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ios6 beta

Apple has just released the latest iOS 6 BETA platform for developers, This new release brings the usual batch of bug-fixes and performance tweaks, but also several cool new features.


The New BETA added some New cities in many regions in the Apple 3D Maps App, Those include Boston, Atlanta, Portland, Phoenix, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Houston and Dallas (US), as well as Toronto (Canada), Lyon (France) and Birmingham and Manchester (England).


Apple ios6 beta 3d maps

Developers also unearthed a new Bluetooth Sharing sub-menu in the privacy settings of the iOS 6 beta 4. It allows apps to share data with other devices even when you're not using the apps and speculations are that it might be used for the Passbook app, which is Apple's response to the Google Wallet.



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iOS6 siri on ipad

Just one Week left for Apple's World Wide Developers Conference WWDC 2012 and the iOS 6 details is leaking out. Apparently, iOS 6 is going to bring the full Siri experience to the iPad, and not just the limited dictation that's available now. but which iPads will get the full Siri update ?.. it Seems to be that Siri will be exclusive for the New iPad only.


Siri on ipad

However, According to 9to5Mac sources, Apple has been testing Siri on both the iPad 2 and the new iPad (aka 3rd gen), but it's unclear if the software will be made available for the iPad 2. It seems likely that at the very least the new iPad will get the bump, and it would be in Apple's interest to not put Siri on the older hardware as well.




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iOS 6

Apple's annual WorldWide Developers Conference WWDC 2012 is about to start tomorrow and as usual, which has seen the announcements of new iPhones, new iPods and iOS versions in recent years.

The new banners confirm the highlight of the opening Keynote will be iOS 6, the next iteration of the mobile OS.


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iOS 6 logo

It is pretty certain that iOS 6 is getting unveiled at WWDC 2012, and every devoted geek is eager to see what goodies the next major version of Apple's mobile platform will introduce.

first-gen iPad Owners, the iOS 6 announcement might not be that exciting of an event, since the tablet might not get treated to an update. Links to a beta version of iOS 6 went live online just recently, and an iPad version was not on the download list. but there was an iOS 6 version for the iPhone 3GS, which went on sale about a year before the first iPad. And since the smartphone is inferior in terms of internals, the reason for the tablet not getting iOS 6 is clearly not be the software's hardware requirements.

Instead, it is believed that market availability is behind that decision. After all, the iPhone 3GS is still being offered for free on a 2-year contract, while the first-gen iPad has already been discontinued. At the same time, we are sure that there are plenty of you holding on to one of these tablets, and if an iOS 6 update for it does not get released, that is going to upset quite a few Apple fans.




Apple wwdc


Apple Most Important Event of this year, The Worldwide Developers Congress WWDC 2012. We have the LIVE streaming of the event directly from San Francisco where apple will reveal the iOS 6 and may be some other stuff about the upcoming "iPhone 5" too. Streaming is below... Click and Play and Enjoy!


iOS 6

Apple has just announced its Next-Generation Mobile Operating System the iOS 6. The iOS 6 will have an improved version of Siri along with other 200 Features and improvements in the mobile operating system functionality and Interface.

iOS 6

Facebook integration will also go system-wide with iOS 6. Much like with the existing Twitter integration, users simply log in to their Facebook account in the iOS settings application, and users can quickly post to their account or share music, applications or photos with their friends.

iOS 6

Enhancements for Safari 6 in iOS 6 include iCloud Tabs, which allows users to view and sync websites across a range of devices, as well as the ability to upload photos from directly within Safari on popular websites. Safari will also gain fullscreen support in landscape mode.


iOS 6


iOS 6 Siri


Apple unveiled the iOS 6 today at WWDC, Apple makes the beta available to developers as early as today, and says the iOS 6 release date is set for this Fall.

The new iOS 6 will support:

- devices starting from the iPhone 3GS and later,
- and the second generation iPad, the new iPad and upcoming models.


FB integration

It packs 200 new features, among which huge improvements to Siri, deeper Facebook integration, tweaks to basic functionalities like the phone app, photo stream and camera app.





Apple Next-Generation Mobile OS "iOS 6" was only announced yesterday, but the default browser of its beta version was already subjected to a few tests, Here is the benchmark results compared to iOS 5.1.1 below.


