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Apple today announced the results of the third financial quarter of the year and as usual the numbers are impressive but the iPhone sales is dropping.

The company reported a Q3,2012 profit of $8.8 Billion, Compared to a $11.6 Billion in Q2,2012. Also the iPhone's sales has been dropped from $35.1 Million to $26 Million, this 9.1 Million loss is due to the Samsung Galaxy S III release during this quarter, the korean giant flagship device hits the markets in the US, EU and all over the globe.


Apple Q3

Samsung will also release a Galaxy device in the same time Apple will relier its new iPhone 5in Q4 this year, which will also affect the phonier sales more.


S3 vs One X


We're pretty sure that Man people out there are currently wondering which Android smartphone to get the awesome Samsung Galaxy S III OR the fantastic HTC One X.

YouMobile Ask you (Our reader) to give us your Honest opinion about which smartphone you prefer S3 or One X ? Which one you recommend to your friends ?



Share your Opinion with us on the Comments section below!


Galaxy S III vs, One X+


HTC released HTC One X+ with Jelly Bean 4.1.1 and Sense 4+ out of the box, Samsung update its flagship device Galaxy S III to Jelly Bean 4.1.1 as well. Which phone will be faster with the same OS ?. The benchmark tests used were ones that Android users would know of.

The Quadrant Standard tests the 3D graphics performance along with the CPU and I/O. SunSpider was used to test the browser, along with performance of JavaScript and Qualcomm's Vellamo was used to test mobile web performance, HMTL 5, the CPU performance and AnTuTu which tests the RAM, GPU, CPU and I/O performance.



In Quadrant the HTC One X+ took a score of 6068, which was 800 points over the Samsung Galaxy S III, which managed 5207. The One X+ also took the lead with CPU and I/O, however the Samsung won in the categories of memory and 3D graphics. In Sunspider the HTC One X+ won when it scored 1082.2ms compared to the 1215.4ms, in this case the lower score wins. Neither of the handsets matched the iPhone 5 results, which came in at 914.7ms.



In AnTuTu the HTC once again took over and scored a total of 12,945 and beat the Samsung Galaxy S3 in CPU, RAM and I/0. The S3 scored 12,082 overall and took the GPU category.



Nexus comparison YM


Google Nexus 4 is the latest Nexus device from Google & LG, As the device is shipping to more countries everyday and the Holidays season is coming and the choice is hard this year.


We want to know how it will hold up against the previous GALAXY Nexus or the popular Samsung Galaxy S III... Check the comparison below!

Compare YM


Samsung Galaxy S Blaze Q


The U.S. variant of the Galaxy S III is getting a QWERTY keyboard, T-Mobile will get Samsung Galaxy S Blaze Q with same specs as the Galaxy S III but with a QWERTY. It will be released on 15,August.

The Samsung Galaxy S Blaze Q appears to essentially be a US Galaxy S III with added five-row, slide-out QWERTY keyboard, save for its ridiculous name selection. Its specs include a dual-core Snapdragon S4 CPU, 1GB RAM, 16GB of built-in memory, 720p display, and Android 4.0.4 ICS. Naturally, T-Mobile's speedy 42Mbps HSPA+ network will be present as well.




AT&T Skyrocket HD

Today, Samsung's Ryan Bidan officially said that the company's Galaxy S II Skyrocket HD for AT&T that was announced earlier this year at the CES has been shelved. He also added that it won't make any sense in the light of the Galaxy S III announcement.


So AT&T will cancel the launch of this phone as samsung has previously said that the Galaxy S III will hit the US in June, Sprint also was confirmed to get an LTE version of the Galaxy S III too, though it remains unclear which carrier will get it first.


Galaxy S III


The Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III brings all the latest technology in the mobile world to you in ONE Sleek device. With a Quad-core CPU and an HD Screen, Here is a Full Review of all you Need to know about the Galaxy S III with Exclusive Hands-on Photos, Screenshots & Videos brought to you by YouMobile & Samsung.



Galaxy S III Specifications


Galaxy S III

The Galaxy S III is currently the Most Powerful Smartphone on the Market today, packing a Quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 1.4 GHz Exynos processor and a Gorgeous HD Super AMOLED Display and a lot more... Check the link below for Detailed Specifications, Prices & Release date for every region.

Click Here for Detailed Specs & Price list




Galaxy S III Design




The design of the Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III is one of the most controversial bits about the new Samsung flagship. Built entirely out of glossy plastic, the Galaxy S III takes after the Nexus lineup design lines, If it's Blue or White that Galaxy S III is shining.


SGS III thickness


The glossy material is a questionable choice as it really lacks the high-end vibe that a smartphone such as the Galaxy S III should pack, But the good news is that the Samsung "Hyperglaze" coating partially makes up for that, improving both the feel and the handling of the device.



Galaxy S III Display

Galaxy S III


The 4.8" Super AMOLED of HD resolution at the front is where the Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III magic happens. The screen image quality is every bit as impressive as its specs suggest tack sharp and with perfectly deep blacks, it's arguably the best you can find on the market.


The colors are nicely saturated by default, but the display settings menu offers you a choice between four different modes, so you can opt for more natural colors as well. We did prefer the livelier dynamic and standard modes, but the natural and movie modes will probably have their fans too. What's important here is that the S III display offers you flexibility that no other screen on the market can give you. We got a Hands-on Vidoe that show you the Display of the Galaxy S III and its colors, click on the photo below to watch it.


Galaxy S II Display Video




Galaxy S III User-Interface

Home screen


The Samsung Galaxy S III runs on the latest Android Ice Cream Sandwich version which is 4.0.4, but it has been heavily modified by the latest TouchWiz 5.0 UI from Samsung.


Task manager


The New TouchWiz is pretty similar to the one on the Galaxy S II but with some New tweaks and features. Some of these features like "Motion Control" that allows you to control your phone with some hands-Gestures

Also it packs an "Eye-tracking" technology that track your eyes movements while using the phone so when you move your eyes away of the serene it goes automatically off. and when you look at the screen again it turn the screen on again. We got an Exclsuive Hands-on video to show you the UI of the Galaxy S III click on the photo below to watch it.


Galaxy S III UI Video




Galaxy S III S Voice & S Beam


S Voice


Click Here for see S Voice Demo

The Galaxy S III is the second smartphone in the Galaxy series to do voice commands. Samsung have implemented a more direct competitor to the iPhone's Siri. You can tell the S Voice to accept/reject calls, take pictures, set alarms and search the internet among others.


S Beam

The Galaxy S III allows you to share all sorts of media via NFC by simply touching the devices back-to-back. Sadly, you'd need two Samsung I9300 units to make this work as there are no other S Beam-enabled smartphones on the market just yet.




Galaxy S III Camera

Camera UI


The Samsung Galaxy S III offers the same camera in terms of pixels but actually improves on the performance. It can capture stills with resolution up to 3264 x 2448 pixels and 1.9 MP ones with the front-facing cam.


Click Here to See Camera Samples

The Galaxy S III's sensor offers an F/2.6 aperture as opposed to the F/2.65 of its predecessor and a focal length of 3.7 mm contrasting with the 3.97 mm of the Galaxy S II. This results in a slightly wider viewing angle on the Galaxy S III compared to its predecessor, so you'll be able to fit more in your photos.

The camera app interface is quite similar to the one on the Galaxy S II. You get two shortcut bars on each side of the viewfinder on the right you get the still camera / camcorder switch, virtual shutter key and the gallery shortcut. We have an Exclusive Hands-on Galaxy S III video that focus on the Camera Features, click on the photo below to watch it.


