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HTC 8X vs. Lumia 820


Latest Rumors claim that Nokia considers seeking ban for the upcoming HTC flagship Windows Phone 8X. The Finns Company accuse HTC of copying the Lumia 820 front panel design for its Windows Phone 8X. As you can see above both devices looks very much the same.

Nokia unveiled the Lumia 820 and 920 in the beginning of September. HTC announced its two WP-powered headsets two weeks later. Shortly after Nokia's EVP of Sales and Marketing tweeted "It takes more than matching color to match the innovation of the Lumia 920." aimed directly at HTC's new phones.



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HTC vs Apple

Apple and HTC have settled their patent disputes. The two companies have reached a "global settlement" with confidential terms, which dismisses all their current lawsuits. The agreement includes all current and future patents held by the two giants and will extend over the next ten years.


HTc apple

Peter Chou, CEO of HTC issued this Statement :


"HTC is pleased to have resolved its dispute with Apple, so HTC can focus on innovation instead of litigation." - Peter Chou, CEO, HTC


In Other Hands Apple CEO, Tim Cook, issued this Statement :


"We are glad to have reached a settlement with HTC, and we will continue to stay laser focused on product innovation."




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ONe X 4.0.4

Few days ago, AT&T version of the HTC One X was updated to Android 4.0.4 ICS. Today, The Update is Currently rolling-out to the international version of the One X with Android 4.0.4 and Sense 4.1 OTA (Over The Air).

What's New in 4.0.4 ?


The New update adds a dedicated button in the browser to switch tabs, continuous autofocus for the camera and some white balance adjustments.


Update 4.0.4


Additionally, the update brings enhanced memory, platform stability and users should notice an improvement to the overall browsing experience on the phone.

The New HTC Sense 4.1 brings a smoother Home-screen scrolling animation and some minor UI changes.

HTC Official Press Release


As part of our ongoing commitment to ensure customers are receiving software updates that improve their user experience, we are pleased to announce our next upgrade for the HTC One X will be released on August 10th.


The primary update will include an upgrade to Android version 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich), in addition to an improved Sense experience which will: enable the ability to map menu function to the 'recent app' key (improving visual presentation in non ICS apps like Facebook); improve tab management in the browser with a dedicated tab switching button and enhance camera capabilities such as white balance and continuous autofocus. Furthermore, customers can expect enhancements to memory, platform stability and the overall browsing experience. Other improvements include a Single Sign-On for Facebook allowing user access across applications and browsers and upgrades to Beats audio, which reflect our dedication to providing an authentic sound experience.


From a developer perspective, we are expanding SDK support for Media Link and providing a framework for video call applications to achieve improved performance and quality. HTC




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One X

Yesterday, HTC rolled-out the ICS 4.0.4 update for One X and the update brings some performance improvements and enhancements to the device.

After running a benchmark test to compare between the score between the One X with the older ICS 4.0.3 and One X with the latest 4.0.4 update, The results showed that the 4.0.4 update boosted the One X score with a 1,000 points.




The original One X 4.0.3 scored about 4,800 and the One x 4.0.4 scored 5,827 on the same benchmark.




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HTC Sense 4.1

HTC User Interface for Android "Sense" has just got updated, after releasing Sense 4.0 with ICS for the One series. A New version has just been leaked Sense 4.1 with Android 4.0.4 ICS build, HTC may release it with the Jelly Bean 4.1.1 Update ot the One X later this year.

Early reports claim that the One X performance with Sense 4.1 is much better than the previous version.

Sense 4.1

That might all change with the release of Sense 4.1. It's not officially out yet on international HTC handsets, but as is so often the case a version has leaked onto the web. Geeksaber got its hands on the update and has been reporting very good things indeed.




HTC Desire S ICS


According to HTC, the HTC ThunderBolt and the HTC Desire S will both get the Android 4.0.3 ICS Update before the End of this month (August,2012). The HTC ThunderBolt was one of those models that was on the cusp, so this is obviously good news for the owners.




Recently, HTC explained why some models, like the HTC Desire HD, will not be joining the Ice Cream Sandwich club even though it is very closely related to the HTC ThunderBolt. Also the Update won't be released to all users in the same day, Some uses will have to wait till early september to get the update according to their region. Here is the Official statement from HTC:

"We're still working on getting the updates ready. We expect to have updates issues [sic] by the end of August for all devices that have been announced." - HTC







HTC Announced the HTC DEsire HD today on London Conference Today with Froyo 2.2 Onboard and said its the Evo 4G but for Worldwide Release. with HTC Desire HD says good buy to Old tiny screens and squeaky sound could not do justice to all the great stuff you can experience on today HTC Desire HD. Thats why HTC fitted the HTC Desire HD with a huge cinematic 4.3-inch display, Dolby Mobile and SRS virtual surround sound. Websites, videos, music, games and apps really rock on your HTC Desire HD.

Release Date is set by HTC Officially on the conference, HTC Desire HD will be Released Later on October (20-30/10/2010). Enjoy Photos Below!



See Full Desire HD Specifications




HTC Desire HD


HTC Desire HD


HTC Desire HD


HTC Desire HD



  • Capturing the moment

    Capturing the moment

    Until recently if you wanted quality images and video you had to carry both a camera and your phone. Not anymore. We’ve added HD video recording and an 8MP, dual flash camera with built-in effects (it’s like being able to swap lenses and add filters on the fly). And we’ve made it a snap to share to YouTube or to your big screen TV via DLNA.

  • Connected media for more viewing options

    Connected media for more viewing options

    Tired of moving stuff from one device to another just to share your photos, videos and music on a bigger screen? Stream them all from your phone to your home theater system via DLNA. Gather the family around - it’s show time!

  • Always have a good read on hand

    Always have a good read on hand

    You may forget to take along your book, but, no problem, you’ve got your HTC Desire HD and its built-in library of classics. As you flip through the books, you can easily look up tons of info about what you’re reading. Simply select the text and choose to search from Wikipedia, Google, YouTube or the dictionary. Want new books? Just download them!

  • See more of the web with Flash®

    See more of the web with Flash®

    What’s the point of only being able to see part of the web? With built-in Adobe® Flash® Player support on your HTC Desire HD, no websites are out-of-bounds. And why wait for pages to load when you can view them in separate windows? A pinch and a tap lets you jump from one page to the next.


HTC Dssire Z


HTC Announced the HTC DEsire HD today on London Conference Today with Froyo 2.2 Onboard and Has a super responsive touch screen that lets you surf the web with a mere touch or a dedicated keyboard for quickly shooting off texts or emails With the HTC Desire Z you get both. The 3.7 inch touch screen is perfect for browsing the web, checking your friends latest updates, or catching up on email. Ready to do some serious messaging? Pop open the keyboard  the keys are nicely spaced and raised for fast comfortable typing.