Safari benchmark

AnandTech ran some benchmarks on an iPhone 4S and noticed a notable improvement in speed and extended compatibility with new web technologies (HTML5 and CSS3). The improvement in SunSpider results is pretty impressive and sees the 4S catch up to a Snapdragon S4-packing HTC One X (the AT&T version), for example.

3d Maps

One thing that Apple didn't really go through with much detail as part of yesterday's iOS 6 unveiling was in which features would be available on what hardware. We already know that Siri will be available on the new iPad, but not the iPad 2, and now we're finding out about some hardware that will be left out of the new 3D flyover feature in Apple's new Maps app.

Also, The 3D flyover feature will require the power of the A5 processor in order to run properly. This means that the Maps flyover will be available on the iPad 2, new iPad, iPhone 4S, and future mobile iProducts, but it will not be available to those with original generation iPads, iPhone 3Gs or iPhone 4, although those devices will still be able to run iOS 6.

iOS 6

iOS 6 might have been released just days ago, but It's already got a tethered jailbreak thanks to Dev-Team and their Redsn0w creation. The jailbreak however doesn't work with the iPhone 4S, but only with the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPod touch 4th gen.

"redsn0w tethered iOS6 jailbreak for 3GS and A4 devicesis.gd/MCbq7A (developers ONLY please! .. no Cydia, just SSH+afc2)," MuscleNerd tweeted today.

Otherwise the installation process is fairly standard if you've jailbroken already. You have to downloda the iPhone Dev-Team redsn0w tool and the iOS 6 Beta IPSW firmware file from Apple. From there on, you mount the IPSW file, and let the tool do its magic.



More Info HERE


iOS emoji

Emoji, the popular picture expressing emotion took over the world from Japan, and with the goal of the pictograms being to animate our life, now they are becoming even more realistic as Apple adds a lesbian and gay couple along with the funny faces, the monkeys and the aliens.


The new set of emoji is available in iOS 6, but you can access the emoji keyboard now as well by hitting Settings -> General -> Keyboard and then add emoji.


iOS 6 3D Flyover


Apple released the iOS 6 with its very own Maps with a feature called "Flyover 3D", Apple also made this feature available for A5 devices only, leaving the iPhone 4 behind. But this didn't stop the developers from hacking the iOS 6 beta and port this new feature to the iPhone 4.

The Hack made by Russian developer and its called the "3D Enabler", it is running on an iPhone 4 with iOS 6 beta and the earlier jailbreak, and so far there is no word if voice-guided navigation will be coming too, since it needs Siri present in order to function. The process of hacking Flyover onto the iPhone 4 is not for the faint of heart, but if you are curious about it, you can follow the Instructions Here.

Click to Watch The Video!

iOS podcast App icon


Apple is planning to remove Podcasts from iTunes on iOS 6 and give them a dedicated App "Podcasts" in the App Store. iOS Users will be able to download the Podcasts app on their own time and consume the audio without the distractions of other types of media.

Once podcasts move out of the apartment complex and into their own home, users will be able to browse, subscribe to and listen to them there. Currently, the experience for podcasts in iOS is split in half like with music or video. You can subscribe to podcasts or download them in iTunes and then listen to them in the Music app.



Apple announced some shiny new features for its upcoming iOS 6 platform, set to release this fall alongside the new iPhone. As is customary with Apple's announcements, a beta version of iOS 6 is available to those with a registered developers account which costs about $99.


An alternate methodology from Gotta Be Mobile suggests that you can pay $7-8 through a service called IMZDL, which will hook your UDID up to one of its developer accounts and allow you to install the beta manually through their site.


Full Tutorial Here



iOS 6

In iOS 6, Apple is patching a lot of security holes that makes the iOS vulnerable. The new version of Apple's mobile OS will now ask you explicitly to permit an app to access your information. The change in app permissions is noted in the "Data Privacy" section of the release note for the new version of the platform.

Apple apps permissions

In iOS 6 users will have to explicitly allow apps to access their location, calendar, contacts, reminders and photo library. What's more apps should be prepared to function properly even when a user denies them those permissions.




