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Galaxy S3 will Keep its Flash player after Upgrading to Jelly Bean 4.1

18 August, 2012 Galaxy S III

Galaxy S2


Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 is getting its Official Jelly Bean 4.1.1 Update by Next Month (September), The update will include all versions of the Galaxy S3. However, Some Galaxy S3 users are confused if they gonna lose their Adobe Flash player after Upgrading from ICS 4.0.4 to Jelly Bean 4.1 ?


GALAXY S3 JellyBean


As you may recall, Adobe announced that Flash player doesn't support Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Good News, According to Samsung & Adobe Official statement all users who will Upgrade from Android 4.0 ICS to 4.1 JB will keep their Flash player intact and working, that's include Galaxy S3 users too. So you can Update to Jelly Bean without Worrying about losing your Flash player!





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