Click to Watch!




Galaxy S III Performance

Galaxy S III


The Samsung Galaxy S III relies on a Mali-400MP for Graphics & games, Powered by a 1.4Ghz Quad-Core Exynos 4 chip that boost the phone performance and save its battery as well. The More cores you have in your phone... The More it take less power that's the power of Samsung Exyos architecture.


Click Here to See Benchmarks Results

Mo Cheng

S Health


Samsung has launched an app which allows Galaxy S III owners to sync their smartphones with certain medical equipment to effectively measure and monitor vital health statistics.

"S Health" can connect to various weight, blood pressure or glucose monitors to present a health profile over a period of time that can be viewed or shared via SNS services. This app is great for health care patients and doctors to track historic wellness profiles.

Blood pressure and glucose monitors from vendors like Lifescan, A&D and Omron will be able to sync to the S III via Bluetooth or USB. Users will also be able to set certain wellness goals and track their progress towards them. It can track calories consumed as well as workouts, to enable users to track their caloric intake and follow and exercise plan.



Samsung is now acquiring the mobile division of British CSR specializing in making Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi and other chips for around $310 million, along with a 4.9% stake in the company. The acquisition will give Samsung access to 21 patents key to the US market, all owned by CSR.

The acquisition will entail the move of 300 employees from CSR to Samsung.

Press Release

Samsung Sales


Samsung is the big winner in the 2nd Quarter of 2012, selling much more smartphones than Apple and beating Nokia in feature phone sales by an even wider margin than in the last quarter, according to estimates by analysts including companies like JP Morgan, Bank of America and Citi.

Galaxy S3

Samsung is expected to have also broken the quarterly smartphone sales record. With 50 million Samsung smartphones, the company widens the gap with Apple to around 20 million as on average analysts expect Apple to sell around 30.5 million iPhones in Q2 2012. Also, the Korean company is believed to have outsold Nokia feature phones by a hefty 15.7 million, widening the gap which only last quarter stood at just 3.4 million.


Total sales record for Q2,2012


"Samsung is expected to be the smartphone hero in the second quarter," IDC analyst Francisco Jeronimo said. "We are also expecting to see the biggest smartphone volumes ever shipped from one single vendor in one quarter, driven by strong demand of the Galaxy portfolio, particularly the Galaxy S II and S III."

Galaxy Note II


Confirmed reports says that Samsung will be making a major announcement and unveiling its newest Galaxy device on August 15th. Most likely we will see the introduction of the Samsung GALAXY Note II. A sequel to the phablet is expected to feature a slightly larger 5.5 inch WSXGA+ (1680x1050) Super AMOLED display, an 8MP rear-facing camera, 1.5GB RAM, S Beam, S Voice, NFC, and LTE connectivity.

YouMobile reported yesterday, the GLBenchmark test might have revealed an overlclocked quad-core Exynos 4412 for the phablet II. The Samsung GALAXY Note II is allegedly penciled in for an October launch.




lumia 920 vs. Galaxy S3


Here is a Comparison between the Samsung flagship Android device, Galaxy S III, and Nokia flagship Windows Phone 8 Device, Lumia 920. This time its not about the apecs, its about the Camera Sensor.

The comparison on the Video Below is performed in a dimly-lit room to show which sensor takes better Photos and have a better low-light sensitivity. Of course, we are assuming that all the settings are similar to each other when these comparisons are being done.

Show Video on Mobile


samsung muse


Samsung always brings the best accessories to its flagship devices, and this one is very useful in some situations where you'd like to listen to some music but don't want to carry a smartphone, such as during running or jogging and you have a Galaxy S III or Note II with you ? Well you gonna need something as small as the Samsung Muse.



Samsung Muse comes with a data transfer cable that plugs into your smartphone and with the help of Samsung's Music Sync Android application lets you transfer music on your smartphone on to the Muse. The Muse has 4GB of storage for yor music.



The Muse has just been launched in the US for $49.99 in Pebble Blue and Piano White. Supports Samsung GALAXY III and Samsung GALAXY Note II. The pricing is identical to the iPod shuffle, which only has 2GB of memory.


Samsung Muse [Buy]



This is a benchmark test between the Samsung GALAXY Note II with a Quad-core Exynos CPU clocked at 1.6GHz vs. Samsung GALAXY S III with the same Quad-core Exynos CPU chip clocked at 1,4GHz vs. LG Optimus 4X HD with a Tegra 3 Quad0core CPU. Watch the Video below to see the scores.

It wasn't quite the fair fight, considering that there is a generational gap in the 32nm manufacturing of Samsung's Exynos 4412 processor, and the 40nm process used for Tegra 3, but LG's handset held its own in Quadrant and AnTuTu just fine. It bungled the Vellamo benchmark, which is admittedly done for testing Snapdragon processors, and favors instruction sets like the ones in the Exynos family.


Samsung tectiles


Samsung TecTile is a programmable NFC tags can perform lots of cool stuff when an NFC-enabled smartphone is in proximity, so one can launch apps, make a call, open website.. etc. Today, Samsung is announcing a new version of the TecTile mobile app, thus expanding the list of things you can do with TecTiles even further.

With Tectile app version 3.0, users can assign a string of actions to a single TecTile. That way one can have their Bluetooth radio turned on and navigation app launched when in the car, or the ringer volume turned down and the alarm clock app launched when it's bed time.



Another new feature, is to have one TecTile tab can perform different actions depending on whose smartphone is tapped on it. That would make it more convenient for multiple users to use the same TecTiles around their home or workplace. Moreover, TecTiles can now be set private, so that the actions being assigned with it are performed only on a specific device.


Tectile 3.0 [Google Play] - Tectile 3.0.12 [APK]




Samsung Galaxy S III sales already reached 30 Million during the 3rd Quarter of this Year (Q3, 2012) which made a record in smartphones sales worldwide, Making the S III one of the Best Smartphones this year. Analysts predicts that the Galaxy S III sales will continue to grow even if the iPhone 5 entered the competition.



Latest reports predicts that the Galaxy S III sales will Hit 50 Million by the beginning of the first Quarter Next year (Q1, 2013). It's only a prediction but its highly anticipated as the Christmas is coming and the S3 sounds like the perfect gift in the Electronics genre. Besides, Samsung has just recently updated the device to the latest Android 4.1 Jelly Bean which brings many improvements and features that's not presented on many smartphones on the market currently.

We hope so, Only 20 Million to Go!!




Samsung Christmas 2013

Samsung has produced a variety of ads this year to promote their red-hot devices, the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note II.




Samsung couldn't just wish us Happy Holidays without doing it in a commercial. The spot shows off some nice eye candy with the display on the Samsung GALAXY Note II combined with the ancient art of Kirigami. The ad makes great use of the 5.5 inch screen on the device.


s3 dock audio


A New Samsung Audio deck for the GALAXY smartphone series has been leaked. The accessory can connect to your Samsung GALAXY smartphone through Bluetooth 3.0, a 3.5mm jack or a microUSB port. When plugged into the latter, it was also act as a charging dock for your phone. In fact, it will charge any Android phone with a USB charging port on the bottom.


The Dock will be released to the market by Q1,2013 and will Make it first appearance on the CES 2013 event in February.



