsung just posted on YouTube just for you.



Samsung Gangnam


Samsung brought in a special musical guest to kick off the arrival of its Galaxy Note II phablet in Canada. It was the Korean pop sensation PSY went all "Gangnam Style" on the crowd.


Samsung Gangnam Note II

Lately, it seems like just about every other day that PSY is called upon to launch a product. I can only imagine the frequent flyer miles he's racking up.

But Samsung isn't just trying to ride on the coattails of PSY's viral fame. The company said in a press release that the reason it chose PSY for the launch is because he like the Galaxy Note II, it's professional by day, fun by night.


Note II smart dock


Samsung Smart Dock for its latest flagship device GALAXY Note II, the dock is full features and very useful for the Note II users which makes it the best accessory for the Note II. It's currently shipping to markets worldwide priced at $99.99.

The Smart Dock features three USB ports, HDMI port with stereo out as well as a 3.5mm audio jack. The phone is docked via its microUSB port, which also charges it.


G Note II


A trio of USB ports means that you can hook up the Note II to a mouse, keyboard and external storage simultaneously. Obviously, the HDMI is there to connect with an HDTV or a monitor.



Note II

In the American Music Awards festival, Popular stars announcers left the traditional envelops with note cards to something more modern in the era of smart technology, Instead they used the Samsung Galaxy Note II in their hands.


Note II music festival

In a clever marketing way from Samsung, the handset delivered the news to the announcers so they may present the relevant awards to the winners throughout the evening. Many of the announcers presented the screens to the cameras and audience to observe for themselves.



Gnote II pc

Did you thought about using your Galaxy Note II as a PC computer ? ColdFustion has posted a video showing the Galaxy Note II connected to a 29-inch Samsung LED monitor using a Samsung HML adapter and an HDMI cable, Also, the Note II was connected to an Apple wireless QWERTY keyboard and Magic Mouse, and a number of tests were performed to see if the Samsung GALAXY Note II could make it as a PC.

Multitasking is smooth and the GALAXY Note II supports a full-featured floating browser with pop-up video too. Looking to tax the processor, two flash videos were started at the same time, still runing great... With four flash videos running simultaneously with two native apps, things finally started to lag and break down.




One test that failed when tried with the Samsung GALAXY Note, involved a copy and paste test using the Dolphin Browser and a picture of a cat and lettuce. The picture was successfully copied and pasted thanks to the 2GB RAM on the Note II. The 1GB of RAM on the Original Samsung GALAXY Note could not handle this test. S Note became a whiteboard-like tool, allowing the user to use the S Pen to scribble notes that could be seen nicely on the larger monitor.


How did the Samsung GALAXY Note II hold up for PC game playing? Most games worked without a problem, Watch the Video below for more details.



Galaxy Note II


Another hit record for Samsung, the Company's latest flagship device Samsung GALAXY Note II N7100 with a 5.5-inch display and Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean pre-installed has been released only 2 months ago.


G Note II


However, Samsung managed to sell 5 Million GALAXY Note II device worldwide in this short period (60 days), The device's sales is expected to hit 20 Million by early Next year.


Note II


Verizon Samsung GALAXY Note II will go on sale tomorrow 29th,November. The device has the same specs and design of the International Note II, except Verizon puts its logo on the home button on the device.


Gnote II

The price will be $299 on a 2-year contract with Verizon, or you can choose Month-to-Month plan with no contract but the price will be $699. The device will available in Marble White and Titanium Gray.


Verizon Galaxy Note II Specs


Verizon's Samsung Galaxy Note II is the same 5.5" Super AMOLED-packing, Jelly Bean-running, Exynos-powered device as the international version, but also gets support for Verizon's CDMA and 4G LTE networks.


Galaxy Note II


The 3100mAh battery unit that is included on the Samsung GALAXY Note II is already delivering good battery life for regular users, The 5.5" HD Big screen and the Quad-core CPU needs a lot of juice.. Especially if you are a heavy user who do almost everything with his Galaxy Note II from gaming and browsing to reading books and watching HD movies.


battery 6400mAH


So, Mugen Power's made a 6400mAh battery for those Galaxy Note II heavy users, this is more than double what the device originally have (3100mAh). This Monster battery unit is scheduled to ship on December 21st, priced at $100. This amount of cash will secure your device's battery life, as well as a special cover for it with a built-in kickstand too. However, the NFC connectivity will remain functional with the new unit.