Apple launched the iOS 6 in the WWDC 2012 last week, The Most inserting feature is the Facebook Integration into the whole OS.

Facebook iOS 6

Today, Facebook's Official Developers blog announced that it will release a Major update to its own iOS SDK to bring Many New features and enhancements, Also will add support for iOS 6 Integration, so iOS developers can easily adds facebook tools into their Apps.

iOS 6 B2


After two weeks since the launching of the iOS6 BETA, Apple has just released the 2nd BETA version of iOS6 and it is being seeded to users who installed the first on their iOS devices.

The update brings several bug fixes and performance updates, including fixes for the Address Book, Game Center, iCloud, iMessage and FaceTime, Maps and Safari. The final version of iOS6 is Coming this Fall to all New iOS devices.


The next beta update for iOS is now available. iOS 6 beta 3 can be downloaded as an OTA update for those who currently have iOS 6 beta 2. The update is also on the way to the Apple Developer Center. While no one knows what changes are on the update, it is assumed that it contains bug fixes and enhancements to performance. So far, there is a new Maps section in settings to control the language used for labels.

The final version of the iOS 6 will be Available for iPhone 4/4s users, iPod Touch 3rd/4th Generation and all iPad users, During September, 2012.

iOs 6 in-App

After discovering an In-App purchase on the iOS 6 by a Russian hacker Alexey Borodin, The bug can allow iOS 6 user setting up his own server for purchases and thus allowing us to buy stuff inside app for free, Apple try to close the security hole in the bug.

"By examining last apple's statement about in-app purchases in iOS 6, I can say, that currently game is over. Currently we have no way to bypass updated APIs. It's a good news for everyone, we have updated security in iOS, developers have their air-money. But, service will still remain operational until iOS 6 comes out," - Borodin blog.

Apple developers is currently working to resolve this problem before the final release of iOS 6 which will be during September.






iOS 6 is coming to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch on 19th,September with new Apple Maps with turn-by-turn navigation, Facebook features, and more.


iOS 6 logo

If you own an iPhone 4S or iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS, you can upgrade to iOS 6, although we suggest thinking hard before turbocharging your 3GS as older phones always struggling with Newer OS.


iOS 6

The new iPad and iPad 2 can upgrade, but there's no iOS 6 love for the original iPad. And iOS 6 will only upgrade your iPod if you own an iPod touch fourth generation.




iOS 6


Apple's latest operating system, iOS 6 is ready for download as a free update today via the iTunes App Store for the iPhone 3GS onwards, the 4th-gen iPod touch, and the new iPad or iPad 2.

The iOS 6 Upgrade will arrive OTA (Over the Air) at 1PM New York time based on previous updates for iOS and Macs. You can also download the Update via iTunes but it will be larger in size and slower.


iOS 6

The iOS 6 brings over than 200+ New features, according to Apple, like Facebook Integration, Update Siri, Apple 3D-Maps, Passbook and More.




Apple iOS 6

Apple's iOS 6 Update is Now LIVE! head to your iDevice General setting and check for software update or just connect your iDevice to iTunes and it automatically download iOS 6 (900mb - 1GB) and install on your device.


iOS 6


iOS 6 is ONLY compatible with the following devices:

  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPhone 5 (PRE-LOADED)
  • iPod touch 4th Generation
  • iPod touch 5th Generation (PRE-LOADED)
  • iPad 2
  • The new iPad



iOS 6

The Apple iOS 6 has just been released yesterday to the latest Apple devices. However, that tiny amount of time was enough for those code-crunching experts to jailbreak the platform's latest release, albeit to a limited extent.


iOS6 jailbreak

The iPhone Dev-Team's Redsn0w jailbreak works with iOS 6 on several devices, namely the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and the fourth-gen iPod touch. Note that the jailbreak is tethered, meaning that the procedure has to be repeated each time your iDevice needs a reboot.


Source (Tutorial)


London underground Apple Maps


Apple Maps have proven fail after fail, Just about everyone had something to say about the product Apple selected to replace Google Maps in iOS 6, "Apple Maps SUCKS!" was the wide expression from many iOS 6 users who found themselves lost after the Upgrade.