Release Date is set by HTC Officially on the conference, HTC Desire Z will be Released Later on October (20-30/10/2010). Enjoy Photos Below!



See Full Desire Z Specifications





HTC Desire z


Desire Z


Desire Z



HTC Desire HD


As we All know, HTC products are the ones we All wait for the most, and thats due a sound combination of several elements: design, materials and user interface. We All Love HTC Sense its the UI that Made people love the Windows Phones without it Windows Mobile 6 would not be that popular Nowadays. Today we shows you the Full photo coverage of the HTC Desire HD Latest Android Froyo phone from HTC from All sides front and Rear with the Aluminum Steel and the Scratch resistance glass to the Plastic Rubber on the back and the HQ Metal Power Button. the Only things that we blame HTC on is the Expensive Price and the Poor Battery life...Rather than its Devices Worth it!

HTC Rezound

Last Weekend, some of the Verizon's HTC Rezound users received an unannounced update OTA (Over the Air). There is no Change-log as Verizon didn't Officially reveal any info about this update.


rezound update

The update was about 103MB but the smartphone remains with its Android 4.0.3 ICS and Sense 3.6 and there wasn't any software upgrade too, but after the users who got the update investigated more they found out that this update allow them to activate Global Roaming capabilities on their devices. It is unclear whether or not the update went out to all Rezound users.





We had high expectations for HTC first dual-core smartphone, and the company delivered with the HTCSensation. A mixture of evolution and revolution, the family resemblance is clear: a 4.3-inch display like the Desire HD, only now running at qHD 960 x 540 resolution; a Snapdragon processor like the Desire S, only now Qualcomm new 1.2GHz dual-core MSM8260 processor; and HTC Sense, only v3.0 with a new intelligent lock-screen and HTC Watch for video rentals and downloads. All in all, the HTC Sensation is shaping up to be one of the smartphones to beat in 2011; check out our full unboxing and first-impressions after the cut.


In the box there is the usual sparse selection of accessories: a USB AC adapter, USB to microUSB cable and a wired stereo headset with in-line controls. We would like to have seen the MHL-to-HDMI adapter bundled too, like ATT sensibly did with the Infuse 4G, but thats still an optional accessory; you do get DLNA streaming support over WiFi b/g/n, though. HTC will offer a charging dock you can set the Sensation to automatically boot into Dock Mode, with weather and Facebook updates shown, and even optionally turn on the Mobile Hotspot functionality though right now its not on sale.



HTC Sensation unboxing hands-on:

Construction is solid, with a sheet of toughened glass up front that rises to a slight lip at the edges of the screen. That serves double purpose: keeping the display raised slightly off the table when placed face-down, and also giving some tactile feedback as to when your thumb is swiping toward the very edge. Responsiveness is good, and the whole thing is creak-free. Unlike the somewhat fiddly slide-off doors of recent HTC devices the Flyer was a particular chore to open up the Sensation pulls out of its rear chassis entirely, revealing the microSD slot and SIM slot.



Android and Sense moves swiftly on the dual-core chip; the jerkiness we spotted when pulling shortcut buttons down to the launcher ring on the Flyer lock screen is non-existent on the Sensation. The 3D animations on the homescreen are smooth and menus open without delay. Similarly, the browser renders even heavy pages quickly, and thanks to the qHD resolution you can read, say, SlashGear homepage articles without having to zoom in from the full page width view. Just to whet your appetite, we ran benchmarking tool Quadrant Advanced and the Sensation scored 2245 overall, with 5918 in the CPU category.


We will be putting the HTC Sensation through its paces over the next few days in time for the full SlashGear review, but for now lets just say this: the Samsung Galaxy S II has got some serious competition.


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One S T-mobile

The HTC One S is one of the thinnest and most stylish devices out there, and now T-Mobile has cut-down its price to $149.99 on a 2-year contract. This is a special and limited time offer, running out on August 21st, but it's interesting for more than what's on the surface.

US carriers have dropped prices on HTC's flagship models like the One X in the past couple of weeks, and now with the One S getting a price cut, we could theorize that this comes to prepare the soil for a new device by HTC.


Source (T-Mobile)




Information regarding an upcoming HTC Android smartphone has just leaked on the web. Known as the Runnymede, it is going to be the first phone born out of the HTC and Beats by Dr. Dre collaboration.

The specifications of Runnymede are as follows:

  • 4.7-inch, 800x480 display
  • 1.5GHz single-core Qualcomm MSM8255
  • 768MB RAM, 16GB internal storage
  • 8 megapixel rear camera with LED flash, backlit sensor, 28mm wide-angle lens and f/2.2 focal length
  • 720p video recording at 60fps
  • 1.3 megapixel front camera
  • DLNA
  • Less then 10mm thick
  • Android 2.3.4, Sense 3.5
  • Bundled Beats by Dr. Dre headphones


The specs of the device puts it a notch below the likes of the HTC Sensation and Galaxy S II. Only interesting bits are the massive 4.7-inch display, camera specs and the Beats Audio technology, along with the bundled headphones.


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HTC One X Deluxe

HTC just announced a special offer for their customers in Taiwan (which is their domestic Market), by selling a Limited Deluxe Edition of the HTC One X with Beats Solo High-Definition Headphones as a bundle. Currently this offer only available for Taiwan with no word from HTC if this limited Edition will reach other countries.

The package pre-order start on 20, March and its price is 25,000 TWD or $840. This works out as a great deal considering a standard HTC One X costs around $780 and Beats sell their Solo headphones for $180.

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HTC has just released the Official Android devices list that will be Updated to the Android ICS 4.0.3 with HTC Sense 3.6, as HTC sense 4.0 will be exclusively for HTC One series.

The following HTC devices are confirmed to get Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich:

  • DROID Incredible 2 by HTC
  • HTC Amaze 4G
  • HTC Desire S
  • HTC Desire HD
  • HTC EVO 3D
  • HTC EVO Design 4G
  • HTC Incredible S
  • HTC Sensation
  • HTC Sensation XL
  • HTC Sensation 4G
  • HTC Sensation XE
  • HTC Raider
  • HTC Rezound
  • HTC Rhyme
  • HTC Thunderbolt
  • HTC Vivid

HTC will begin Rolling-out the Updates for the all the Sensation Family in the Upcoming Weeks During This Month. Other devices will follow Very Soon and we will announce the date of each device very soon!