Galaxy Note II

Samsung has just launched a new series of colored protective covers with some cool various colors for the GALAXY Note II and Samsung GALAXY S III. This covers will protect your device from scratches and giving it a new look.


That is why the new covers that Samsung has now rolled out feature protection for the back as well. Similar style, just double the protection!

Galaxy Note II covers




They are available in a multitude of colors and cost $39.99. However, if you choose to buy two you'll get a very discounted price just $49.99 (this offer is currently not available). And as a Special offer, Four covers can be yours for $99.99 only.

Buy From Here

Note II Multi-window


If you already own a Verizon's GALAXY Note II and enjoying the Multi-window feature, you may Notice that two Apps are not presented on the Multi-window mode, which are Gmail and YouTube.

Note II Multi-window

Luckily, Samsung USA has confirmed that there will be an update (Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean) coming soon to add support for the Gmail and YouTube apps in the Multi-window mode for the Verizon's Galaxy Note II variant of the handset.



Note II


Amazon is Now offering a very good Holidays sale on the Samsung GALAXY Note II, You can get it now for $99.99 Only with a 2-years contract with Sprint instead of $299 as a special offer for a limited time.

The catch is Amazon can't ship the smartphone right away as it is unable to catch up with the demand. It expects Note II stock to arrive in 1 to 2 weeks.


Amazon Offer


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SamsungUSA's official website revealed an upcoming Galaxy Note II Developer Edition for Verizon, with an unlocked bootloader, but the other device's specs are identical to the regular version.

The Galaxy Note II Developer Edition isn't yet available, but it should hit Verizon's stores soon. It's quite likely though the phone won't be available on contract and you'll have to pay its full price.


Tags: galaxynote2 iphone5 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 ics galaxynote2 youm samsung samsung galaxynote2 google samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxys3 galaxynote2 galaxynote2 galaxys3 samsung galaxynote2 galaxytab samsung galaxys3 galaxynote2 samsung galaxys3 galaxynote2 samsung galaxys3 galaxynote2 samsung galaxys3 galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 galaxys3 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 galaxycamera apple samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 scloud samsung galaxynote2 galaxynote2 galaxys3 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxys3 galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 verizon samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxys3 galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 verizon samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 



U.S. Cellular has joined the rest of the Galaxy Note II toting carriers and released an update to Android 4.1.1 (baseband R950VXALL1) which brings multi-window functionality along with a number of other changes.


gnote 2

The Update is available OTA (Over the Air), you should get a Notification for a system update, Here is the change-log:


• Split screen functionality is supported (Multi-Window)

• City ID - v. 1.25.1

• Daily Perks - v. 4.5.14

• Your Navigator Deluxe - v

• Tone Room Deluxe - v. 2.0.31

• Gameloft Portal - v. 2.1.1

• Mobi TV -

• Amazon Apps - v. 2.6.53

• Amazon Audible - v. 1.3.9

• Amazon IMDB - v. 2.7.0

• Amazon MP3 - v. 2.7.0

• Amazon Shopping - v. 2.0.2

• Amazon Zappos - v. 2.0.2

• Amazon Kindle - v.

• Let's Golf 3 - 1.0.2

• Slacker Radio 3.2.1062

• Wi-Fi Now - 4.4.67

• When taking pictures using "BURST" mode sometimes when you go to gallery pictures would not be displayed they would be black images.

• Devices would occasionally toggle between 3G and 1X which is not customer impacting but could generate calls.

Could not search image files by "Search" option in My Files application
• UI changes.

• In drop down menu "Sync" was replaced with "Multi-Window" option.

• Sound icon (4th position) color was changed from Gray to Green.



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G Note II


Samsung sales numbers is still high, The latest Phablet flagship device from the Korean manufacture, GALAXY Note II sales has reportedly reached over than 1 Million devices in Korea alone. Samsung sold more than 5 Million Note II worldwide in two months only since the launch date.


Galaxy Note II

The Samsung Galaxy Note II has achieved the sales milestone three times quicker than its predecessor. Furthermore, given its solid popularity, the second generation of the device is expected to hit the 10 million sales mark worldwide in the next couple of months.



