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HTC Sense Concept


HTC has already said it plans to focus on quality not quantity with its 2012 range, but it seems the company has some significant software changes in the pipeline too with HTC Sense 4.0. The Android reskin initially offered a far more usable interface than the native OS, but Google successive iterations narrowed the gap and HTC failed to keep pace with its own services. Now, according to some preview playtime by Pocketnow, that is changing: gone is the unnecessary heft, replaced with a pared-down UI, better typography and improved apps such as email and DropBox integration.

HTC Sense 4.0

Some of the changes are said to address common complaints like landscape homescreen orientation support and putting notification menu access into the lockscreen. However there are also more fundamental improvements, such as 50GB of free DropBox space automatically granted when you first activate your phone, and treated as another "local" drive by apps.

HTC email app is apparently much improved, with a new Smart Sync option that learns from your usage patterns and shuts down push-email so as to save battery life and data. A Guest Mode can lock down usability to certain apps and block access to personal data, for when you hand your shiny HTC over to someone to play with.

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HTC Sense 4.0

HTC Endeavor ROM was leaked yesterday and the XDA forum members took some screenshots of the Upcoming Gorgeous-looking HTC Sense 4.0 UI, The HTC sense 4.0 was set to be the HTC overlay for all its upcoming ICS phones and it has many improvements and UI enhancements from the old Sense 3.5.

HTC Sense 4.0 is lots of New skins and wallpapers along with some icons changes, Notification bar changes, New Calender, New Contacts app, New Music app. Also the New HTC Sense 4.0 support Landscape Mode almost Everywhere on the phone (lock-screen, menu, setting, home-screen, apps, browser, music... etc)

Enjoy Screenshots Below!

HTC Sense 4.0


HTC Sense 4.0


HTC Sense 4.0


HTC Sense 4.0


HTC Sense 4.0


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HTC Sensation

We are already aware that HTC official roll-out for ICS for all new HTC Devices should be coming by Mid-March. However, those who have an HTC Sensation or Sensation XE variant and located in Europe will be able to taste this upgrade ahead of the pack.

This would probably upset HTC users located in the US and other regions. For those of you lucky enough to fit both of these criteria (Having s Sensation and located on Europe), that means you get the ICS Upgrade sooner than most other users. probably you will get it this Month!

Unfortunately, HTC did not yet disclosed any further information concerning how or who will gain access to this exclusive club.

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HTC is informing users of HTCSense.com that the site will soon be undergoing renovation. Shockingly, HTC will not be retaining user data and after April 30, 2012 all the user uploaded data will be deleted. To prevent loss of data, HTC has provided instructions on its site on how you can download it while there is still time.

HTC logo

Download your .zip file by following these steps:

- Visit https://htcsense.com

- Log in with your HTCSense.com username and password

- Click the 'Download' button in the Account Overview section

- A .zip file containing your data will download to your computer for easy viewing


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