Dock Features:


• USB Audio Class

• Universal dock station

• Bluetooth version 3.0

• Power: 6W (3W x 2)

• Power volume button

• Charging Port

• 3.5mm Audio Plug-in




Samsung Tec Tiles


Samsung TecTile is a programmable NFC tags can perform lots of cool stuff when an NFC-enabled smartphone is in proximity, so one can launch apps, make a call, open website.. etc. Samsung released a new version of the TecTile mobile app, thus expanding the list of things you can do with TecTiles even further.


Samsung tectiles

With Tectile app version 3.0, users can assign a string of actions to a single TecTile. That way one can have their Bluetooth radio turned on and navigation app launched when in the car, or the ringer volume turned down and the alarm clock app launched when it's bed time.



Tectile 3.0 [Google Play]


Another new feature, is to have one TecTile tab can perform different actions depending on whose smartphone is tapped on it. That would make it more convenient for multiple users to use the same TecTiles around their home or workplace. Moreover, TecTiles can now be set private, so that the actions being assigned with it are performed only on a specific device.


Tectile 3.0 [Google Play] - Tectile 3.0.15 [APK]


Samsung financial report for the Q4,2012 (October - November - December) isn't officially announced yet, but has been leaked. If the leak is correct, Samsung could have made a crazy $8 Billion in profits in Q4 of 2012, $5.5 Billion are from Mobile products.

The official numbers are expected near the end of the month, but early reports say that Samsung will be announcing Q4 operating profits that are up 65% compared to last year at 8.7 trillion. That would mark a new record hight, 7% better than the previous record of 8.1 trillion won in July-September.




Motorola is starting a war on Samsung's flagship device, the Galaxy S III. Motorola went to its website and Facebook page to promote its DROID RAZR HD and mention in what ways it makes the Galaxy S III seem like a thing from the past.



Battery life was naturally mentioned, Motorola was keen to point that the DROID RAZR HD has 20% more battery juice than the 4G Galaxy S III (and judjing by the smartphones' scores in our battery tests that really counts).



Motorola is also pretty happy with the design scheme of their smartphone, dubbing it the world's most compact 4.7" smartphone. Technically, the Galaxy S III is a 4.8" smartphone, but you got the point.





The Samsung Galaxy Note II is arguably the biggest star of the IFA 2012 and many were wondering if the second-gen phoneblet will actually be worth the hype. And what better way to see if the Note II delivers than to compare it to the Galaxy S III best-seller.

The Galaxy Note II has undergone a complete redesign, and now looks like a proper bigger brother of the Galaxy S III. But is the bigger screen, the S Pen and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean be enough for the Galaxy Note II to steal the show from the company's current Android flagship ?



Samsung GNote2 vs GNote vs SGS3



Gnote 2 vs GS3


The Samsung Galaxy Note II is arguably the biggest star of the IFA 2012 and many were wondering if the second-gen phoneblet will actually be worth the hype. And what better way to see if the Note II delivers than to compare it to the Galaxy S III best-seller.

The Galaxy Note II has undergone a complete redesign, and now looks like a proper bigger brother of the Galaxy S III.


Samsung GNote2 vs GNote vs SGS3


Samsung EX UHS-1 S3 Note2

Samsung will release its New microSD cards line-up with the latest 20nm technology next Month, The New Cards will have an incredible 70 Mb/s write speed and 10 Mb/s read speed with a 64GB of storage.


These New cards acts as SSDs (Solid State Drives) which boost the performance of any compatible smartphone 2x faster its regular speed.



According to the datasheet of the UHS-1 Extreme Ultra High Speed microSD card, the Samsung GALAXY S3 and GALAXY Note II is Compatible with this 64GB microSD UHS card and can run without any problems. For More info about the prices and Availability check our Review Here.



Galaxy note 2 audio


The Samsung GALAXY S III has an amazing audio output Quality among the Android devices thanks to its Audio chip that was made by Wolfson.

The great News that Wolfson also confirmed that its WM1811 HD Audio Hub that was behind the sound capabilities of the Galaxy S III is also availalbe in the Samsung's GALAXY Note II, the latest Android flagship device from the korean company.

WM1811 S3 HD audio chip

Wolfson's WM1811 HD Audio Hub promises crystal clear voice quality and enhanced audio playback, all with a mind set on minimal battery consumption for the Monster smartphone from Samsung, Making the Note II best Multimedia device availalbe in market.




Galaxy note 2 audio


The Samsung GALAXY S III has an amazing audio output Quality among the Android devices thanks to its Audio chip that was made by Wolfson.

The great News that Wolfson also confirmed that its WM1811 HD Audio Hub that was behind the sound capabilities of the Galaxy S III is also availalbe in the Samsung's GALAXY Note II, the latest Android flagship device from the korean company.

WM1811 S3 HD audio chip

Wolfson's WM1811 HD Audio Hub promises crystal clear voice quality and enhanced audio playback, all with a mind set on minimal battery consumption for the Monster smartphone from Samsung, Making the Note II best Multimedia device availalbe in market.



Galaxy Note II

Samsung has just launched a new series of colored protective covers with some cool various colors for the GALAXY Note II and Samsung GALAXY S III. This covers will protect your device from scratches and giving it a new look.


That is why the new covers that Samsung has now rolled out feature protection for the back as well. Similar style, just double the protection!

Galaxy Note II covers




They are available in a multitude of colors and cost $39.99. However, if you choose to buy two you'll get a very discounted price just $49.99 (this offer is currently not available). And as a Special offer, Four covers can be yours for $99.99 only.

Buy From Here



Vodafone Australia just announced that the Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean update for the Galaxy S III I9300 users on its Network will start Rolling-out on 26,November next Monday, The Update will be available OTA (Over-the-air).

So, if you are in Australia and have a Vodafone-branded Galaxy S3, Wait for a system update Notifications on Monday that probably will be around 290MB to download, So better use a Wi-Fi Network to update.



Shortly after 1:00PM on Monday 26th November 2012 (AEDT) - Samsung will begin rolling out Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean to your phones.






It seems like years of waiting, but finally the almost historic Samsung Unpacked 2012 London event is few hours away from Now. Just 3 before we finally see what the Next GALAXY flagship is all about. Make sure to scan the QR Code and get our App to Stay Updated with Live Event News and streaming too.

The event itself is said to bring us the next Galaxy smartphone, which will most probably be called Galaxy S III (or Galaxy S3), a name we have seen several times, including in the Kies software.


Samsung Unpacked 2012

At the event tonight we might see a new Galaxy Tab and a new Cloud storage service "sCloud" by Samsung.


Galaxy S3


Good News to all Galaxy S III owners, Samsung has just released the Source Code of the International Galaxy S III Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Update. The Update will be pushed to KIES servers early Next Month (October) as Samsung schedule.

This Source Code we found in Samsung's OpenSource website doesn't mean that your Galaxy S3 can now run a stable version of Jelly Bean. What it does mean, is that on top of all the test ROMS floating around, Samsung is giving everyone a shot at creating a more stable ROM while it fleshes out its version. It also hints that the Update is near.

Source code JB

Keep in mind that this source code is for the International unlocked Samsung Galaxy S3 model LTE GT-i9305 Only.


Open Source


Jelly Bean


Finally, The Samsung GALAXY S III Official Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Update is ROLLING-OUT NOW, after many leaks and test ROMs.


Galaxy S III Official JB update

The first country to start receiving the update is Poland, but the rest of Europe should join the fun soon. The firmware can be obtained OTA or via KIES. Samsung recommends you are on a Wi-Fi connection with at least 50% battery when you apply the update.