Official List

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HTC One S process


HTC really wants consumers to know that it is putting a lot of work into its new line of devices. HTC said that it would be focusing more on the quality of its devices and not releasing so many, and this video certainly shows off some pretty cool things that HTC is doing to make the body of its upcoming HTC One S.

HTC One S Specficiations

The process is called Micro Arc Oxidation, which is described in the video as being "almost like lightening striking the phone." Apparently, the way it works is that HTC starts with "aircraft 6000 grade aluminum" then hits it with 10,000 volts of electricity. That causes an oxidation process which forms a ceramic surface on the metal. The end result is a phone body that is 5 times stronger than aerospace aluminum and 3 times stronger than stainless steel.

Watch The Video Below!

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Now that the HTC Vivid is starting to see its promised Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update, which was promised to land in the coming weeks when the HTC One handsets were unveiled, The Update brings Android 4.0.3 latest ICS build along with HTC Sense 3.6 onboard not Sense 4.0.

HTC Vivid

HTC Sense 3.6 offers some of the enhancements and features of the Sense 4.0 user interface, but it is not quite as polished in the visual presentation department. Nevertheless, if it is just like the recent Android 4.0update for the Sensation, which we managed to get a preview of very recently, it should no doubt still keep handset owners very happy.

You can initiate the Update process by simply dialing *#*#682#*#* on your Vivid.

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Since the MWC 2012 and many HTC fans are waiting to get their Hands-on the HTC One X and One V, Well we have some Great News for UK Fans, According to both O2 and Phones4u the two devices will hit UK on 5,April. O2 took to Twitter to confirm that HTC new flagship handset, the One X, will be landing on their network on April 5th, although no tariffs have been confirmed yet.


Phones4u, meanwhile, will be stocking both handsets. They have thrown up pre-order pages for both the One X and One S. You will even be able to choose which color you want: the One X will be available in both black and white, while the One S has black and silver options. Both handsets will be available through Phones4u on O2, Vodafone, and Orange.

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HTC Titan II

The HTC Titan II LTE just got Official during the CES 2012. First and most importantly, the HTC Titan II features an AMAZING 16 MP camera which is the first time to see such a powerful camera on a windows phone device (Mango)... probably the best HTC camera phone out there!

HTC titan II

But the HTC Titan II camera is not the only thing making headlines in the Windows Phone world. The Titan II has the same 4.7-inch LCD as its predecessor, which is as large as it gets in WP land. The chipset inside this one is Qualcomm Snapdragon S2, featuring a 1.5GHz Scorpion CPU and there is LTE connectivity on-board. The Titan II will be exclusive for AT&T New LTE Network in the US.

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HTC Ville

The prevoiously-rumored HTC Ville with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich will be heading to T-Mobile. Upcoming announcements are expected for the HTC Ville, HTC Edge, and a new feature called HTC Family.

We have recently seen the HTC Ville in a leaked press image, which revealed an ultra-slim smartphone said to measure less than 8mm thin. It is expected to feature a 4.3-inch qHD display, running on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and powered by a 1.5GHz Qualcomm dual-core processor. HSPA+ connectivity, Beats Audio, and an 8-megapixel rear-facing camera capable of 1080p, are all expected to be in tow.

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Evo 3D


Last week, Sprint rolled out an update to its HTC EVO 3D handset but what many people did not know was the upgrade removed the controversial software Carrier IQ. Before this upgrade, The Now Network was reported to having somewhere north of 26 million devices carrying Carrier IQ, so this maintenance update shrinks that number down some.


Sprint has 15 other devices carrying the diagnostic analysis software and most people do not expect them to remove it from those handsets. Carrier IQ may have gotten a bad rep from all of the negative publicity its received over the last few months.



HTC Edge

HTC Start Sending Invitations to its next major event and it will take place on February 26. Look like HTC will announce its new smartphones the day before the MWC 2012 starts.


Perhaps HTC really has something special for the MWC this year. It may be the rumored Android ICS powered HTC Edge with a 720p screen and a quad-core CPU, it will be the first Quad-core Android phone for HTC.

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HTC Sense Concept


HTC has already said it plans to focus on quality not quantity with its 2012 range, but it seems the company has some significant software changes in the pipeline too with HTC Sense 4.0. The Android reskin initially offered a far more usable interface than the native OS, but Google successive iterations narrowed the gap and HTC failed to keep pace with its own services. Now, according to some preview playtime by Pocketnow, that is changing: gone is the unnecessary heft, replaced with a pared-down UI, better typography and improved apps such as email and DropBox integration.

HTC Sense 4.0

Some of the changes are said to address common complaints like landscape homescreen orientation support and putting notification menu access into the lockscreen. However there are also more fundamental improvements, such as 50GB of free DropBox space automatically granted when you first activate your phone, and treated as another "local" drive by apps.

HTC email app is apparently much improved, with a new Smart Sync option that learns from your usage patterns and shuts down push-email so as to save battery life and data. A Guest Mode can lock down usability to certain apps and block access to personal data, for when you hand your shiny HTC over to someone to play with.

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After the disappointing Q4 results, which saw a sharp drop in profit and revenue for HTC, the Taiwanese mobile device company is now looking to cut back on its smartphone portfolio this year, instead focusing on fewer devices. This is exactly what we argued HTC should be doing, though leaks from December already suggested that this change was coming.

In an interview with Mobile Today, HTC UK boss Phil Roberson said the following:

We have to get back to focusing on what made us great - amazing hardware and a great customer experience. We ended 2011 with far more products than we started out with. We tried to do too much.

So 2012 is about giving our customers something special. We need to make sure we do not go so far down the line that we segment our products by launching lots of different SKUs.

We had a fantastic year, with 65% growth year on year in the UK. But in Q4 we delivered a lot more products than in the past. Now we want to create more of a ‘hero' approach. We make great phones, but it is hard to do that when the portfolio is spread too much.


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HTC Velocity 4G

HTC released another Fast 4G smartphone that re-define Speed, The HTC Velocity 4G for Telstar.


In terms of specs, the HTC Velocity 4G comes with a dual-core 1.5GHz processor, Android 2.3.7 (Gingerbread) along with HTC Sense 3.5, 16GB internal storage, up to 32GB of expandable storage via microSD, 4.5-inch qHD screen (960×540), 8MP rear camera with dual LED flash, a 1620mAh battery, plus an unlocked bootloader.

Velocity 4G

Velocity 4G Full Specifications

The lack of Ice Cream Sandwich in the HTC Velocity 4G is a dealbreaker for me now that I have tasted Ice Cream Sandwich, I pout at the thought of going back to Gingerbread. Telstra said that they only received ICS from Google last week, so although the HTC Velocity 4G would be launching on Gingerbread, they expect to roll out ICS within "the next two months". I do not believe them for even a second that they will make that self-imposed deadline, but I can appreciate that they have a lot of testing to do, not only to ensure the best possible user experience, but also for legal reasons.

