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The transition from hearsay to "in the wild" photos is always an important one the BlackBerry 9780 went pretty quickly from specs found in the user agent profile XML to live photos, in fact it took just a few hours.

The user agent XML profile is a pretty common source of info for rumored phones. In the case of the BlackBerry 9780, it reveals a HVGA screen (480x320) BlackBerryOS 6, GSM with 2G and 3G connectivity as well as Wi-Fi b/g.

Aside from the new OS, the BlackBerry 9780 (dubbed Onyx II for now, though that will certainly change) is pretty much the same as the BlackBerry 9700 Bold (which was initially rumoured as Onyx). The live photo adds another similarity between the two the phones look almost the same.

But along with the photo came another nugget of information the BlackBerry 9780 packs 512MB RAM (double than its predecessor) and will likely have a 5MP camera.

Source: CrackBerry

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