What's New in Galaxy S III Jelly Bean :


  • Project Butter (smoother UI animations with higher frame rate)
  • Google Now
  • Offline voice typing support
  • Better notification area with expandable notifications
  • Better Settings organization
  • Two different modes for home screen behavior
  • Resizable pop-up play window
  • S Note app replaces S Memo
  • Faster web browser
  • Major Performance Improvement



Galaxy S III Jelly Bean update Screenshots


Jelly Bean


As We Reported last week, Samsung will start to release its 2nd wave of S3 Jelly Bean Updates by Mid-October... Here we are on 15,October and Samsung has just pushed a New Jelly Bean 4.1.1 update to Sweden over KIES with a New official build XXDLI.


Version: 4.1.1
Date: 04-10-2012



Galaxy S3 XXDLIH Jelly Bean 4.1.1 Update


The Jelly Bean 4.1.1 XXDLIH will be heading to more countries very soon and it's loaded with all the jelly bean fun in an amazing speed, You can check the full change-log.



Galaxy S III Jelly Bean 4.1.1 Change-log :


  • Smoother UI
  • Google Now Integration
  • Offline voice-typing support
  • Expandable notifications
  • Better Settings organization
  • Two different modes for home screen behavior
  • Resizable pop-up play window
  • "S Note" app replaces S Memo
  • Improved WEB brwoser for faster browsing
  • Major Performance Improvement



Galaxy S III JB Update Release Status list


S3 UK update


The 2nd wave of Jelly Bean update for the Samsung Galaxy S3 started yesterday, with Sweden. Today, Samsung UK confrim that the Jelly Bean 4.1.1 update is coming during this Month October.

Samsung UK

For the Galaxy S III in the UK who have a carrier-locked variant (Orange, three), Samsug UK said that UK carriers updates will be annouced later by the networks.






If you got the US version of the Samsung GALAXY S III you probably wondering when you gonna get your Jelly Bean 4.1.1 Update. We've some Good News for you. Samsung US has just officially announced through a press release its intentions to make an upgrade to Jelly Bean available to stateside versions of the company's flagship, but Samsung didn't announce any actual date.

The Korean company confirmed that the upgrade to Android 4.1 will be offered OTA and via Kies sometime in the coming months. The delay that Samsung is waiting for each individual carrier (Verizon, AT&T... etc) to finish testing the new version of Android on the S3 before unleashing it to the public.



Samsung Press Release

Samsung Mobile to Begin Jelly Bean Update with TouchWiz® Enhancements for Galaxy S® III Smartphones in the U.S. Available in the coming months, the Galaxy S III update offers the latest AndroidTM platform; new camera, video and customization enhancements; and access to ESPN's ScoreCenter app with custom AllShare® integration

DALLAS - October 17, 2012 - Samsung Telecommunications America, LLC (Samsung Mobile) - the No.1 mobile phone provider in the United States and a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., the No. 1 smartphone provider worldwide1 - continues its commitment to bringing the latest innovation to market with the rollout of Android 4.1, Jelly Bean, the latest version of the world's most popular smartphone operating system, to all Galaxy S III smartphones in the U.S. in the coming months.

The update will be made available both over the air and as a download via Kies, Samsung's content sync and software update solution. The specific timing and update method will be announced by each carrier partner, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless and U.S. Cellular.

Galaxy S III owners will receive the Jelly Bean update as well as a host of new and enhanced TouchWiz features, making it a faster, richer and more responsive device experience. Samsung's best-selling flagship smartphone just got even better.

Samsung refined and enhanced the Galaxy S III experience by adding new capabilities to the camera, video and user interface, including:

· Camera Enhancements:
o New live camera and camcorder filters offer a range of new ways to spark your creativity. Warm vintage, cold vintage, black and white, sepia, color highlights (blue, green, red/yellow), and many more are selectable from the main camera screen.
o Pause and resume while recording video allows users to string together multiple captured video clips from a party, birthday or sporting event into a single file with no post editing required.

o Low light photo mode takes advantage of Galaxy S III's best-in-class High Dynamic Range (HDR) capabilities and offers an optimized mode for low light and indoor photos.
o Pop Up Play Update: Users can now easily resize or pause the Pop Up Play picture-in-picture video window, taking full advantage of the Galaxy S III's powerful processor and large 4.8-inch screen.

o Easy Mode: Easy Mode is a simplified user experience option for first-time smartphone owners, providing large home screen widgets that focus on the device essentials. The Easy widgets include both 4x2 and 4x4 arrangements of favorite contacts, favorite apps, favorite settings, clock and alarm.
o Blocking Mode: Galaxy S III owners can disable incoming calls, notifications, alarms and LED indicators for a designated period of time.

o Improved Usability: Users now have multiple keyboard options with the addition of the Swype® keyboard.

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean offers users a smoother, faster and more fluid experience with expanded feature functionality, including:

o Google NowTM: Google Now gives users the right information at the right time, like how much traffic to expect before leaving work, when the next train is scheduled to arrive at the subway station or the score of a favorite team's current game - conveniently delivered as notifications. Additionally, Google Now provides powerful voice assistant functionality across a range of domains, including weather, maps, navigation, search, image search, flight status and more. Google Now can conveniently be launched from the lock screen shortcut or by a long press on the menu button from any screen.

o Rich Notifications: Notifications can now expand and shrink with a pinch to show the right amount of information a user needs. Notifications have been enhanced so action can be taken without having to launch the app first - like sharing a screenshot directly from the notification.

o Automatic Widget Adjustment: Customizing the home screen is easier than ever before. Users can simply place a new icon or widget on the screen, and existing icons will move out of the way to make space. When widgets are too big, they automatically resize to fit on the screen.

In addition to the operating system update, Samsung and ESPN worked together to integrate AllShare® technology into ESPN's popular ScoreCenter® application. This means Galaxy S III owners will now be able to wirelessly push on-demand ESPN global sports coverage and highlights from the ESPN ScoreCenter app to their Samsung SMART TVTM. When on the same Wi-Fi network as a Samsung SMART TV, a sharing icon will appear within the ScoreCenter video player which allows users to seamlessly push what they are watching to the TV. The ScoreCenter app with AllShare integration is available today for download through S SuggestTM on all U.S. Galaxy S III devices. With the Jelly Bean update, the Galaxy S III will also add support for some exciting new accessory experiences.

o AllShare® Cast Wireless Hub: The AllShare Cast Wireless Hub accessory allows users to wirelessly mirror their phone screen to any HDTV or HDMI® display. Whether it's sharing pictures, browsing the Web, playing games, streaming music, watching videos or projecting business presentations, users can control the action on the big screen wirelessly from their smartphone. AllShare Cast Wireless Hub even supports licensed content playback of premium TV and movies.

o NFC One Touch Pairing Support: Galaxy S III can now pair with supporting NFC Bluetooth® accessories in a single touch. The Samsung Galaxy HM3300 Bluetooth headset will be the first Samsung portfolio accessory to support this functionality (available in the near future), allowing users to pair their headset by touching it to the back of their device.



Galaxy S3 JB


Finally! As Samsung UK promised us, The Official Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Update for United Kingdom's Samsung Galaxy S3 unbranded BTU is Now available through KIES. It has unique firmware build number I9300XXDLJ4 and seems a much more fresher build as of October 19, 2012. The modem is still the same from European JB updates I9300XXDLID which means the UK Update build is Newer and better.


Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung is doing a good job with Jelly Bean update for the S3, this the 5th Jelly Bean build officially release in Europe from I9300XXDLIB, I9300XXDLIH, I9300XXDLJ1 and the I9300XXDLJ2 before this.


Device: Samsung Galaxy SIII GT-I9300
Country: United Kingdom (unbranded, unlocked, SIM-Free)
Modem: I9300XXDLID
Build Date: Oct. 19, 2012

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It's November already, Samsung has just started to roll-out the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Update in India, Users with unlocked Galaxy S III devices (INU, INS) is getting the update OTA (Over The Air). This update is 290MB in size and if you have received the notification then we suggest you update it over a Wi-Fi connection.


India Jelly Bean S3 Update

The Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update brings a number of new features including, "Project Butter" which boosts system frame rate of 60 fps for smoother UI, it also has an improved Google Search and Voice Search, expandable notifications, Google Now and an new keyboard. Keep track with all the New updates by checking our Jelly Bean Update Release Status Page.


Force Update your Galaxy S3 to Jelly Bean




Sprint Galaxy S III users was the first in the US to get the Jelly Bean 4.1 Update. Today, Jelly Bean 4.1.1 ROM for the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S III was leaked. This may be the final build and that's mean that Verizon Jelly bean update could be next.


Verizon S3 JB

We would like to warn those who haven't a clue on how to install the ROM to just be patient and wait for Verizon to send you the OTA update. If you are a novice at this sort of thing, chances are that you'll brick you Samsung Galaxy S III, not to mention void your warranty too. Always wait for Samsung's Official Updates.



Samsung released the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Update to the Galaxy S III users in India. However, Most of the users reporting that they didn't get the Notifications and they weren't able to update their devices. That's because the KIES Update release it patches which result on 1-2 weeks delay in the Updates.


I9300 Jelly Bean India

To Force your S III to update to the latest Official firmware available on KIES (Jelly Bean), We've posted some simple Steps that will need to follow in order to get the official Jelly bean 4.1 Update from KIES server. Notice that you will Need to back up your data first just in case, you won't loss any data in the process if you selected "allow saving".



Perform the Following steps to get the Jelly Bean Update:


1-  Disconnect your S3 from computer.


2-  Open Kies and go to (Tools -> Firmware Upgrade and Initialization).


3-  Enter your Galaxy S3 model No. which is "GT-I9300" and click OK.


4-  Then Enter your Galaxy S3′s serial number (Settings -> About device -> Serial number), After entering the serial number correctly Click "OK".


5- Connect your device to the Computer and Make sure KIES recongize it.


6-  Next windows show firmware version "PDA: LJ5/ PHONE: LJ1/ CSC: LI7 (INU/INS)" For India, then Click on "Update".


Allow saving


7-  Now Kies will download the whole Jelly Bean 4.1.1 firmware, Not just the 290 MB update, it will be approximately 800 MB.


download firmware


8-  When showing Caution windows you must switch your phone to recovery mode by restart the mobile by pressing the power button while holding down volume and home button; and then press volume up button to continue. DONE!





Finally... Today, The Samsung Jelly Bean 4.1.1 Update has just started rolling-out to the T-Mobile Galaxy S III SGH-T999 to all the U.S. users, T-Mobile Galaxy S III owners can get updated via Samsung KIES or OTA (over-the-air).

T999 JB

The Update pack major improvements to the S3, Check update change-log, Google now hs been added and Project Butter that improves the framrate and performance of the handset, making visuals and transitions much smoother.

AT&T and Verizon users still waiting for the update which is coming during during this two weeks. Sprint users was the 1st to get this update last month.




Samsung always keeps its flagship Updated, In order to deliver the best use Experience possible to its Samsung Galaxy S III I9300 users, Samsung is preparing an Android 4.1.2 Update for the device. Here is some screenshots from the leaked Pre-release of the 4.1.2 firmware, This is Not the official final version yet as it's still under testing. However, the firmware seems to be stable and almost ready.


S3 JB 4.1.2

Samsung will release the Android 4.1.2 Update very soon in the upcoming weeks with some improvements, the most interesting feature in this update that it will bring the Multi-view feature of the Galaxy Note II to the S III which will be very useful for the S III users.

JB 4.1.2


Galaxy S III Android 4.1.2 Build JZO54K Change-log :


• Multi-Windows Multitasking (as presented on GALAXY Note II).

• Paper Artist App (as presented on GALAXY Note II).

• Notification Panel that can now be customized.

• Smart Rotation allow screen Display adjusts to your Angle of sightings.

• Improved Samsung Keyboard with Continues Input (Swype).

• New Gallery App.

• Page Buddy.



Firmware Details:


• Android: 4.1.2 Jelly Bean - JZO54K

• PDA: I9300XXELK4


• Build Date: 8th November 2012




S3 4.1.2


S3 4.1.2


S3 4.1.2


S3 4.1.2


jelly bean


AT&T has finally released the long-waited Jelly Bean 4.1.1 Update for the Samsung GALAXY S3 I747 users.


NOTE: The Update is NOT available OTA (Over-The-Air) you have to use KIES to get the Update. First you'll have to Install the Latest Version of KIES from HERE for your PC/Mac and connect your device to your computer, then follow this Interactive Video Tutorial to update your device firmware step-by-step.


S3 I747

After the update procedure is done, your Galaxy S III will be running on Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean and the latest TouchWiz UI on top of it. If you want to learn about every new feature coming with the update just head over to our review.


Thanks for everyone who tipped us!

jelly bean


Verizon has finally released the long-waited Jelly Bean 4.1.1 Update for the Samsung GALAXY S3 I535 users. The Update is Available Over-The-Air (OTA) connect your phone to a WiFi network and you'll get a Notification for a sysytem Update.


Samsung Verizon S3

After the update procedure is done, your Galaxy S III will be running on Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean and the latest TouchWiz UI on top of it. If you want to learn about every new feature coming with the update just head over to our review.

Meanwhile, Galaxy S III users in Poland and Korea has already got the Jelly Bean 4.1.2 Update with Premium Suite features from Samsung.




The Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean update for U.S. Cellular's Samsung Galaxy S III has been released, and you can wait for it to show up on your device to update OTA, or you can get it via Samsung Kies. The update to Baseband version R53OUVXALK5, includes some new features for the phone including Google Now.

Check out the Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean 4.1.1 Update Change-log & screenshots to know what's new on this update. Also, stay tuned for the 4.1.2 Premium Suite update by January Next year.


iphone 5 display

The new iPhone 5 has finally left the old 3.5″ screen with 3:2 aspect ratio and got a New 4″ screen with a 16:9 aspect. Where does that put it in terms of size?

The new screen bigger than the older models, but not by as much as the diagonal difference suggests, due to the change in the aspect ratio. The resolution has also been bumped up to accommodate the new screen, so the pixel density remains unchanged, So its the Same as the iPhone 4/4S and its the same as the Samsung GALAXY S III that was released 3 Months ago.

iPhone 5 S3

Apple's iPhone 5 display has a resolution of 1136 x 640 and this doesn't consider a HD display as its a few pixels away to be a Try-HD like the Galaxy S3 display that has a resolution of 1280 x 720 with the same exact density 326ppi as we said before.


MAXX SG case S3

Do you have a samsung Galaxy S III ? I am sure if you have one, you'll be looking for the best protection for your beloved galaxys smartphone, even if the phone has a Gorilla Glass 2... an extra protection is needed. Today, we want to show you the Best product to protect your smartphone, The Ballistic SG MAXX Series Case for the Samsung Galaxy S III.