What you see above is a message from the staff at Hackney Wick, Underground station in London. The guys working there obviously saw the opportunity to make a great joke at the expense of the troubled app and didn't hesitate to take it.




ios6 maps



According to a source with connections to both Apple and Google, Claim that Apple is looking to hire ex-Google employees who worked on Google Maps in an effort to repair the problems seen on the iOS 6 mapping application.


"Many of my coworkers at Google Maps eventually left when their contracts ended or on their own accord. One guy looked around for other GIS work and ended up at Apple when a recruiter contacted him. He had heard rumors for a while that Apple was going to develop its own in-house mapping platform, and given his experience at Google, he was an easy hire. Apple went out of their way to bring him down to Cupertino and he's now paid hansomly as a GIS Analyst. Another coworker that was a project lead at Google Maps, left for the East Coast after his contract ended, and was recently contacted by an Apple recruiter. The position sounds like a product development manager position, and will pay him $85k+ and all the moving expenses from the East Coast. He's gone through 2 rounds of interview and seems like a frontrunner to land that position." - Source


The source is said to be a former contractor for Google who worked on the integration of Street View and third party data to improve the European coverage on Google Maps, and also worked on the application's turn-by-turn directions. Apple allegedly has been successful signing up former Google employees who would rather work on a whole new project instead of just updating one that has been completed.




iOS 6


When iOS 6 was pushed to users earlier this month, complaints about problems with Wi-Fi connectivity started flooding Apple's discussion forums. It was quickly discovered that a special webpage that iDevices used to check if a network requires log-in credentials was accidentally taken down. When it was brought back up, everyone thought that the problem has been solved.


iOS 6 Devices


Unfortunately, the reason behind it all hasn't been identified yet, but since it's a software-related problem, we're willing to believe that Apple will come up with a fix soon.


Report (Cnet)


Apple Maps



We all heard about the EPIC fail of Apple's Maps app, Apple has also toned down the elated iOS6 Maps app copy as keen visitors to its website have spotted.


apple maps icon


As the screenshot conveniently points, the previous copy called the new Maps app "the most beautiful, powerful mapping service ever". The new wording turns the attention to another key feature "the beautiful vector-based interface that scales and zooms with ease" and certainly takes a more modest stance.




iOS 6


According to a new rumor, Apple is currently testing the first update to iOS 6, which will be iOS 6.0.1. The good news is that the relatively minor update is expected to become available in a few weeks.

iOS 6

Well, if this unofficial info is to be believed, iOS 6.0.1 will get rid of some really annoying bugs like the horizontal lines appearing at times when typing with the QWERTY keyboard or opening a folder.



Like all other Apps on the App store, Dropbox pushed a much needed update to their iOS app. The new version not only makes full use of the iPhone 5 taller screen, but also has done away with the previous photo size limitation when printing pics or saving them to the Camera Roll from the app.



The new update bring the application version to 1.5.6 and it's available now on iTunes. So, head there and Update your App, if you are an iOS user with an iPhone 5.





The company that is suing everyone, can be sued too. Dynamic Advances, LLC out of Texas claims that Apple Siri is infringing on a voice recognition technology that it has exclusively licensed from patent owners Rensselear Polytechnic Institute. According to Cnet, Dynamic Advances was created last year by known patent troll Erich Spangenberg.



What's even more interesting, however, is that the judge presiding the case has recused himself. No reason for this has been officially announced, but the guy is believed to own Apple stock.



ios 6

Apple has just pushed out the iOS 6.0.1 update to all iOS devices, The update fixes many bugs, including one that Apple says kept iPhone 5 users from installing over-the-air software updates. Apple's fix includes installing a special "iOS updater" app to help the process along, which is removed from the device after 6.0.1 is installed.


iOs 6.0.1 update


Apple iOS 6.0.1 Update change-log :

