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Reports about the Apple's new iPhone 5 to offer up a 4-inch display with a higher DPI resolution. The report also says that the handset will be 20% thinner than its current model. Recent speculation about the next iteration of Apple's iconic smartphone has included talk that it would include liquid metal components and be launched sometime in June.


WWDC 2012 event

Today, iPhone 5 confirmed to be launched during Apple "WWDC 2012" Worldwide Developers Conference, same event the iPhone 4 was launched back in 2010. the event will be help in june 11 - 15 in San Francisco which confirms the rumors that the Next-Generation iPhone is coming on june.

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This Hilarious Comic shows some of the funny expectations of the WWDC 2012, and the most funny thing is that Samsung spies at the event will be given a separate presentation by a holographic Tim Cook. See the photo below and have a good laugh !

WWDC 2012


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iOS 6 logo

It is pretty certain that iOS 6 is getting unveiled at WWDC 2012, and every devoted geek is eager to see what goodies the next major version of Apple's mobile platform will introduce.

first-gen iPad Owners, the iOS 6 announcement might not be that exciting of an event, since the tablet might not get treated to an update. Links to a beta version of iOS 6 went live online just recently, and an iPad version was not on the download list. but there was an iOS 6 version for the iPhone 3GS, which went on sale about a year before the first iPad. And since the smartphone is inferior in terms of internals, the reason for the tablet not getting iOS 6 is clearly not be the software's hardware requirements.

Instead, it is believed that market availability is behind that decision. After all, the iPhone 3GS is still being offered for free on a 2-year contract, while the first-gen iPad has already been discontinued. At the same time, we are sure that there are plenty of you holding on to one of these tablets, and if an iOS 6 update for it does not get released, that is going to upset quite a few Apple fans.




iOS 6 Siri


Apple unveiled the iOS 6 today at WWDC, Apple makes the beta available to developers as early as today, and says the iOS 6 release date is set for this Fall.

The new iOS 6 will support:

- devices starting from the iPhone 3GS and later,
- and the second generation iPad, the new iPad and upcoming models.


FB integration

It packs 200 new features, among which huge improvements to Siri, deeper Facebook integration, tweaks to basic functionalities like the phone app, photo stream and camera app.




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