Tags: galaxynote2 iphone5 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 ics galaxynote2 youm samsung samsung galaxynote2 google samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxys3 galaxynote2 galaxynote2 galaxys3 samsung galaxynote2 galaxytab samsung galaxys3 galaxynote2 samsung galaxys3 galaxynote2 samsung galaxys3 galaxynote2 samsung galaxys3 galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 galaxys3 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 galaxycamera apple samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 scloud samsung galaxynote2 galaxynote2 galaxys3 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxys3 galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 verizon samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxys3 galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 verizon samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 jellybean samsung galaxynote2 

Samsung Galaxy Note II


Looks like Samsung GALAXY Note II is getting a new paint job, According to a leaked ad photo from Korea showing two New colors of the company's latest Phablet device. The New Note II colors are "Ruby Wine" and "Amber Brown" and expected to hit South Korea very soon, and by time will be available globally during this year (2013).

Just like the GALAXY S III, which is Now available on many colors, including the Amber Brown all around the world. Ruby Wine color is Exclusive for the GALAXY Note II only.



Tags: galaxynote2 iphone5 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 ics galaxynote2 youm samsung samsung galaxynote2 google samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxys3 galaxynote2 galaxynote2 galaxys3 samsung galaxynote2 galaxytab samsung galaxys3 galaxynote2 samsung galaxys3 galaxynote2 samsung galaxys3 galaxynote2 samsung galaxys3 galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 galaxys3 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 galaxycamera apple samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 scloud samsung galaxynote2 galaxynote2 galaxys3 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxys3 galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 verizon samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxys3 galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 verizon samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 jellybean samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 



We heard rumors before about Samsung GALAXY Note II to be coming in 2 New colors Amber brown and Ruby Wine. Today, We've got some Real photos of a Note II device in Amber Brown color.


Note II

The Amber Brown GALAXY Note II is available on Docomo, a Chinese carrier, we have no info about the price but we guess it will still be the same as the original white/bl
ue Note II.


Note II


Aside from the Amber Brown color-scheme, Samsung is expected to launch a Ruby Wine version as well which is coming very soon too.


note 2


Source: ePrice

Tags: galaxynote2 iphone5 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 ics galaxynote2 youm samsung samsung galaxynote2 google samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxys3 galaxynote2 galaxynote2 galaxys3 samsung galaxynote2 galaxytab samsung galaxys3 galaxynote2 samsung galaxys3 galaxynote2 samsung galaxys3 galaxynote2 samsung galaxys3 galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 galaxys3 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 galaxycamera apple samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 scloud samsung galaxynote2 galaxynote2 galaxys3 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxys3 galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 verizon samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxys3 galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 verizon samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 jellybean samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 

JB 4.1.2


Today, A Pre-release test ROM for the Samsung GALAXY Note II has been leaked from Samsung R&D center, Showing the what's Samsung is preparing for the Android 4.1.2 Update for the Note II. The firmware has a build number N7100XXDLJ2.


Note II JB 4.1.2

Remember, this a Pre-release and Samsung is currently testing it, the Official Android 4.1.2 Update will start Rolling-out in the upcoming weeks to all Galaxy Note II N7100 users very soon, Check the update video & screenshots below.


Note II 4.1.2 JB


Note II Android 4.1.2 Update Change-log :

• New ink effect Animation on the lock-screen (see video on end of the page).
• New Group Cast application.
• Updated notification toggles.
• Customizable Notification panel.
• Swype-like continuous input for Samsung Keyboard.

Note II JB 4.1.2


Note II JB 4.1.2


Note II 4.1.2


Note II JB 4.1.2


Tags: galaxynote2 iphone5 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 ics galaxynote2 youm samsung samsung galaxynote2 google samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxys3 galaxynote2 galaxynote2 galaxys3 samsung galaxynote2 galaxytab samsung galaxys3 galaxynote2 samsung galaxys3 galaxynote2 samsung galaxys3 galaxynote2 samsung galaxys3 galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 galaxys3 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 galaxycamera apple samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 scloud samsung galaxynote2 galaxynote2 galaxys3 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxys3 galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 verizon samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxys3 galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 verizon samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 jellybean samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 samsung galaxynote2 

Note II Jelly Bean


As promised, Samsung has just started Rolling-out the Official Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update to the International GALAXY Note II N7100 devices today 11,December. The update brings many New Premium features and bug fixes to Samsung's flagship device. Jelly Bean update is Rolling-out via KIES & OTA.


