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Three days before the HTC MWC 2012 press conference the curtain was lifted a little bit higher and we got to learn a bit more about their upcoming Android smartphones. HTC is expected to unveil 3 New Smartphones HTC One X, HTC One V and HTC One S along with a tablet Named HTC One XL.

Aside from launching the HTC One X and HTC One S at the Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona at the end of the month, Pocket-lint can confirm that the company will be launching the HTC One V as well.

Sources suggest that HTC One V will run Google Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, offer a 3.7-inch screen and be powered by a 1GHz processor with 1GB of RAM. Clearly, HTC is aiming for the mid-tier with this one rather than see it as a flagship model. A 5-megapixel camera with 720p HD recording completes the package.

HTC One X Mock-up

Sources also confirm that the company will be launching the previously-rumored HTC One X and the HTC One S at MWC.

Also, We have some unconfirmed info about a Quad-core HTC Tablet with Nvidia Tegra 3 chipset named HTC One XL probably 9-10.1-inches screen and have an HD Display, No further info available.

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ZTE PF2000

It seems ZTE just could not wait for MWC to announce two of its upcoming Android smartphone. Both of these new phones will be running on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich out of the box.

The first one is the PF200, which will be a high-end model. It has a 4.3-inch display with 960 x 540 resolution, 1.2GHz processor, 8 megapixel rear camera with a 1080p front facing video camera, LTE, DLNA, MHL and NFC connectivity.

ZTE N910

The second one is the N910, which should be a mid-range model and will work on CDMA networks. It will have a 800 x 480 resolution display of unknown size, 1.5GHz processor (likely to be single-core), 5 megapixel camera with autofocus and flash, 1080p front facing video camera, LTE, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and DLNA connectivity.

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Galaxy Note 10.1

Samsung Officially announced the Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet, which features an S Pen. It also features a dual-core CPU, clocked at 1.4GHz, HSPA+ connectivity and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Galaxy Note 10.1

The Galaxy Note 10.1 also packs some quite interesting software tricks. One of them is multi-screen functionality. It enables you to watch videos or browse the web, while sketching out notes with the S Pen. The 10.1" screen is certainly helpful here. The said feaure also makes the tablet a seriously useful educational tool.

Galaxy Note 10.1

S Pen functionality has gone even further in the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. The slate features S Note an app which enables you to combine notes and sketches together with web content and other digital media. The app also integrates search engines seamlessly, thus allowing you to drag and drop content without switching screens.

Galaxy Note 10.1 Full Specifications

The Galaxy Note 10.1 will come preloaded with Adobe Photoshop Touch and Ideas apps. Both applications integrate the S Pen completely, therefore allowing you to let your creativity go wild.

Watch The Video Below!

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Tegra 3

What Makes the Nvidia Tegra 3 processor unique and more advanced than others Quad-core Architectures out there ? It features a fifth companion-core.

The job of this core is to handle all the usual menial tasks while the four performance cores rest, to be called upon only when there is a need for significant graphical power, such as in 3D games. This results in amazing battery life because the companion core consumes very little power compared to the four performance cores.

Nvidia Tegra 3 Architecture

This kind of architecture is called as variable symmetric architecture (or vSMP). But as you can image that is not something that would look at home on a box or a store sign, which is why Nvidia kept calling it things like having a companion core or ninja core.

Nvidia Tegra 3 specs

Nvidia have finally come up with a proper name for it and they have trademarked it too. And that name is 4-PLUS-1.

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Fujitsu promised to reveal a smartphone flagship for Mobile World Congress next week, There is reportedly a 4.6-inch Tegra 3 Quad-core Android Device waiting. The new Fujitsu will run Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on this Nvidia processor, as well as a Good 13.1MP camera.

The unnamed Fujitsu flagship will also have biometric security, with a fingerprint scanner to prevent unofficial access to the handset and it is a useful addition to the Android 4.0 Face Unlock system.

Also, It is good to mention that this phone will be waterproof and dustproof, following the example of many Japanese handsets by offering a greater degree of ruggedness than most smartphones deliver


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This Sunday 26,Feb at the MWC2012 in Barcelona, HTC will hold their press conference and unveil their full lineup of 2012 devices. Today, HTC posted a Tease phone-shaped photo (Picture above) with the number "5" written on it and a message that says:


"This Sunday you will discover something fast." HTC.

We think the number "5" on the photo could be the 5 days left for the event to start. We also Expect HTC to unveil the HTC One X with Quad-core CPU and ICS.

HTC says the show will begin at 8:30 PM Barcelona time, which is 11 AM PST / 2 PM EST in the United States.

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ZTE plans to introduce 8 new devices at the MWC 2012, YES, 8 New Smartphones mixed between Android and Windows Phone smartphones, LTE and a Quad-core Flagship too.


ZTE Smartphones Specs

The new mobiles will be unveiled Monday, February 27. They did not give out much detail about the upcoming announcements , but they threw around phrases like "quad-core flagship handset" and "LTE-Advanced", which do pique our interest.

They have already announced the ZTE Mimosa X, which had the distinction of being the first smartphone to use chips by NVIDIA exclusively. Also out in the open are two ICS-running droids.

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