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HTC Ville

The HTC Ville rumored back at the end of November, it will supposedly be one of HTC upcoming devices expected at MWC alongside the HTC Edge.

The HTC Ville is allegedly featured in the video below. You can notice straight from the beginning that the phone is very slim, as the Ville is expected to be one of HTC slimmest phones, measuring less than eight millimeters in thickness.

HTC Ville

Moving on to the front of the device you can see not four, but three buttons on the bottom, as we learned would be the case for future HTC ICS phones alongside HTC Sense 4.0.






Video has been pulled down



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HTC Sensation

We have some good news for owners of the HTC Sensation smartphone. A press release has been published that says the HTC Sensation will get the official Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update soon. HTC does not give a specific date that the update will come, simply saying it will come out OTA soon. HTC also dropped information on a new version of the Sensation that is coming to the Netherlands.

The new version of the HTC Sensation will be identical hardware wise to the existing version and the difference will be that the new phone comes in an ice white color. That ice white color looks more like silver to me. The HTC press release says that the phone will land on March 1 in the Netherlands and will already be running Android 4.0 when it hits. There is no word on an official launch date in other countries.

White Sensation High-Res Photos

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A security related bug was discovered on certain HTC Android smartphones. This bug allowed any application that has access to the ACCESS_WIFI_STATE permission will let the application not only check on the status of your Wi-Fi but also have complete access to all your Wi-FI passwords.

The handsets that are reported to have this bug include the Desire HD, T-Mobile myTouch 4G, Desire S, Sensation, EVO 3D, DROID Incredible, and the Thunderbolt 4G. However, HTC is now reporting that the problem has already been solved on certain devices, although which ones exactly was not mentioned. It also said that the rest of the devices will require the update to be manually applied. The update is not yet available but HTC is requesting users to visit their website again next week for the update.

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Despite profitable Q2,2011 and Q3,2011 results, HTC, the Taiwanese company has taken a hit in its sales in the Q4,2011. As a result, the revenue plummeted 25.33 percent QoQ, and just 2.49 percent year-over-year to $3.44 billion (NT$101.42bn).


Profits have also taken a toll falling 12 percent year-over-year to $933 million (NT$27.5bn). On the upside, though, HTC have stepped up their game compared to 2010 and for the whole 2011 the revenue was $15.73 billion (NT$465.79bn), which is 67% up year-over-year.

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HTC Ville

More HTC Ville live photos leaked, again, The Android smartphone is expected to be unveiled by HTC at their press conference on February,26 and slide beneath the Edge in the company chain of command.

HTC Ville

The HTC Ville will reportedly be the slimmest HTC smartphone to this day, having a profile of just 8.9mm. Previously we heard that the Ville will measure just 8mm, but 8.9mm sounds quite great too, especially for a mid-range device. To achieve this, the Taiwanese used a qHD AMOLED panel, which is supposed to have a diagonal of 4.3-inch.

HTC Ville

A 1.5 GHz dual-core CPU will be keeping things going under the hood, while Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and Sense 4.0 will provide the eye-candy at the front.

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HTC already announced devices a second round is ready to be unveiled after the first one for the HTC Sensations and Evo 3D line.

A reliable internal source received information about an April release of Android 4.0 with HTC Sense 3.5 for the HTC Desire S, Desire HD and Incredible S. The three devices will receive the new firmware on different days during the month, and will follow the upgrades of the Sensation family (February) and the EVO 3D.

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HTC Primo

The HTC Primo will be targeted as a mid-range Android smartphone running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. However, it seems that HTC will be moving to make its premium audio experience with Beats Audio Integration, more widely available and the mid-range Primo will be bundled with Beats Audio.

The latest image of the HTC Primo depicts a device with a 3.7-inch screen without any Android navigation keys. Using onscreen navigation keys instead. The device will feature Gorilla Glass but it is unclear if this will be the new Gorilla Glass 2 screens that were introduced at CES 2012. The phone will have a dual-core 1.0 GHz Snapdragon CPU, 512 MB RAM, and rear-facing 5-megapixel camera with 720p HD video capture.

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Sensation XE White [Click to Enlarge]

The HTC Sensation already got a white version, Now its the Sensation XE turn to get a white version too. Good News that is Clove.co.uk is bringing it to the UK.

The HTC Sensation XE white is an Upgraded version of the Sensation and also the first phone to pack Beats audio and the iBeats headset. The iBeats headset alone costs a cool £54, so getting it in-the-box is good deal for sure.

Clove UK will sell the white HTC Sensation XE for £408 and you can pre-order it right now. The first units are expected to be in stock in the week which starts on February,20.

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Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich release is slowly coming out to devices around the world. Today, HTC has Officially announced to get the upgrade on more of its phones.

HTC Post

click to see the original post

According to a message posted on HTC UK Facebook page (Photo above), the HTC Incredible S, HTC Desire S and HTC Desire HD are now officially confirmed to be in line for Android 4.0 upgrades.

HTC says the devices will receive the software "later this year" along with the previously announced HTC Rezound, HTC Vivid, HTC Amaze 4G, HTC EVO 3D, and HTC EVO Design 4G and HTC Inspire 4G the AT&T version of the Desire HD.

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HTC just gave us some welcome extra information on the planned Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich updates for their smartphone portfolio.

The wait is almost over for the owners of the original Sensation, the Sensation XE and the Sensation XL. The Sensation and Sensation XE will get the ICS treatment by the end of March, while the XL update will follow shortly after.

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Some Photos leaked today of an unannounced HTC Android Device. However, The Device looks much like the Incredible 2, so it may be called the Incredible 3, This device has LTE-support and its heading to Verizon with ICS and Dual-core processor on board.


The device has a 1.2GHz Dual-core processor, 1GB RAM, an 8MP Camera and a VGA front one. It has an AMOLED display instead of the HTC traditional S-LCD, LTE Support, Android 4.0.1 Ice Cream Sandwich and features the latest HTC Sense UI 4.0. We can Expect an Announcement for this device during the MWC.

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HTC Endeavour

As Nvidia promised us, we will see some Tegra 3 Quad-core Smartphones for the first time on the MWC, HTC Endeavour has just been leaked to be the Upcoming ICS Quad-core Beats Smartphone from HTC that will be announced on the MWC 2012 event.

