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Well, We have plenty of rumors for the Apple Next-gen iPad aka iPad 3 already, but can we confirm any of them? Well yes, The Most Expected feature for the iPad 3 is the Retina display for its 9.7-inch screen, It will need to have very High-resolution to match the pixel density about 2048 x 1536 (even Higher than HD 1920 x 1080).

This feature will surely boost the iPad 3 sales and Apple will concentrate on this Feature on all the upcoming iPad 3 commercials.


If you take a look on the leaked photo of some iPad 3 components (Photo above). In this photo you will find a three wide ribbon cables as opposed to the two that the previous models had. This extra cable is more than likely in place to carry additional screen-data to the high resolution display. If the iPad 3 carry a Retina display at the massive 2048 x 1536 pixels resolution, the data transfer of three cables will be needed for sure.

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Leaked iBoot images show that the next Apple tablet will have a combined GSM/CDMA/LTE radio, as well as a quad-core A6 chipset.

iPad 3

The model numbers leaked are J1 and J2, which refer to two versions of the iPad 3 (iPad 3,1 and iPad 3,2, respectively). It is assumed that these will be for Wi-Fi only and Wi-Fi + 3G/4G variants of the upcoming iPad, just like in the case with iPad 2.


The processor specifications confirm that the chipset is indeed the highly anticipated A6 with model number S5L8945X, as well as four processor cores-although at what clock-rate we have yet to find out. Another iPad 3 specification floating around involves a high resolution 2048×1536 pixel Retina Display.

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iPad 2 and iPad 3

The most persistent rumor for Apple next-gen iPad is the use the introduction of high-resolution Retina Display similar to what is been offered on the company latest iPhones. And today, more claims support the rumor with an close-up examination of what is allegedly the display component of an iPad 3.


iPad 2 iPad 3

2x2 Pixels 4x4 Pixels

512x2= 1024pi 512x4= 2048pi

384x2= 768pi 384x4= 1536pi

Disp. Res: 1024x758p Desp. Res: 2048x1536p

MacRumors claims to have obtained an iPad 3 display component and compared it to an iPad 2 display. Upon first glance the look rather similar, both sporting a the 9.7-inch diagonal size. But with close examination, and by that we mean under a microscope, the pixel density was noticeably different. Based on this finding, the iPad 3 would sport a full resolution of 2048 x 1536 compared to the iPad 2 1024 x 768 pixel resolution.

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A5X Chipset

We already confirmed that Apple iPad 3 will have a Retina Display, Today we have some more rumors and couple of leaked photos, The photos are reportedly depicting the new 8 megapixel camera that the latest Apple slate has and its A5X chipset.

Now there is no saying how the source of the camera photo got to the conclusion that it has 8 megapixel resolution, but still. If the image is of the real thing then it is certain that the new iPad will look identical to the old one.

iPad - iPad2 - iPad3

Now for the picture of the Apple A5X chip, which comes to disprove earlier rumors of the iPad 3 being powered by Apple A6 SoC. And if Apple chose to rename it to A5X, it probably will not bring dramatic changes, compared to the A5 chipset.

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iPad 3 Front Glass panel

Some New Rumors from Some New Sources about the iPad 3 launch date and the New A5X Processor from Apple, iPad 3 is rumored to being the longer digitizer in a different location from the iPad 2, this possibly indicating an upgraded display for the tablet. This device will, according to this same source, have the capability of recording 1080p video, will have the A5X processor we saw this week, and will come with Siri installed.

The A5X processor turns out to be NOT a Quad-core processor like the A6 is supposed to be eventually, but another dual-core processor with amped-up power and capabilities over the original A5. The A5 currently sits in the iPad 2 as well as the iPhone 4S and it is the first dual-core chipset for a mobile device made for Apple by Samsung.

Next thing we know, that the iPad 3 will be announced on the 7th of March.

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Siri on iPad

We all know that the iPad 3 is coming this Wednesday. As rumored, chief among the features is the Retina display, which Simon discovers can do a lot more than you expect it to. Next comes Siri for iPad, it is pretty Magical what Siri can become in its iPad 3 version.

Remember the video below is just a Funny Mock-up and does not re-present the Upcoming iPad 3. Enjoy!

Watch The Video Below!

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The New iPad



The New iPad (iPad 3) is the latest Tablet form Apple. We Now hear that it might be having yet another issue, ibeside to its overheating and charging problems.



According to many of the iPad 3 owners, their beloved tablet has some issues with the Wi-Fi radio, which causes intermittent connectivity, slow WiFi speeds, and failure to detect WiFi networks on range.

Apple Bug Report



Apple is already aware of the problem and has even issued an internal note describing it (Photo above). It turns out it only affects Wi-Fi-only iPads and not the LTE-capable units. Apple will replace any affected device for free and will make an official statement as soon as it find the cause of this issue.



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iPad 3 G24ct Gold

That was quick the world first 24ct Gold iPad 3 will soon be available in select stores in Dubai, London and Hong Kong. Company called Gold & Co. unveiled the luxurious product at a special event in the United Arab Emirates and has ever since started accepting orders at the Damas jewelers store in Dubai Mall. The first unit was auctioned with all funds raised being donated to charity.



All other units will seek to maximize profit and with a price tag of $5,500 for the offered model, iPad 3 64GB with 4G, we see how the profit could be huge. If a golden iPhone 4S is "your thing" than get ready to spend $4,349.


iOS6 siri on ipad

Just one Week left for Apple's World Wide Developers Conference WWDC 2012 and the iOS 6 details is leaking out. Apparently, iOS 6 is going to bring the full Siri experience to the iPad, and not just the limited dictation that's available now. but which iPads will get the full Siri update ?.. it Seems to be that Siri will be exclusive for the New iPad only.


Siri on ipad

However, According to 9to5Mac sources, Apple has been testing Siri on both the iPad 2 and the new iPad (aka 3rd gen), but it's unclear if the software will be made available for the iPad 2. It seems likely that at the very least the new iPad will get the bump, and it would be in Apple's interest to not put Siri on the older hardware as well.





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