5 Apple Maps FAILS that will get you lost [Photos]

20 September, 2012 iPhone 5

Google maps vs. Apple maps


5 Apple Maps Fails that will you make you lost if you depends on it, Better wait for the iOs version of Google Maps, Or just buy an Android phone.


1- Maps in some areas do not look as good as they should, with stiched together pieces of different resolutions. Some image data is in black & white.


apple maps fail

2- The English city of Doncaster is labeled as "Duncaster" in Apple Maps.


apple maps fail

3- The Sears Tower in Chicago didn't shrunk, The label has been given to the wrong building.


Apple maps fail

4- The Helsinki railway station has been turned into a park, obviously, or at least that is what Apple Maps is leading us to believe.


apple maps fail



5- Good luck finding your way in Japan. Very important places of interest are not showing up in the search results, even when they are clearly shown on the map.


apple maps fail



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