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As you may know Google is working on a 3rd-party Maps Application for the iOS as Apple removed it from iOS 6 and replaced it with its own Apple 3D Maps, Users find Apple maps horrible to use and giving wrong directions. Today, WSJ report that the Google Maps for iOS is already been distributed for testing to interested parties outside Google's labs.

According to Wall Street Journal, Google is already putting the finishing touches on the app and should be ready to submit it for approval to the Apple's AppStore sooner rather than later. An Apple spokesperson said they cannot comment on apps, which have not yet been submitted.



iPhone 5 jailbreak


Chronic Dev developers issued this picture showing a white iPhone 5 on its way to be jailbroken at last. Notice the abundance of unauthorized widgets in the pull-down notification bar, you can do that unless your iPhone is jailbroken.

"I would characterize it more as finding the missing pieces rather than debugging at this stage. Typically the messiest part of the jailbreak process has been installing it in the first place... We're further along than WWJC. But again, I can't give any specifics. The jailbreak itself is stable but we're missing needed exploits. I can't discuss what we're missing." - Chronic Dev



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Apple iPhone 5 issues won't end yet, Some users reporting a common issue about the iPhone 5's lock button that used to lock the device and power it up again, The button breaks and become non-responsive after a short period of purchasing the device (2-3 weeks).

Thankfully, an iPhone 5 owner who took the time to record the video you see below reports that he was given a replacement unit. But even if you aren't eligible for a replacement and your iPhone 5 is acting up as well, getting it repaired will be a little difficult and annoying too.


iPhone 5


Pricing of the factory unlocked Apple iPhone 5 in the US has surfaced on the company's website.




While not officially announced, Entering the search query "iPhone 5 factory unlocked" reveals the pricing of the device. Contract-free/Unlocked the 16 GB iPhone 5 priced at $649, while the 32 GB is priced at $749 and 64 GB is priced at $849.


Apple iphone 5


Samsung had already made it clear that they intend to add the iPhone 5 to their patent infringement case against Apple as soon as the product launches. Sticking to that claim, Samsung has done exactly as promised, and the new iPhone 5 now joins the previous iPhones, iPad and iPod touch in Samsung's case.

The patents are mostly 3G standards essential, along with some specific features. After the launch of the iPhone 5, Samsung investigated the device and found it infringing upon its patented technologies and it's going after Apple in court trying to ban the iPhone 5 sales in the U.S.




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