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RIM has a January,30th event on its calendar when it will probably officially announce its new BlackBerry 10 OS and the first smartphones to carry it, This time we have a Name for it the "BlackBerry Z10". It will be available in two colors black and white.

The L-Series is RIM's upcoming full-touch BlackBerry 10 line of phones, the ones with a physical QWERTY belong to the N-Series. The first of those phones might be called the BlackBerry X10.

From the specs that leaked earlier this year, the BlackBerry Z10 should pack some decent specs a 4+ inch screen with HD resolution (720p or WXGA), dual-core Krait processor and 8MP / 1080p camera.



RIM is preparing for the BlackBerry 10 big launch event next year, this will be a whole New OS for BlackBerry devices. But How is the performance on the BB10 ?


These latest tests of the browser on a BB10 prototype show rendering speeds and are very impressive. See the hands-on video below between a Dev Alpha B smartphone running BB10 against the iPhone 5's Mobile Safari browser on iOS 6. BB10 stockbrowser beats the Safari in rending HTML5 webpages, See the video below.





RIM's last chance, the BlackBerry 10 which is scheduled to launch on January 30th on a special event from RIM. Some news arrived to day that RIM is planning to seed pre-release BB10 devices to enterprise and government "customers" for beta testing.




Also we are getting more high-quality screenshots of the BlackBerry 10 UI, including the homescreen, notifications, BlackBerry Hub, and various apps that will be available at launch.



As you can see a Siri like voice assistance system is already pre-installed on the BB10 and ready to use, Facebook has its App on the BB10 too pre-installed and ready to use.




BB 10 managed to show many of the tutorials currently involved with BlackBerry 10 OS in the full touch-screen environment. The videos are short but informative.


BB OS 10

Based on the gestures outlined in the video, it looks like the company is on the right track. There are four videos, two of which the captions are in English, the other two in Italian. We've got 2 video below for you to watch.




BB Os 10


An Italian BlackBerry site is displaying some pictures of the BlackBerry 10 OS. As for the AT&T apps on the screen, they came on the BlackBerry PlayBook beta as well. The only questionable app on the screen would be the Skype app which could be the Android app icon.


BB 10 OS


BB 10 OS


RIM CEO Thorsten Heins has already let loose the news that the BlackBerry 10 devices will have a removable battery. A video shows that the cell is an 1800mAh capacity battery and will be used on the first two BB10 models which are currently code named BlackBerry London and BlackBerry Liverpool.


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