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Microsoft Surface


Microsoft Surface tablet has just been Officially announced, but Microsoft didn't reveal the internal specifications of the tablet yet.

However, NVIDIA was quick to acknowledge that the Windows RT Microsoft Surface tablet will sport a Tegra processor, probably the Quad-core Tegra 3 with 4-PLUS-1 architechture. One possibility is that the chip will be implemented using the NVIDIA KAI platform, which promises fluid performance at a competitive price point.


Nvidia Tegra

Having a Tegra 3+ setup in the ARM-based Microsoft Surface tablet does not seem impossible either, although we are not quite sure whether this platform would be a good match for the device.




NVIDIA will not limit its Tegra 3 processor to mobile devices like tablets and smartphones (Quad-core CPU) they are going for cars as well. Audi is the first car company that will integrate the powerful processor in its vehicles starting from 2013, with Tegra 3 powering up in-vehicle infotainment systems as well as new digital instrument clusters that replace traditional dashboard gauges. Both systems will utilize Tegra 3 "Visual Computing Modules" (VCMs) which include processors, memory and IO controllers, designed specifically for automotive applications.

The tight integration of these systems with the vehicle, as well as their simple user-interface and realistic graphics, will enable safer, more intuitive driving by providing critical information that can be easily understood with a quick glance.

There is only one problem, by 2013 NVIDIA may launch something even more powerful than the Tegra 3.

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Nvidia Event Invitation

It is not the fist time to see a quad-core Tegra 3 devices (Asus Transformer prime), However, Nvidia confirmed that we will see some new Exclusive Quad-core devices on the MWC 2012 event in Barcelona by the end of this Month (February 2012).

The Invitation image includes a smartphone, Saying that they will show some of the first quad-core Android handsets. We saw the first Android quad-core handset at CES 2012, but it was displayed behind glass with no Specs or Details whatsoever!

Tegra 3 ad

Previous leaks suggest that HTC and LG are both planning Tegra 3-powered devices featuring a 4.7-inch display with 720p resolution. May be Nvidia planning to show one of them.

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Tegra 3

What Makes the Nvidia Tegra 3 processor unique and more advanced than others Quad-core Architectures out there ? It features a fifth companion-core.

The job of this core is to handle all the usual menial tasks while the four performance cores rest, to be called upon only when there is a need for significant graphical power, such as in 3D games. This results in amazing battery life because the companion core consumes very little power compared to the four performance cores.

Nvidia Tegra 3 Architecture

This kind of architecture is called as variable symmetric architecture (or vSMP). But as you can image that is not something that would look at home on a box or a store sign, which is why Nvidia kept calling it things like having a companion core or ninja core.

Nvidia Tegra 3 specs

Nvidia have finally come up with a proper name for it and they have trademarked it too. And that name is 4-PLUS-1.

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Unreal Engine

Epic are known for their Unreal Engine and the cool graphics it produces, This year Epic and Nvidia will blow all gamers mind, The reason is a demo called "Samartian", which is not terribly new, but this year looks especially stunning because it runs on a next-generation Nvidia Kepler GPU. And the graphics are just AMAZING and more beautiful than ever.

At last year GDC, Epic used three GTX 580s just to run the demo, but now they are utilizing the power of just a single next-gen Nvidia Kepler graphics card and the results are mind-blowing. Play the Video below in HD and you will see what I am talking about!

Watch The Video Below!

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Nvidia GTX 680

NVIDIA launched Kepler, (Product name Nvidia GTX 680) the much anticipated successor to the Fermi architecture. Nvidia wanted not only to build the world fastest GPU, but also the world most power efficient. Feature wise, Nvidia added new technologies that fundamentally improve the smoothness of each frame and the richness of the overall experience and has some Cutting-Edge technology such as "GPU Boost".