N2 JB 4.1.2


Official Firmware Details:


• Android Version: 4.1.2 Jelly Bean - Build JZO54K

• Country: Poland [PLAY]




• Build Date: 29-11-12



n2 Jb 412


Official GALAXY Note II Jelly Bean 4.1.2 Change-log:


• Performance Enhacements

• New Additions in Notifcation Toggles

• Notification Panel can now be customized

• Brightness Slider in Notification Panel Can Now Be Disabled

• Multi-View Can now be disabled

• Browser Is Smoother Then Before

• Status Bar has been changed from Grey to Black

• Continues Input in Samsung Keyboard (Swipe-like Android 4.2 Keyboard)

• New Ink Effect On Lockscreen

• New Group Cast Application

• Various Bug fixes


Update Screenshots


n2 JB 4.1.2


N2 jb 4.1.2


n2 JB 4.1.2


n2 jb 4.1.2


N2 4.1.2



NOTE: The Update is Rolling out Country-By-Country/Carrier-By-Carrier. So, Note II users won't get the update at the same time, Follow the link Below to the Galaxy Note II 4.1.2 Countries Release Status Page, then bookmark it to Keep track with all the Released & Upcomings 4.1.2 updates.


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Note2 vs iPhone5

Here is a full Comparison between Apple's latest iPhone 5 and Samsung Newest Monster the GALAXY Note II, its your Call!


Note2 iPhone5


  • Design : The iPhone 5 claimed to be the thinnest and lightest iPhone yet, which is available in two business colors (black and white). If the iPhone is slim, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has a massive display. The latter is also available in two different colors.


  • Screen Display : The new iPhone finally let go of its prehistoric 3.5 inch screen and put a 4-inch screen display. The new screen has 1136 x 640 pixel resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio. However, it is no match to Samsung Galaxy Note 2's massive 5.5 inch screen display with 1280 x 720 pixel resolution.


  • Operating System : The iPhone 5 will be run by the new iOS 6. On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is powered by the latest Android 4.1 Jelly Bean with "Project butter" smooth UI.


  • Processor : iPhone 5 is powered by the new A6 processor. According to Schiller, the chip is 22% smaller than the previous A5 in the iPhone 4S, but is twice as fast and doubles the graphics and computing performance of its predecessor. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will not be left behind with its 1.6GHz Quad-core Exynos processor.


  • Connectivity : Both devices supports 4G/LTE connection, which is the latest trend in mobile technology.


  • Camera : iPhone 5 is equipped with iSight with HD 720p, 8-megapixel camera. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 boasts 8-megapixel auto focus camera with LED Flash and another front-facing 1.9-megapixel camera with HD 720p.


  • Battery Life : Apple is promising strong battery life in the iPhone 5. The company claims it'll deliver 8 hours of 3G talk time and 8 hours of LTE browsing. On standby, the device will last 225 hours on a single charge, the company says. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has 3100 mAh battery.


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Note II Apple

Apple-Samsung WAR will never ends as long as Samsung keeps releasing premium devices to compete with the iPhone, just a few days back Samsung released the GALAXY Note II with a 5.5 HD sAMOLED Display and Quad-core CPU, but apple won't stand still for this New Galaxy Monster device.

Samsung GALAXY Note II will be available on Markets same time the iPhone 5 will, which will affect Apple's iPhone 5 sales in the U.S. and Europe. So That, Apple is going after Samsung's 2nd Generation Note.

iphone 5

Apple is currently getting ready to file a Patent infringement against the Samsung GALAXY Note II GT-N7100 to BAN its sales in the U.S. before shipping its iPhone 5 on 21,September.




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GNote II


The Samsung GALAXY Note has been a big winner for the Korean based manufacturer. SamsungMobileArabia has tweeted about the Galaxy Note II which confirm the Name of the Device (Photo Below), the Model Number of the device will be N8000.


The latest reports confirm that the Samsung GALAXY Note II will come with a 5.5 inch plastic substrate OLED display instead of glass to make the screen flexible. Samsung GALAXY Note II coming to market with a 5.5 inch WSXGA+ (1680x1050) Super AMOLED display, Samsung Exynos 5250 processor, an 8MP camera, 1.5GB of RAM, S Beam, S Voice, NFC, and LTE connectivity.


Galaxy Note II Specifications



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Samsung EX UHS-1 S3 Note2

Samsung will release its New microSD cards line-up with the latest 20nm technology This Month, The New Cards will have an incredible 70 Mb/s write speed and 10 Mb/s read speed with a 64GB of storage.


These New cards acts as SSDs (Solid State Drives) which boost the performance of any compatible smartphone 2x faster its regular speed.



According to the datasheet of the UHS-1 Extreme Ultra High Speed microSD card, the Samsung GALAXY S3 and GALAXY Note II is Compatible with this 64GB microSD UHS card and can run without any problems. For More info about the prices and Availability check our Review Here.



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