Siri in iOS 6.1 will be able to purchase Movie tickets for you

6 November, 2012 Apple

iOS 6.1 siri


Leaked images reveal that Apple has added more functionality for Siri in iOS 6.1. Combined with the knowledge of some developers who are beta testing the latest build of Apple's mobile OS, it would appear that Siri will be able to purchase your movie tickets with iOS 6.1 and it will all be done in conjunction with Fandango, whose own app lets you purchase movie tickets online.


ios 6.1 iOS 6.1

To buy movie tickets using the voice activated virtual personal assistant, all you need to do is to speak to Siri to tell her to buy you the tickets for the movie you want to see. When you mention that you want to buy tickets to a particular movie, the theater information and showtimes will be displayed.




Apple will release this feature on the iOS 6.1 update which is expected to be Next year.




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