· Fixes a bug that prevents iPhone 5 from installing software updates wirelessly over the air
· Fixes a bug where horizontal lines may be displayed across the keyboard
· Fixes an issue that could cause camera flash to not go off
· Improves reliability of iPhone 5 and iPod touch (5th generation) when connected to encrypted WPA2 Wi-Fi networks
· Resolves an issue that prevents iPhone from using the cellular network in some instances
· Consolidated the Use Cellular Data switch for iTunes Match
· Fixes a Passcode Lock bug which sometimes allowed access to Passbook pass details from lock screen
· Fixes a bug affecting Exchange meetings


iOS 6.0.1 update


iOS 6.1 siri


Leaked images reveal that Apple has added more functionality for Siri in iOS 6.1. Combined with the knowledge of some developers who are beta testing the latest build of Apple's mobile OS, it would appear that Siri will be able to purchase your movie tickets with iOS 6.1 and it will all be done in conjunction with Fandango, whose own app lets you purchase movie tickets online.


ios 6.1 iOS 6.1

To buy movie tickets using the voice activated virtual personal assistant, all you need to do is to speak to Siri to tell her to buy you the tickets for the movie you want to see. When you mention that you want to buy tickets to a particular movie, the theater information and showtimes will be displayed.




Apple will release this feature on the iOS 6.1 update which is expected to be Next year.



do not disturb


The Do Not Disturb mode introduced for the first time with Apple's latest iOS 6 appears to have a serious bug. Since the turn of the year, it stopped functioning as promised and prevented quite a lot of people from getting their calls and messages.

The DND feature allows you to set a period of time when your iPhone will stop alerting you of incoming calls, messages and notifications. It doesn't affects the alarms though.


iOS 6


Unfortunately, since last midnight the DND mode won't turn off automatically once the scheduled time comes and continues to silence pretty much everything. If you are in iPhone user, don't panic, your friends didn't forget you (probably), your phone is not alerting. And maybe those friends you have a hard time reaching since last night, are probably victims of the said bug.




Apple iOS 6


Apple in the recent upgrade for its Mobile Operating system iOS 6, replaced the Google Maps App with its very own Apple Maps App. However, Due to the the incomplete coverage and numerous inaccuracies made most users miss the iOS 5 days, when they could actually go places.

Latest reports saying that Google is already done with the development of an iOS-6 compatible Google Maps Native App and its ready to push on the iTunes App store for all iOS 6 users.


iOS 6

Earlier rumors that it has already been submitted to Apple for approval were refuted, but that should happen soon enough. We have to wait and see if Apple will approves the app and allows it to make it into the App Store, or Not.




Mobile OS


Can't decide which Mobile Operating System you want to switch to ?


Here is a full comparison between the Top & Latest Mobile Operating Systems in the Market [ Android 4.1 Jelly Bean vs. iOS 6 vs. Windows Phone 8 ]... And you be the Judge!




Mobile OS


Can't decide which Mobile Operating System to switch to ?


Here is a Full Comparison between the Top & Latest Mobile Operating Systems in the Market [ Android 4.1 Jelly Bean vs. iOS 6 vs. Windows Phone 8 ]... And you be the Judge!




iOS6 iPhone5

According to 9to5Mac latest reports, the iOS Simulator now support resolution of 640 x 1136, the rumored resolution of the iPhone 5 which will have a 4" display with 16:9 aspect ratio.

The Simulator for iOS 6 adjusted to display 5 rows of icons on the screen (Photo Above) instead of the usual 4 rows on the previous iOS 5.1, If you run iOS 5.1 in this resolution it will just add blank bars in the 5th row.

iOS 6

Looks like we have a clear picture of what the iOS 6 will look like in the final version, Let's wait and see.




iOS 6

In the latest beta release of iOS 6, settings in the General/Cellular control panel there is a new option "Wi-Fi Plus Cellular" as if a weak Wi-Fi signal is keeping you from using certain apps on your iOS 6 flavored device, the phone will automatically switch to 3G/4G connection in no time.

iOS 6 options

The idea is that by setting the toggle switch to on, those apps unable to work properly due to a weak Wi-Fi signal will automatically switch to cellular connectivity.





iPhone 5 Display


Some Reports leaked revealing Info about the iPhone 5, The next-Generation of the Apple iPhone (iPhone 5) could turn up with a 4.1-inch display of 1136 x 640 resolution, 16:9 aspect ratio and a brightness of 500 nits (just like the iPhone 4S). The display density will be a 319ppi (pixels per inch) which is still a retina display too.



