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Apple Next-Generation Mobile OS "iOS 6" was only announced yesterday, but the default browser of its beta version was already subjected to a few tests, Here is the benchmark results compared to iOS 5.1.1 below.


Safari benchmark

AnandTech ran some benchmarks on an iPhone 4S and noticed a notable improvement in speed and extended compatibility with new web technologies (HTML5 and CSS3). The improvement in SunSpider results is pretty impressive and sees the 4S catch up to a Snapdragon S4-packing HTC One X (the AT&T version), for example.

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Google security


Earlier this year, it was found out that Google search has been flirting a bit with mobile Safari's privacy settings, and while this might seem as an innocent love affair to you, the Federal Trade Commission sees this as a kind of security breach that has to be punished! Earlier rumors indicated that the fine Google will probably have to pay may exceed $10 million, but now, thanks to CNN sources that are said to be familiar with the matter, we know that the fine will actually be "a bit" heftier: $22,5 million.

Google statement to CNN regarding the case:

"We cannot comment on any specifics. However we do set the highest standards of privacy and security for our users."

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