MAXX SG case

Ballistic SG MAXX Series Case is designed to provide the Ultra-protection for the Samsung Galaxy S III as its specifically designed for this device. If you interested you can get it today for $49.99 Only.

iphone4s vs s3

A YouTube video shows a Samsung Galaxy S III and an iPhone 4S hocked to the back of a vehicle, laid them face down on the concrete and took off driving while a very energetic cameraman filmed and narrated the event from the truck of the car.

Both devices took the very same shocks, damages and scratches but which one will survive this test !? Watch the video Below to find out...

Click to Watch The Video!

Galaxy S III 4.1.1 Update

Samsung Galaxy S III is the latest biggest hit for the korean company this year. The S3 sales Numbers hit 10 Million and growing. Galaxy S III already got the latest ICS 4.0.4 but Samsung is getting ready for another major update for its Flagship.


JellyBean 4.1.1

According to our sources, Samsung Galaxy S III will be getting the Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Update by the end of this September. The Update will pack some changes in TouchWiz, Google Now, Smoother Interface and some bug fixes.

samsung tectiles tags

Samsung announced Many new android smartphones (Galaxy S III) with NFC connectivity Support. Now, Samsung Introduce the TecTiles programmable NFC tags to take advantage of this function to a whole new level.

tectile nfc tags

The Samsung TecTiles are programmable tags which set off a predefined function or setting of your Samsung smartphone. This can include just about anything from changing phone settings and joining Wi-Fi network, through making a call or sending a text message, opening a web page or updating your social network status and many more functions. The tags themselves look like nothing but a simple sticker.

tectile nfc

The Samsung Tectiles will be available for all NFC enabled Android smartphones. They are currently available for purchase from AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile with a $14.99 price tag for a pack of five.




Galaxy S III Black


Samsung launched the Galaxy S III in White & Blue variants but not in black. Just Now, a Samsung's Facebook Page posted a photos of the Galaxy S III showcasing the phone's capabilities at the London 2012 Olympics.

Galaxy S3

The photos aren't a definite proof that a Black version of Samsung's Galaxy S III is on the way since they have slight blue tints here or there. In the end, it may all be just bad lighting, but it would make sense for Samsung to launch a black version of the S III.


If Samsung Released it Will you Buy it ?


Source (Facebook)


black S3

The Black Samsung GALAXY S III has been spotted in a UK retailer's website last week and it was available for Pre-order. Today, T-Mobile US is showing a Black GALAXY S III on its website promoting New 4G Smartphones.


This means that besdie the White & blue versions, T-Mobile US is also getting the Black version of the GALAXY S III soon with its new 4G plans.

Source (T-Mobile US)



The European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA) has crowned the Samsung Galaxy S III as the Best European Mobile Phone of 2012-2013 in its annual awards. The association sees the special features like S-Voice, Smart Stay and Direct Call, as well as the device's powerful hardware, as a powerful combination worthy of winning this prestigious award.


Eisa Awards

Last year, the Best Mobile Award was given to the Samsung Galaxy S II, 2 times in a Row for Samsung... which proofs that the Galaxy series is still on the top of the smartphones in the Global Market, it's also worth mentioning that Apple's iPhone didn't receive this award before.


Source (EISA)


Galaxy S3 Black

Samsung has a great surprise for the Galaxy S III fans, Samsung has just Officially announced the Black variant of the Samsung Galaxy S III. The Black Samsung Galaxy S III is Now Available for Pre-order from the UK retailer MobileFun.

If you pre-ordered the Black version you will get it 4 weeks, The device will be Available in Retailer stores in six weeks.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Black

The price of the Black Galaxy S III will be the same as on its blue and white versions, which currently sell for £499.95. This is the fourth color version of the Samsung Galaxy S III, after the initially available Pebble Blue and Ceramic White, and the AT&T-exclusive Garnet Red, which came out later.



Galaxy S3

Give us your Feedback about What you like the Most about your Samsung Galaxy S III ? What Makes everyday a good day with your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone ? Tell us on the Comments Section Below.




Galaxy S3

One of the many cool things about the Samsung Galaxy S III is that it supports wireless charging. Sure, the official wireless charging kit for the smartphone is not out yet, alongside other Galaxy S III accessories.

In case one might need an alternative to Samsung's official solution, however, there will be one from "Zens". The company has just announced its own S3 Wireless Charging kit Compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S III. What's included in the set are a Zens back cover equipped with all the circuitry necessary to enable the feature and a charging pad, which delivers power to the smartphone once the handset is placed on top of it.


Galaxy S3

Of course, the back cover comes in blue and white in order to "perfectly match the color of the Samsung Galaxy S3". In case you are wondering, yes, the charging pad is compatible with other devices that meet the Qi standard. It will be Avaialbe on Markets by September and it will cost $85.


Buy From ZENS


Galaxy S III benchmark results

The successor to the Galaxy S II "The Next Galaxy", Galaxy S III GT-I9300 showed up in GLBenchmark's results page to confirm that the S III is the next Top-charts Smartphone in CPU and GPU performance. The results have since been hidden on the website, which does give them an air of legitimacy.

Galaxy S III

The device, sporting a GT-I9300, does better than almost all current major smartphone on the market. In the off-screen 720p test, where raw GPU power is emphasized, it achieved "92.2 fps" frames per second, beating the Tegra 3 and Adreno 225 GPUs by a lot and even gave the dual-core PowerVR SGX543MP2 inside the iPhone 4S a spanking. It almost beat the new iPad's quad-core PowerVR SGX543MP4 GPU which scored "139.2 fps" but it's still a Great score!


Samsung S 3 invitation



We all know that Samsung has officially announced the release date of the Next GALAXY, aka "Galaxy S III" flagship which will be on 3,May in london. Today we've got some exclusive info and specs of the Next GALAXY phone from samsung.

Sources from UK telecoms confirmed to CNET that the Samsung Galaxy S III will be a minor update from the S2 with a bigger screen 4.7" 720p that shows a five column UI (Photo below), rather than four columns on the S II and its 4.3" screen which will give it a good 310ppi density to be very close to the iphone's retina display. Also the Galaxy S III was confirmed to have Samsung's own Exynos Quad-core chip clocked at 1.5Ghz along with a 1GB RAM.

Galaxy S III Live photo

Also a new interaction feature is reportedly to be integrated on the Galaxy S III, It's called "Human Interaction" by Samsung and will use the front-facing camera to keep track of where your eyes are pointed and it will lock the screen when you look away.




Next Galaxy Leak from Gizmodo


Samsung security for the Next Galaxy or aka "Galaxy S III" device is at levels never seen before just before a new product launch. The Korean based manufacturer has been putting the innards of the new model inside a generic test box so that employees of Samsung can take the phone out in public for real-time testing. This prevents Samsung executives from finding photos of the unit on the internet the next day along with speculative rumors.



The device pictured on Gizmodo Brasil (Photo above) is that of this generic test box and is "Not even close to the final design. No leaks of the final design have been accurate."

Next Galaxy Invitation

As amazing as this sounds, with Samsung tightening up security for the Samsung Galaxy S III, insiders cannot even confirm that the sequel to the Galaxy S II will even be called the Galaxy S III. On the invitations for the May 3rd event at which the long awaited device is expected to be introduced, Samsung calls the handset the "next Galaxy".






