iOS 6 Coming to the iPhone 3Gs but Not the Original iPad

11 June, 2012 Apple

iOS 6 logo

It is pretty certain that iOS 6 is getting unveiled at WWDC 2012, and every devoted geek is eager to see what goodies the next major version of Apple's mobile platform will introduce.

first-gen iPad Owners, the iOS 6 announcement might not be that exciting of an event, since the tablet might not get treated to an update. Links to a beta version of iOS 6 went live online just recently, and an iPad version was not on the download list. but there was an iOS 6 version for the iPhone 3GS, which went on sale about a year before the first iPad. And since the smartphone is inferior in terms of internals, the reason for the tablet not getting iOS 6 is clearly not be the software's hardware requirements.

Instead, it is believed that market availability is behind that decision. After all, the iPhone 3GS is still being offered for free on a 2-year contract, while the first-gen iPad has already been discontinued. At the same time, we are sure that there are plenty of you holding on to one of these tablets, and if an iOS 6 update for it does not get released, that is going to upset quite a few Apple fans.





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