The HOT specs (unconfirmed yet) of the HTC Endeavour is Quad-core Tegra 3 chip clocked at 1.5GHz powering a 4.7-inch 720p HD display, an 8MP camera complete with an f/2.2 lens and 1080p video capture capability, 1GB Ram, 32GB Internal with a microSD slot offering expansion of another 32GB (64GB), Beats Audio, LTE-support, Quad-band support, 21Mbps HSDPA speed all on the Big tasty Android ICS 4.0.3 with HTC Sense UI 4.0 overlay.

The move to Nvidia is a definite shift for HTC, which has been joined at the hip with Qualcomm almost exclusively in recent years.

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HTC Sense 4.0

HTC Endeavor ROM was leaked yesterday and the XDA forum members took some screenshots of the Upcoming Gorgeous-looking HTC Sense 4.0 UI, The HTC sense 4.0 was set to be the HTC overlay for all its upcoming ICS phones and it has many improvements and UI enhancements from the old Sense 3.5.

HTC Sense 4.0 is lots of New skins and wallpapers along with some icons changes, Notification bar changes, New Calender, New Contacts app, New Music app. Also the New HTC Sense 4.0 support Landscape Mode almost Everywhere on the phone (lock-screen, menu, setting, home-screen, apps, browser, music... etc)

Enjoy Screenshots Below!

HTC Sense 4.0


HTC Sense 4.0


HTC Sense 4.0


HTC Sense 4.0


HTC Sense 4.0


HTC Endeavor

HTC Endeavor ROM was leaked today with HTC Sense 4.0 UI, Along with diagrams of the upcoming smartphone along with hints of an "HTC Speak" potential Siri-rival being dragged from the leaked ROM. Curiously, although the graphics used in the ROM as part of the SIM-insertion sequence show the angular Android device leaked last week. Meanwhile, Members who is digging on this ROM has apparently un-revealed a movie editing app and not the regular Google one along with HTC Speak, a voice command system.

HTC Endeavor

Unfortunately, right now there is little more than naming information for the new HTC apps. It is unclear whether HTC has followed in Apple footsteps and created or licensed a true Siri-style digital personal assistant, or whether it is the more mundane voice-dictation and shortcut system we have seen on other Android devices.



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Update: HTC changes the Name fron Endevour to One X

"HTC ONE X" the Upcoming Flagship of HTC this year, will be showed on the MWC later this Month. We also got a Confirmation on the device Specifications from our sources (and also from a HTC Hub) from the official leaked ROM and diagrams of the device.

HTC Endeavor

After Gathering the Confirmed and unConfirmed Specs... Here is a full list of what this Monster will have onboard:

  • 4.7-inch HD Display 1280x720p
  • Quad-core Tegra 3 Proccessor
  • Beats Audio
  • 1GB Ram
  • Android ICS latest build 4.0.3
  • HTC Sense 4.0
  • 8MP Camera with HDR
  • 1.3 Front-facing camera
  • NFC Support
  • LTE Support (Not-Confirmed)
  • 32GB Internal Storage (Not-Confirmed)
  • HTC Speak personal command system (Not-Confirmed)
  • GPS with HTC Navigation, HTC Locations
  • Wifi 802.11 a/b/n
  • Bluetoosh 4.0


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HTC Upcoming Quad-core device which was leaked a while ago, just Got a New Name AGAIN. From the Edge, to the Endeavor and finally to the HTC OneX . The HTC One X is expected to start the trend for a new naming convention used by HTC in 2012 and we already got the confirmed list of the specifications for this device.

HTC has already reserved the Danish URL htc-one-x.dk . Not only that, HTC themselves clearly planned for the idea of naming a device long time ago as such, as they trademarked the name in Europe last year.

The HTC Onex will make its official debut at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona later this month and alongside its quad-core form, we are hoping to get a look at another long-standing device rumored to be coming out of HTC.

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HTC has announced on its Google+ page that it has added more devices to the bootloader unlocking tool on the developers website HTCdev.

The newly added devices include the HTC Hero, Legend, Droid Eris, myTouch 3G, and myTouch 4G. If you own one of these devices you can go ahead and unlock your phone to get unofficial tweaked HTC ROMs.

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HTC Sensation

We are already aware that HTC official roll-out for ICS for all new HTC Devices should be coming by Mid-March. However, those who have an HTC Sensation or Sensation XE variant and located in Europe will be able to taste this upgrade ahead of the pack.

This would probably upset HTC users located in the US and other regions. For those of you lucky enough to fit both of these criteria (Having s Sensation and located on Europe), that means you get the ICS Upgrade sooner than most other users. probably you will get it this Month!

Unfortunately, HTC did not yet disclosed any further information concerning how or who will gain access to this exclusive club.

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HTC Has just Released an Official Statement about it ICS Update plans for North America users, HTC posted on its Facebook page:

We have more good news related to Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, and can confirm that upgrades are planned for Verizon Wireless customers with the HTC Rhyme, HTC Thunderbolt, and DROID Incredible 2 by HTC, as well as the already announced HTC Rezound.

In addition, the HTC Raider is on the list to receive ICS for customers of Rogers and Bell in Canada. Stay tuned for more news on Ice Cream Sandwich releases in the coming weeks.

HTC Also promised that more News about other devices to get the ICS is coming soon, So this not the Full list yet.

Check the Official Announcment

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Three days before the HTC MWC 2012 press conference the curtain was lifted a little bit higher and we got to learn a bit more about their upcoming Android smartphones. HTC is expected to unveil 3 New Smartphones HTC One X, HTC One V and HTC One S along with a tablet Named HTC One XL.

Aside from launching the HTC One X and HTC One S at the Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona at the end of the month, Pocket-lint can confirm that the company will be launching the HTC One V as well.

Sources suggest that HTC One V will run Google Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, offer a 3.7-inch screen and be powered by a 1GHz processor with 1GB of RAM. Clearly, HTC is aiming for the mid-tier with this one rather than see it as a flagship model. A 5-megapixel camera with 720p HD recording completes the package.

HTC One X Mock-up

Sources also confirm that the company will be launching the previously-rumored HTC One X and the HTC One S at MWC.

Also, We have some unconfirmed info about a Quad-core HTC Tablet with Nvidia Tegra 3 chipset named HTC One XL probably 9-10.1-inches screen and have an HD Display, No further info available.

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HTC upcoming One S mid-range device has just got some early Hands-on Photos, before its announcement tomorrow at the MWC 2012.


The One S is going to be positioned under the quad-core One X, and bound to pack a serious punch for a mid-range device. The smartphone is expected to feature a dual-core CPU, 4.3-inch AMOLED display, 8MP camera, Beats Audio, and Android 4.0 ICS with Sense 4.0.


As you can also see from the photos above, the HTC One S is seriously slimmer than the Sensation a welcome change from the current HTC offerings.