Reports also has contatind on the cameras and thickness of the iPhone 5, saying that the front-facing camera will be 720p HD-capable, which makes FaceTime calls far better than VGA camera, and that the camera will be moved from the left side of the earpiece to the center (like on the iPod Touch 4th Generation).


iPhone 5 Camera

The back camera will reportedly have 8 MP sensor and a 5 element lens similar to the 4S but with a larger aperture of f/2.2 (currently f/2.4). That would allow more light to reach the sensor and improve the low-light performance.


Body & Camera


iPhone 5 Body

As for the profile, the next iPhone will measure the impressively thin 7.9 mm, which is a huge improvement over the iPhone 4S's 9.3 mm.


iphone 5

Another photo of the next-generation iPhone (aka iPhone 5) front has been leaked, Notice the centered FaceTime camera. It's a single white frame, the black is just the frame flipped over. Which is new, we've yet to see a white iPhone front frame for the next iPhone.

This time it's the final design of the iPhone that foxconn is currently Manufacturing in China.




Apple iphone 5


Latest reports confirm that Apple has begun the final production of the 5th Generation iPhone aka iPhone 5, after passing the "engineering verification test" and the "design verification test" stages.

BGR also got a confirmation that the units Apple is currently testing have 1GB of RAM, doubled from the iPhone 4S's 512MB, and integrated 4G LTE radios. We can also confirm that NFC hardware is present in the phones as well. The device will run iOS 6 and expected be released at the end of September or early October.






MacStories brings an interesting perspective on the changing app landscape. While Apple's mobile adventure started with Steve Jobs' notable "you can't really think about the internet of course without thinking about Google" phrase at the very unveiling of the original iPhone, it seems that nowadays Apple is doing its best to separate itself from Google.


ios diagram

Initially, the iPhone was heavily reliant on Google services such as Google search, Maps and YouTube. Fast forward to iOS 6 and two essential components are gone Maps is ditched for Apple's own solution and the native YouTube app is getting kicked out of iOS 6 beside the Google Search too.

Apple want to ditch anything Google out of its iOS... And we know Why, "ANDROID".




ios 6


Apple has just posted a list of all major features in iOS 6 and where they'd be available, Some of the features on the Photo below might be available on your country/region that's why Apple made this list so you don't ask why I can't use this Feature ?


iOS features


It is not fragmentation, this is something that's not all that uncommon on other platforms, but it's definitely well seen in iOS 6. Hit the Source link to check your Country.


Source (Apple Full list)


Google maps vs. Apple maps


5 Apple Maps Fails that will you make you lost if you depends on it, Better wait for the iOs version of Google Maps, Or just buy an Android phone.


1- Maps in some areas do not look as good as they should, with stiched together pieces of different resolutions. Some image data is in black & white.


apple maps fail

2- The English city of Doncaster is labeled as "Duncaster" in Apple Maps.


apple maps fail

3- The Sears Tower in Chicago didn't shrunk, The label has been given to the wrong building.


Apple maps fail

4- The Helsinki railway station has been turned into a park, obviously, or at least that is what Apple Maps is leading us to believe.


apple maps fail



5- Good luck finding your way in Japan. Very important places of interest are not showing up in the search results, even when they are clearly shown on the map.


apple maps fail


iphone 5 jailbreak cydia


Grant Paul released a string of screen grabs via Twitter showcasing what appears to be Cydia installed on iOS 6, however, it's difficult to determine their authenticity.

He claims the jailbreak took a mere 30 mins, and was easier to implement on the iPhone 5 than it was on its 4S predecessor.




Google Maps logo 2012


As you may know Google is working on a 3rd-party Maps Application for the iOS as Apple removed it from iOS 6 and replaced it with its own Apple 3D Maps, Users find Apple maps horrible to use and giving wrong directions. Today, WSJ report that the Google Maps for iOS is already been distributed for testing to interested parties outside Google's labs.

According to Wall Street Journal, Google is already putting the finishing touches on the app and should be ready to submit it for approval to the Apple's AppStore sooner rather than later. An Apple spokesperson said they cannot comment on apps, which have not yet been submitted.




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