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The HTC design team shed some light on the company future plans during an event in Seattle. Unfortunately the news is not good for the texting addicts HTC is done with the hardware QWERTYs for good.

Even though HTC has created some of the best QWERTY smartphones through the years, nowadays those gadgets are almost extinct. It seems HTC is not happy with their market performance, so it has decided to drop them from its plans.



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RIM first QWERTY BlackBerry 10 handset will not arrive until December, according to the latest leaks from the ailing company, with a further keyboard-toting slider tipped for early 2013.

After last week twin PlayBook tidbits as well as news on new Curves, BGR‘s sources reckon the BlackBerry London will hit in September, but will be followed in December by a combo touch and QWERTY device running the BlackBerry 10 OS and slotting into the Bold series.

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