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The MWC 2012 is about to start tomorrow (sunday) with HTC first announcement for this year, the whol linup will be ready tomorrow for all HTC fans. However, Today we have images and details of one of the most awaited HTC devices the HTC Onex.


We have already seen a bit about this bad boy this morning, as well as a couple of days ago. But this time around we have a flurry of pictures accompanied by a full screenshot of the specifications.


HTC OneSpecs include a 1.5GHz quad-core Tegra 3 processor, 1 GB of RAM, a 4.7-inch 720p display and 32 GB of internal storage. For the rest of the details, check out the specs sheet above!

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The HTC One X is the HTC flagship everybody was holding their breath for. The phone mark a new direction for HTC towards less quantity and more quality, and they certainly mean it. Also HTC made the 4G version with Name HTC One XL for AT&T with the same specs but with 4G (LTE) support.

The One X packs the NVIDIA Tegra 3 SoC with 4-PLUS-1 processors on board and 1GB of RAM. It also running Android 4.0 ICS and the popular HTC Sense 4.0 UI on top. And it looks stunning.


Speaking of Android 4.0 and Sense 4.0, they look magnificent on the One X non-pentile Super LCD 2 display. Colors are vivid and the overall brightness is good on the massive 4.7-inch 720p HD display.

One XL Black

The display of the One X is covered in 3D Gorilla Glass, which is another way of saying the screen glass is tapered on the edges as on the Nokia N9 and Lumia 800. The whole body of the phone is one piece of polycarbonate plastic, just like the N9.



HTC One X Official Specifications


HTC One XL Official Specifications

Undoubtedly, the 8MP camera at the back is one of the headlines. It shoots 1080p full HD video and has what HTC call the "Double Shutter", meaning the One X can snap stills while shooting videos without interrupting the video capture. The f/2.0 lens aperture and the BSI sensor should fix the problems plaguing HTC cameras of old.

Watch The Video Below!

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HTC with Beats Audio

HTC is opening up the Beats Audio tech in its Android devices to 3rd developers, among other exclusive features, in its ongoing attempt to court more coders onboard.

The new Beats Audio API is part of the latest update to the HTC OpenSense SDK, and will be joined by an HTC MediaLink HD API for streaming video to the new wireless HDMI dongle.

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Sensation White


This Month, HTC plans to update the Sensation family XE/XL/White, HTC will deliver the latest Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3 with HTC Sense 3.6 ( Screenshots below ) to all Sensation family devices instead of HTC sense 4.0 as it will remain exclusive to the HTC One Family.

Sense 3.6

This is disappointing news for Sensation owners, though Sense 3.6 at least offers some of the same features as 4.0. HTC has confirmed that not all of its phones will be seeing Sense 4.0, but it remains committed to bring "as many of the enhancements as possible" to its phones. HTC comment on this :

"HTC Sense brings a variety of new software enhancements to HTC One, some of which utilize the latest hardware innovations, meaning not all functionality can be introduced to older HTC Devices. With that said, we are looking to bring a Sense 4 software update that includes as many of the enhancements as possible to a variety of our new devices."

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Reports from the XDA Forums confirms that HTC is rolling-out the ICS 4.0.3 Update OTA to HTC Sensation XE with HTC Sense 3.6.


So far, we have received confirmation of the Android ICS 4.0.3 update being seeded to Sensation XE units in Germany and the Nordic countries, but we expect the rest of Europe to follow soon. Global availability is seems to be very soon.


You can check if the update is available for your region under Software Updates in the Settings menu. Keep in mind that the update requires a download of a file nearly 300MB in size, so you better use a Wi-Fi connection for the update.

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The Verizon-branded HTC Rezound was among the first Android smartphones to come with a 720p HD screen, but up until now that screen showed the somewhat dated Android 2.3 Gingerbread. This finally starts changing today as HTC and Verizon are rolling out the long-awaited update to 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Here the Update Change-log :

  • Launch Bar to drag apps, shortcuts, and folders on home screen.
  • Swipe away specific notifications or access notification drawer from lock screen.
  • Face Unlock.
  • Data monitoring warnings and caps.
  • Swipe to multitask and switch between apps.
  • Improved voice input for speech to text.
  • Enabled Wireless Alerting system.
  • Improved Mobile Hotspot feature.


Source (PDF)


Htc ONe X

Today, AT&T HTC One X is getting a new software update to Android 4.0.4 ICS, Carrying Firmware version 2.20.502.7. This long-waited Update fix the Menu bug of the HTC One X and remove the black menu buttons on non-ICS Apps and change the behavior of the Recent Apps key on the phone.

One X 4.0.4

HTC One X and the One S has an annoying problem, due to the lack of a hardware menu button, the OS would display a soft menu key at the bottom of the screen in apps that have not been optimized for the Holo theme.


On the Galaxy Nexus this was not a big issue as there were already three keys down there but the One X has none on the display itself and this the menu key would be the only one there, taking up precious display real estate.

One X Hard shell

HTC One X has just got a very cool accessory from HTC, The HTC One X Clear Hard Shell with White Flip. This Hard shell protect the Back of the device and the front screen too from any damage or scratch, even if it's a Gorilla Glass 2.

HTC Hard Shell

The Clear Hard Shell also clean the screen with a carbon fiber attached inside. You can buy it HERE for your One X.

HTC One X+

The HTC One X+ or the HTC PM63100 has surfaced on graphical benchmark NenaMark and it looks very, very powerful. The yet unannounced device appeasr with a Quad-core 1.7GHz Nvidia Tegra 3 processor (which could turn out to be the Tegra 3+), an 1280×720-pixel HD screen and the latest of Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean.


HTC One X+

Another codename for the device is HTC Evitaire and it's rumored to arrive on AT&T, just like the HTC One X.




AT&T HTC One X at the TOP

click to show bigger

Back in the MWC 2012, When announced the ATT HTC One X, quite a few people were left wondering whether its Dual-core Snapdragon S4 chipset with two CPU cores will match the performance of the quad-core Tegra 3 of the international version.


click to show bigger

Well, it looks like there is no need to worry over the performance of the US bound handset. A couple of leaked benchmarks from the device, leaked by an alleged AT&T device tester, point at a seriously capable piece of hardware coming our way.

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HTC is informing users of HTCSense.com that the site will soon be undergoing renovation. Shockingly, HTC will not be retaining user data and after April 30, 2012 all the user uploaded data will be deleted. To prevent loss of data, HTC has provided instructions on its site on how you can download it while there is still time.