GPU Boost

What GPU Boost does is it automatically increases the clock speed of the GPU when it is under load, from a base clock speed of 1006MHz to 1058MHz to provide better frame rates. But what this feature also does is it reduces the clock speed when the GPU is not being taxed, dropping down all the way to 324MHz during idle. Due to this variable clock speed, the new GTX 680 manages to be very power efficient, with a TDP of just 195W, less than that of the older GTX 570, let alone the 580. Also, despite all that extra power, the 680 runs at 98 degrees Celsius, just one degree more than the 580.

Power & performance Graph

Also, The launch price for the GTX 680 is ($499) which is lower than what AMD launched the 7970 (GTX competitive) for ($549). So basically, if you are out in the market for a powerful single GPU graphics card, the GTX 680 is the one to go for right now. Don't forget to check the Demo Below!

Watch The Video Below!

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Nvidia Tegra 4

A leaked roadmap showed us Nvidia next Generation mobile SoC "Tegra 4". According to this roadmap, We will see a Tegra 4 device during the first quarter of 2013, meaning Nvidia is not quite keeping up with its promise of delivering a new Tegra processor every year.


The first model to come out will be for flagship devices and will use the ARM Cortex A15 processor with the same 4-PLUS-1 configuration and clocked at 1.8GHz. The next flagship processor will be out in Q3 and will take things up a notch by increasing the clock speed to 2.0GHz.



Nvidia Tegra 4 Roadmap

There will also be two processors meant for mainstream devices. One of them will use the A15 but the other will use an A9. What is interesting about this second one is that it is listed as having LTE connectivity, something that the current Tegra 3 does not have. Nvidia did say that the Tegra 3 will be getting LTE support but we are yet to see that happen.




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Tegra 3+


We all saw the powerful Nvidia Quad-core Tegra 3 processor with its CPU Geforce ULP (Ultra-Low Power) and it has an amazing performance. Well, its time for an Upgrade, Nvidia announced that it will release "Tegra 3+" the Update version with the same 4-PLUS-1 architecture during this year.

The New Tegra 3+ will feature an improved CPU performance with the Same GeForce GPU and will be available on both tablets and smartphones, However, Nvidia deiced that it won't be brining the LTE-support to the Tegra 3+ leavin this feature to the Tegra 4 which will be released during 2013.

GTX 690


Nvidia announced its newest flagship graphics card at the NVIDIA Gaming Festival 2012 in Shanghai, the GeForce GTX 690. Combining two GTX 680s on a single card, the GTX 690 is the Most powerful Graphic card till date.

Combining two chips on a board is always tricky business and contrary to what one might expect the performance is not exactly double that of a single GPU card. In fact it's usually less than the two cards running in SLi mode. But with the GTX 690, NVIDIA is aiming to get performance that will be equivalent to running two GTX 680 in SLi, while maintaining the convenience and lower cost of having a single card in your system.


GTX 690

The GTX 690 is double of everything. Twice the stream processors (2 x 1536), twice the texture units (2 x 128), twice the Raster Operations Pipeline (ROP) (2 x 32), twice the memory bus width (2 x 256-bit) and twice the VRAM (2 x 2GB). The core and boost clock speeds now stands at 915MHz and 1019MHz, slightly lower than 1006MHz and 1058MHz for the single GTX 680.



Tegra 4


NVIDIA has just officially announced its latest Next-Gen mobile processor, the NVIDIA Tegra 4 codenamed "Wayne". NVIDIA claims that the Tegra 4 is the world's fastest mobile processor, yet.

Tegra 4

The Tegra 4 packs 4 ARM Cortex-A15 CPU cores [4PLUS1], along with an extra second-generation battery saver core, similar to Tegra 3. The CPU performance is said to be 2.6x that of Tegra 3. It also includes 72 GeForce GPU cores, 6x faster than the previous Tegra 3.

Nvidia tegra 4

Along with being able to run apps and games faster, this also brings the ability to playback 4K content which is first for a mobile processor.

NVIDIA Tegra 4 Key Features:


• GeForce GPU with 72 custom cores.

• Quad-core ARM Cortex-A15 CPU, plus a 2nd Generation Battery Saver Core.

• Computational Photography Architecture.

• LTE capability with optional Icera i500 chipset.

• 4K ultra-high-def video support.




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