Back last month, the Samsung GT-i9300 leaked and it was thought that perhaps this was the long awaited Samsung Galaxy S III. But that turned out to be incorrect as the model number pointed to the Samsung Galaxy M, a mid-range device due to launch next month. Some of this device features include eye-tracking to make sure that someone is viewing the screen, and can help work an automatic accelerometer that can determine if you are viewing your phone in portrait or landscape mode.




Samsung Unpacked App

While the name of the Next GALAXY smartphone is often assumed to be "Galaxy S III", we are yet to hear the same being confirmed by Samsung.

Samsung has released its official app on the Google Play Store for its Mobile Unpacked 2012 event happening on May,3. In the description for this app they have used the term "galaxy s3". This is the first time we have seen Samsung use that name.


Get The App

Get Unpacked App [Google Play]


Galaxy S III


Another day and another leaked info, NateNews, a popular korean News website stated that a Samsung Electronics official said, "Galaxy S3 will feature a dedicated button to 'S cloud' and one for 'speech recognition', etc. In addition to its predecessor there are two additional buttons mounted".

According to the Rumor, Here is what the Next Galaxy will pack:

1- Back Button (Standard on ICS)
2- Home Button (Standard on ICS)
3- Recent Apps Button (Standard on ICS)
4- sCloud shortcut Button (launch the s-Cloud App)
5- Speech recognition Button (Voice command)

According to this Samsung Employee the S3 will sport design features of the Galaxy Nexus. Other interesting facts are that the Galaxy S2 is in thickness and weight, 8.9mm thick and 121 G the S3 will be much thinner and lighter,with 7mm thin and the weight is expected to shrink even more than 2 ~ 3g. He also confirm that the device will have a 4.8" SuperAMOLED HD display with the new 1.5 GHz quad-core processor "Exynos 4412" along with Android ICS 4.0.3 onboard.



Your Next Galaxy


Everyone in the world is waiting for Samsung's Next Galaxy aka "Galaxy S3", during this week Most of the popular smartphones online stores & carriers begins taking Pre-orders from customer for the Galaxy S3, Priced at 600 EUR without carrier subsidies, Amazon lists it Unlocked with a 12MP camera and a 4.8" Super AMOLED display.


Moreover, Amazon referred to it as the Samsung Galaxy S3, confirming once again the titling that we saw in the Official Samsung Unpacked 2012 app.

Vodafone Pre-order Page

Beside Amazon, Vodafone has launched its Pre-order registration page to inform their customers when the Galaxy S3 is available.


Also O2 just confirmed in a tweet today that it will also be carrying "The Next Galaxy", which is how Samsung refers to the phone in its Unpacked event invitations and the teaser videos that were outed yesterday.



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Samsung I9300

Today, We have another Proto-type dummy of what is likely to be the Next Galaxy device I9300. As usual, the phone is camouflaged by being placed within a case but we still get a glimpse of some of the important bits.

For starters, we see the arrangement of the buttons at the bottom of the display. For the first time, we are also seeing a Menu button there, along with the Back, Home and multitasking button. Samsung has changed the order of the keys again and placed it on the left unlike the Galaxy Nexus, which places it on the right.


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S3 on KIES

We all know Samsung KIES, The software used to Update samsung devices firmwares, Kies keeps a database of all current Samsung Android devices, Guess what's just popped into it ? the Galaxy S3 I9300 and I9300T that is what the phone is labelled in the application.


The "S3" instead of "S III" moniker is interesting, Samsung used the same label for search engine optimization in its Unpacked Event app description on the Google Play Store. There is also the GT-I9300T, which is likely a model for a different version of the phone (CDMA or LTE).



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Samsung Exynos 4


Samsung's Mobile Unpacked event is coming very soon on May 3rd. Today, Samsung has introduced its Exynos 4 Quad-core processor designed for future smartphones and tablets and it built specifically for upcoming Galaxy S III. Here is what samsung said about this new CPU:


"Already in production, the Exynos 4 Quad is scheduled to be adopted first into Samsung's next Galaxy smartphone that will officially be announced in May. Samsung's Exynos 4 Quad is also sampling to other major handset makers."

Exynos 4 score

The Exynos 4 Quad is clocked at 1.4GHz on all four ARM Cortex A9 cores, This CPU is built using Samsung's 32nm High-k Metal Gate low-power process technology, which offers twice the processing capability using 20% less power that the Exynos 4 Dual which is built using a 45nm process. This is the same process used by Samsung to make the new Apple A5 chips.


According to some leaked benchmark scores, when it comes to graphics the Exynos 4412 should outperform the NVIDIA Tegra 3 and the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4.



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Samsung Galaxy S3


Samsung tried to hide the name of its "Next Galaxy," but senior VP Robert Yi let it slip at the tail end of its Q1,2012 earnings call today, He clearly said:



Earlier on the call, an exec said that Samsung expects the phone to be the company "most successful smartphone ever," and the device came up a number of other times during the presentation and subsequent Q&A session, but only this once was the actual name of the handset uttered by a Samsung exec in this case in response to a question about marketing plans for the smartphone compared to the Galaxy Note.



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Galaxy S3 I9300 Black & White

After too many Fake mock-ups and leaked photos, Here is the final design of the Next Galaxy I9300 which has been officially confirmed to be named as "Galaxy S 3".


Galaxy S III

The final design has a very thin bezel with a large 4.7" display, Home button, and a front facing camera. It looks a little bit closer to the Galaxy Nexus in a curved way, also the Galaxy S III has been also confirmed to have Samsung's latest Exynos 4 CPU Quad-core chip clocked at 1.4GHZ.

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Samsung Unpack event 2012


Samsung Unpacked 2012 Event coming on 3,May, which means Next thrusday, We have just got some datasheets of 3 Samsung Galaxy devices which is reported to be the Next Samsung's lineup. The three devices are I9300, I9500 & N8000.


Samsung I9300 Specs



Samsung I9500 Specs




Samsung N8000 Specs



Stay Tuned For More Info!


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Samsung logo

Yesterday, We got a photo of Samsung's I9300 device itself which is expected to be the Upcoming "Galaxy S 3" flagship. Today, we got another leak but this time we have specs. The Photo below is taken from the Samsung GT-I9300 manual (Click on the photo for a larger version).


Click to view Original version

See Larger Version

As you can see, The manual confirm the shape and the design of the device that was leaked on this PHOTO yesterday. Also the specs includes a Quad-core CPU, 4.8" AMOLED display and many specs that was leaked before but today we confirm it again. Let's wait and see, 3,May is not so far !



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Samsung Exynos 4


Samsung will launch the Galaxy S3 this Thursday with its own new quad-core processor in it, which all hints point to be the first mobile chip with four cores made with the 32nm process, the Samsung Exynos 4412.

Samsung showed us the power consumption measurements of the Exynos 4210 in the Galaxy S II made with the 45nm process, compared to the next-gen 4212 made with 32nm. Both 4-series Exynos chipsets are based on the same ARM Cortex-A9 architecture, so there is no generation bias, as it would have been if compared to the Cortex-A15 Exynos 5-series next to it.


Galaxy S 3 with Exynos4

The charts on the right show about 40% less power consumption on average, despite the 32nm Exynos CPU being clocked higher. This is more than the 20% power draw reduction Samsung claims in the official description of Exynos 4412, but let's not forget the ARM-Mali 400 GPU inside is probably being clocked much higher for the Samsung Galaxy S3, judging from its record preliminary benchmarks.