HTC logo

Download your .zip file by following these steps:

- Visit https://htcsense.com

- Log in with your HTCSense.com username and password

- Click the 'Download' button in the Account Overview section

- A .zip file containing your data will download to your computer for easy viewing


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HTC One Series (X, S, V) is just about to hit the shelves worldwide this Month. The HTC One X and One S High-End flagship devices and the HTC One V mid-range will be available across Europe and in some parts of Asia starting Monday 2,April and hitting Middle-east on 7,April.

The off-contract prices starts from €599 for the One X, €499 for the One S and €299 for the One V.

We also got the Unboxing Videos of the whole HTC One series One X, One V & One S... Check them out below!

Watch The Video Below!


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HTC One X Benchmark

click to enlarge the photo

HTC One X International version has just got benchmarked! With its Quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 CPU, GeForce ULP GPU and a 1GB of RAM the HTC One X got an amazing scrore on the AnTuTu Benchmark, its Total score = 10,600.


The SD write speed is 24.1 MB/s and read speed is 35.2 MB/s which is vgood enough to make the music, photos, gallery and apps responsive while using the phone. However, the HTC One X doesn't support SD Card but this test indicate the speed of the internal Mass Storage Memory which is 32GB (28 GB available for the User). We are impressed by this score!






It is true that the HTC One X is a beast handset, but can it handle a Stress test ?






To test how strong the device is, a real working HTC One X device was put into a dryer for one hour. According to HTC, the polycarbonate unibody is so strong and tough that a case is not required. And thanks to the use of Gorilla Glass 2, the screen also can handle any any tough crash/drop without even a scratch on it. See the Video below!

Watch The Video Below!


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In 2012, Until NOW, There is no line-up phones has been introduced that can even compare to what HTC has created. The phones are brilliant to look at, include the best cameras in the mobile world, and are apparently a product of you.

That is right, in their latest promo for the One series, HTC wants you to know that they listen and have learned from each and every one of you. Watch the Ad Below.

Watch The Video Below!

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HTC One X & S

Today T-Mobile UK announced that it will be joining O2 in offering the HTC New One X and One S, starting from April 5th. The two smartphones are officially on sale from this morning and we already got a chance to play with the One X, but we are still a few days away from getting carrier-subsidized versions.

HTC One X & One S

T-Mobile UK will be offering the HTC One X for free on a £41 per month, 24-month plan, while the HTC One S will be free on a £36 per month, 24 month plan. The carrier allows you to register your interest in the handsets, but strangely enough is not taking pre-orders for either just yet.

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HTC Evo One



HTC EVO One is the One X eddition for Sprint, The high-end device leaked just a few hours ahead of its official announcement that will be today at 5:30PM EST.



HTC Evo One


Some highlights of the new Sprint-branded One, which will most likely be called the HTC EVO One, are a kickstand for keeping your device vertical in landscape mode, a 4.7-inch screen running at 720p, 8MP rear-facing and 1.3MP front-facing cameras, Android 4.0.3, Beats Audio, as well as what is most likely dedicated camera button.



HTC Evo One



More Details Coming!

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HTC Evo 3D Prototype


An official "Making of" video from HTC that details the company efforts to create the newly announced HTC Evo 4G LTE. The Interesting part is that while we were watching the video for a brief moment, it shows off a prototype that appears to have the same dual-camera and dual-LED flash layout that is featured on the old Evo 3D.

Obviously the company has not announced anything about a 3D Device, and this could just be a lonely smartphone prototype shell that will stay forever in HTC's labs. Could this be the HTC Evo 3D 4G LTE-version with a 3D-SLCD HD Display and Dual 8MP Camera ? We hope so but if it is the new Evo 3D, It won't be releasing soon. Watch the Video below to see the device we are talking about.

Watch The Video Below!

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HTC Beats Audio


Planning to buy an HTC smartphone ? Do Not expect HTC to pack a Beats headphones or earbuds with the Evo 4G LTE, One Series or any of its smartphones for the time being.


HTC with Beats



HTC is shelving the idea. One lesson the company learned from last year Sensation XL and the Rezound, that customers do not really choose smartphones based on the headphones even headphones with a brand as recognizable as Beats.



"An accessory like the headphone doesn't factor in when someone is buying a smartphone. If they want a Beats headphone, they'll buy it directly." Martin Fichter, HTC Product executive



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Sensation ICS Sense 3.6 Update

Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3 update is already available for the HTC Sensation and Sensation XE smartphones. The new ROM is about 300MB in size and we suggest doing a backup before applying it.



ICS has been available in Germany and the Nordic region since March, while Malaysian users also got the update two weeks ago.

Since the beginning of April users from the UK, France and the Netherlands have reported getting the ICS update. We assume that more countries will be joining this list in the upcoming days. We can also confirm Sensations in Pakistan are being updated as well, so the update rollout should continue in Asia as well.



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The business of selling imported smartphones is pretty hot right now, as the US carriers are more stringent in their testing and approval phases, so the newest gadgets from Samsung and HTC, for example, come later here than in the rest of the world.



HTC One X Specifications



Daily Steals have a 1day-only offer on the unlocked HTC One X with a quad-core Tegra 3 processor for $629.99. Shipping and handling will set you back another five bucks, but the end $635 price is a pretty good offer for what is probably the hottest Android handset on the market right now, if you cannot wait until the dual-core One X version lands on AT&T.




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There is some word making the rounds that particular HTC One X and HTC One S units are having problems with Wi-Fi connectivity. Apparently, when the flawed units go idle, the Wi-Fi connection is broken and will not reconnect when the phone wakes up from its sleep. HTC does have a software fix coming as firmware version 1.28 for the HTC One X does not have the same problem with Wi-Fi.




Until the fix is disseminated, there is a way that you can work around the bug by manually assigning an IP address on your Wi-Fi network. By doing this instead of using Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), you will be able to keep your Wi-Fi connection running even when the phone awakens from a beauty sleep.



How to Fix it ?


  • First, go to Settings > Wifi and tell your phone to disconnect from your network if you're already connected to it.
  • Select your network once again from the list, and enter your password as usual.
  • Tick "Show advanced options" and some extra options will appear. Select "IP settings" and choose "Static" instead of "DHCP."
  • IP Address: The IP address you want to assign to your phone. This should normally be taken from the pool of IPs available for devices to claim via DHCP (check your router's admin page if in doubt). Usually something on the same subnet as your router will do. For example, if your router is, then to should be good.
  • Gateway: The IP address of your router, usually, or
  • Network prefix length: This is a different way of specifying your network's subnet mask (check a conversion table here). For most, the default "24" will work just fine.
  • DNS1/DNS2: Your ISP's primary and secondary DNS servers. If you're not sure, you can always use Google's public DNS service by entering and, as we've done in our screenshots above.
  • Click "Connect" and you should be good to go!





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UPDATE! 18,April


1.28 Firmware


HTC One X Firmware 1.28 is Now Available worldwide addressing Wifi bug and battery life Improvements, Middle-East region also got Arabic Support along with the Update too.



The HTC One X has a power management problem according to some developers over the XDA forum who are wooing on creating custom ROMs. The problem is that an NVIDIA power control app known as "NvCPLSvc.apk" was misplaced in the /system/bin folder, rather than its proper location in /system/app.



The Developer "mike 1986" posted an unofficial fix that puts the APK in the proper location. The problem involves Tegra 3 power management controls and is obviously only on the international variant of the model, which comes equipped with the quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor under the hood.


The incorrect APK placement is costing the HTC One X user 10% to 20% of his battery life. The fix that was posted on the Xda forum claimed to recapture that missing battery life. If you want to try the fix on your One X head to the source link below. We suggest to wait until the One X Firmware 1.28 release, as it will address all battery issues, including this bug too.



The HTC design team shed some light on the company future plans during an event in Seattle. Unfortunately the news is not good for the texting addicts HTC is done with the hardware QWERTYs for good.

Even though HTC has created some of the best QWERTY smartphones through the years, nowadays those gadgets are almost extinct. It seems HTC is not happy with their market performance, so it has decided to drop them from its plans.



HTC Source codes

HTC has just released the source code for 6 different devices and multiple variants of each, which adds up to 18 different kernel drops.

The devices included are the Sensation, Sensation XE, Vivid, myTouch 4G Slide, Desire HD, and even the HTC One V which has not even been released in many regions yet. The source code for most of the devices has Ice Cream Sandwich kernels, but the myTouch 4G Slide and Desire HD are Gingerbread kernels.





The HTC One S for T-Mobile will be released on April 25, officially announced the carrier today in a press release. Getting your hands on one will cost you $199 after a $50 mail-in rebate and requires your signature under a 2-year service agreement.



The smartphone will be available in select T-Mobile retail stores across the nation, as well as at the carrier's online store. In case you forgot the HTC One S specs check the link below for the full Specifications of the device.




HTC ONE S Specifications




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HTC Sensation ICS

HTC promised with an ICS update to all sensation users. Today, HTC have started the official update rollout for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and Sense UI 3.6 for the Sensation and Sensation XE in Middle-East and Egypt.

The update will bring you to Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich and a new smoother UI HTC sense 3.6 which is the lite version of HTC sense 4.0, along with a tons of enhancements and new features. The update isn't a requirement, but is highly recommended by us, and HTC of course.



After the first OTA update to firmware version 1.28 a week ago, The unlocked international version of the HTC One X is now receiving its second software update. FW Version 1.29.401.7 is being pushed out today to users in the UK. Currently there is no detailed change-log available yet.


HTC One X users at XDA forums speculate that this 35MB firmware update addresses some color temperature issues, the Wifi Bug and typical bug fixes.



HTC rezound alresy got an ICS RC-1 back in March, This new leak is version 3.13.605.7 RC-2 (the one from March was 3.11.605.22) and also includes a new radio baseband. Keep in mind that this is still not official but a BETA testing ROM before the actual release , so there is always the possibility that it may still contain bugs and damage your phone. But those of you who are feeling adventurous can give it a try.


HTC Rezound update


  • Facebook force close when you tap a video album
  • Roaming charges when in Canada & Mexico
  • Resets
  • "Android updating" message on power up
  • Camera not launching
  • Hotspot turning off after 10 minutes
  • Exchange mail account removed after FOTA
  • Car dock limiting charging current
  • "Set Current Date" popping up frequently
  • BUA+ (multiple issues)
  • Flash player removed
  • OTA over incorrect APN
  • OTA SW update time
  • Camera dark when using Facelock
  • Text field difficult to read



bootloader unlock

Some AT&T HTC One X users who got their hands-on the device early, Noticed that the bootloader on the AT&T version of the HTC One X was locked and that HTC's online tool (htcdev.com) for unlocking it didn't work. The verge reached HTC for a statement

HTC Statement regarding this Matter:

"HTC is committed to listening to users and delivering customer satisfaction. Since announcing our commitment to unlockable bootloaders, HTC has worked to enable our customers to unlock the bootloader on more than 45 devices over the past six months. In some cases, however, restrictions prevent certain devices from participating in our bootloader unlocking program. Rest assured, HTC is committed to assisting developers in unlocking bootloaders for HTC devices and we'll continue to unlock additional devices in the future."



It seems pretty clear that AT&T is behind this "restrictions", The Carrier doesn't want its users to unlock their devices as HTC already released the bootloader unlocking tool for the International One X. For now there won't be any Official unlocking tool for the One X but users can search the developers forums for an unofficial solution.

HTC Verizon


Like every year, HTC and Verizon unveiled their newest DROID-branded smartphone today (Monday 7,May) and called it "DROID Incredible 4G LTE". The Device will launch in the coming weeks, the newest addition to the Incredible franchise features a 4-inch qHD Super LCD display, a 1.2GHz Dual-core Snapdragon processor, an 8-megapixel camera, Beats Audio and Sense 4 atop Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.


Droid Logo


DROID Incredible 4G LTE Specifications

The device is on Verizon's website and Priced $299.99 on contract.




The HTC EVO 4G LTE release date is now official. Sprint just announced that the smartphone will be available for purchase starting May,18. Of course, those of you who will pay $200 to pre-ordering a unit should expect receiving it in the same day.


HTC Evo 4G LTE Specifications




Some HTC One X users are suffering from an SMS Message notifications bug, This bug prevents the status bar from showing that a message has been received and also does not allow a badge to show up on the messaging icon on the home screen to alert the phone's user to a message, it forces users to open their messaging app if they want to read or reply to the message.

The AT&T version of the One X is also affected, HTC is aware of the problem and is said to be working on a fix. This update is Expected to roll-out ASAP.



HTC Desire C


HTC Desire C press photos leaked today from Vodafone Portugal, showing a low-end phone with latest HTC Sense 4.0 and beats Audio integration.

Leaked specs and photos are the bread and butter of this job, so we are more than happy to introduce you to the HTC Desire C.


HTC Desire C 3.5G


Desire C Confirmed Specifications


The HTC Desire C has a 3.5-inch screen with 320x480 resolution and runs on a 600MHz processor. Connectivity-wise it's 3.5G which means it's a HSDPA. The handset also has 4GB of internal memory and a 5MP camera. But most importantly, this low-spec'd device will run Android Ice Cream Sandwich.