Galaxy S III Benchmarks results with Exynos 4412


GalaxyS3 Benchmark





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Galaxy S3 I9300

Another leaked photos of Samsung Next GALAXY, the GT-I9300 aka "Galaxy S3". This time the photo shows that the device will carry Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4 with a new version of the TouchWiz UI. Also another photo leaked shows the Display with a curved-glass edges which is around 4.8-inches.


Galaxy S3 I9300


The photo also confirms the dedicated home button, and also shows off the faint impressions of back and "menu" keys (although we expect that menu will be the multi-tasking button). The tipster behind the images indicated that Samsung also intends to release a GT-i9800 phone, saying this is "just the beginning".


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Samsung GalaxyS3

More details on the Galaxy S3 has been leaked, The UK Carphone Warehouse inventory system lists the Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 in two color versions (White & Blue) which will be available for the same price when the device will be released o Markets.

The Photo above (leaked by GSMARENA) has been taken from the inventory system of the large retailer Carphone Warehouse, shows only two colors of S3, which may suggest that Samsung will ditch the Black color.

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Galaxy S3


A Leaked User Agent Code from Verizon website shows that the Verizon's Galaxy S3 version will have a Dual-core Snapdragon S4 chip along with LTE support, 720p Display. This was confirmed before by a Samsung Executive, he said that the Galaxy S3 will have two versions and sadly the US will a Dual-core version. Today if we combine the Code from Verizon (Photo below) with the Samsung Exec info we can confirm this info.



User Agent Code

The User Agent leaked code from Verizon shows a handset with the model number SCH-I535 with a 720p display and powered by Android 4.0 ICS. Under the hood is the Qualcomm MSM8960 processor which is the Snapdragon S4. The model number seems to fit in with traditional model numbers used by Verizon for Samsung branded smartphones such as the Samsung GALAXY Nexus (SCH-I515), the Samsung Droid Charge (SCH-I510) and the Samsung Fascinate (SCH-I500).

Why Samsung will use S4 on US version ?


The International version of the S3 will have a Quad-core Exynos 4 CPU, Samsung used S4 CPU on the US version because Exynos 4 doesn't support LTE connectivity, but the S4 support LTE which will give verizon users an amazing 48Mpbs data connection speed faster than the 3G 21.1Mpbs.



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Galaxy S3

A Huge Samsung fan who own a Galaxy S II device Made a small website nextgalaxybirthday.com to tell Samsung that he wants a Galaxy S3 device as a Birthday gift, As his birthday is on 3,May the same day that the Next GALAXY will be born (Tomorrow).

"I am really excited now - me and The Next Galaxy are going to be born at same day :))"


Galaxy S3

He made this website just for fun and the website is not related to Samsung by Anyway, He justa HUGE fan who love his Galaxy SII and Samsung to gift him an S3.

"Well, Samsung - if you have got one spare Galaxy SIII in stock It would be a really great present for my Birthday - you know, for testing reasons :)
Anyway, if you would like to take me to The Next Galaxy for my Birthday"

Check-out The Website


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Live Streaming


Samsung Unpacked 2012 event has just started, Here is the LIVE Steaming Feed from Samsung UK, London. Enjoy! Also Make sure to check the homepage for Details.




Streaming Below!




If you are browsing from Our Mobile App or Mobile Website CLICK HERE

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Galaxy S3


Samsung has just unveiled its New flagship smartphone the Android-running Galaxy S III, YES its the "S3" The Name is Official. The ICS-running device has some big shoes to fill, but judging by that specs sheet, it might just be up to it. We Also got a Photo of the Device.


Samsung I9300


Galaxy S III I9300 Full Specifications 




Stay Tuned for More!


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Galaxy S3


The Samsung Galaxy S III release date is sooner rather than later, the S III will launch globally in May with HSPA+.Samsung is staging a huge first appearance on store and carrier shelves for the Galaxy S III as it will arrive on 296 carriers in 145 countries across the globe.

Separately, a 4G LTE version it will come to the US, Japan and Korea later on this summer.


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Galaxy S III


The first ad for the Samsung Galaxy S III is now out and it shows the best of what you can use the handset for, and underscores its human element. The commercial shows little of the Galaxy S III and its unique features.

The unique features of the SGS III are underlined on the Video, it "recognizes who you are," (face detection) "follows your every move, sees your best side" (camera) and finally, "waits till you're asleep." the Eye-Tracking technology that tracks whether your eyes are on the screen and if not turns it off.



Watch The Video Below!


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The Samsung Galaxy S III is out with a Quad-core Exynos processor, a gorgeous 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED display and an 8-megapixel camera, but there is nothing like seeing the handset in live action.


Galaxy S3 I9300 Specs


The Galaxy S III hands-on goes through the design with natural curves, the screen, new TouchWiz interface, performance that has improved from the S II, the pop-up play feature that allows you to have a movie on top of everything you are doing, the burst shot that allows you to snap 20 pictures quickly, and direct call.

Hand's-on Photos (engadget)













Hand's-on Video

Samsung this time took care of this and posted a full hands-on video review of the Galaxy S III, walking you through the most interesting new features of the handset.



Watch The Video Below!

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Galaxy SIII

The Galaxy S III is now official. The new Android flagship of the Samsung powered by the new Exynos 4 Quad chipset, featuring four cores clocked at 1.4GHz and 1GB of RAM.

Galaxy S III

On Quadrant, the Galaxy S III got the highest score we have seen so far 5642 points. The HTC One X did come close as its quad-core CPU was able to match the performance of the S III processor, but the Mali-400MP GPU gave the Samsung smartphone the victory here.


Galaxy S III


On SunSpider, the CPU-stressing JavaScript benchmark, the Galaxy S III four 32nm 1.4GHz Cortex-A9 cores posted super fast times, once again leaving all of its competitors way behind. We suspect Samsung has also done some fine tuning to its new smartphone JavaScript engine, which helped it do so well here.

Galaxy S III

On the BrowserMark HTML5 benchmark. Galaxy S III final result was 169,811 points.

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Galaxy S II vs. Galaxy S III


Here is a Full Comparison between the Samsung Galaxy S II and the New Samsung's Flagship Galaxy S III Main features. Share your Opinion with us on the comments section below.



Galaxy S II
Galaxy S III
Android ICS 4.0.3
Android ICS 4.0.4
4.3-inch - 217ppi
4.8-inch - 306ppi
480 x 800
720 x 1280

116 grams
133 grams
1.2 Ghz dual-core
Cortex-A9 processor
1.4 Ghz Exynos Quad-core
Cortex-A9 processor
16GB / 32GB
16GB / 32GB / 64GB
microSD card slot
YES, Up to 32GB
YES, up to 64GB
Front camera
Rear camera
8MP Fixed-Focus
1080p@30fps video
8MP Auto-Focus, Zero shutter
1080p@30fps video
802.11 a/b/g/n
802.11 a/b/g/n
USB 2.0 (Host with Adapter)
USB 2.0 (Host with Adapter)
3.0 + HS
4.0 + EDR, A2DP
$399 (16GB)
$499 (32GB)
$599 (16GB)
$699 (32GB)
$799 (64GB)
User Interface
TouchWiz 4.0
TouchWiz 5.0
YES, with sBEAM



Galaxy S III Full Specs



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Galaxy s III vs. Nexus


Here is a Full Comparison between the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the New Samsung's Flagship Galaxy S III Main features. Share your Opinion with us on the comments section below.