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The Galaxy S III and the iPhone 5 is leading the rumors section in YouMobile these days, According to an anonymous tipster who is said to be working for a large UK retailer the next Samsung flagship will be waterproof. And it will not be the only high-end phone to have such a feature, either the iPhone 5 will also reportedly resist water.


The rumor has it that the two top-shelf smartphones will feature a special nanocoating over their chips, which is impenetrable by water.

The technology is developed by a company called Liquipel and resembles the Nokia water-resisting coating that we saw in October and the HzO thing from last month.

Video Demo Below!

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Galaxy Tab 2 10.1

Samsung is reported to reveal a new Galaxy Tab along with the Next GALAXY "Galaxy S III" at their big london event on 3,May.

According to CNET Asia, the announcement of the upcoming Galaxy S II successor will be joined by a the launch of a new tablet. And it will not be a quad-core Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, which was rumored to be coming later down the road.


Galaxy Note LTE White

Today (4,April), "Telus" The Canadian carrier is expected to release the Samsung GALAXY Note LTE WHITE version. According to a leaked document (Photo below), In other hand, The same white device is reported to launch on the 2nd Canadian carrier Bell by 10, April.

Pricing will mostly be the same as the Telus version with a three-year contract for $199.99. If you want to get the Galaxy Note White LTE unlocked (no contracts) it will cost you $729.99.






The device has that hefty 5.3 inch Super AMOLED display with resolution of 800 x 1280 and pixel density of 285 ppi. The device carry a dual-core 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with 1GB of RAM on board. The 8MP camera on back captures video in 1080p at 30 fps. A 2MP front facing shooter takes self portraits and enables video chat. Also its good to mention that the SPen is included and there is LTE connectivity.

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Samsung WP Mandel


We heard about Samsung Mandel last year, Samsung was reported to release a Windows Phone LTE-enabled device by Q2,2012.

Samsung Windows Phone

Remains to be seen, but we now got a couple of leaked images, showing us what the eventual Samsung smartphone will look like. "Mandel" has the same Samsung Galaxy S III design and mostly the same specs too but with windows Phone OS, code named SGH-I667.


S Voice


Do you want to try out Samsung GALAXY S III S-Voice on your Android smartphone ? Well, We have a Good News for you. We just got a fully functional [.APK] of the S-Voice app.



We tried it out and its working Very Good, The App works only on Android ICS 4.0 smartphones. Here is some Screenshots of the S-Voice App on our HTC One X running ICS 4.0.3:











Download SVoice

Download S-Voice [.APK]


* The APK provided above is the Official Samsung S-Voice Application APK leaked from a Rooted GALAXY S III I-93000 device.

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Galaxy S III

One of the coolest new features of the New TouchWiz on the Galaxy S III is the pop-up video player, which can open a window to play your content while you use the rest of the screen to browse the web, send texts, etc.


Samsung Made a Advertising Campaign to be aired on U.S. starting from today just to show all the US users this Great feature as the device is currently Available on Most of the US carriers. Enjoy the Ad below!


Click to Watch The Video!

Samsung Counter

Samsung Mobile just posted on their Facebook and Twitter accounts the confusing at first glance message saying "Destination:tgeltaayehxnx", We quickly indicate that tgeltaayehxnx stands for TheNextGalaxy. Looks like a teaser is coming!


Interestingly, on their new website tgeltaayehxnx.com you will find a countdown timer that is set to go off some time tomorrow (GMT - london time). In the source code of the website we found the following message: "Discover how Samsung is about to challenge the way you view the GALAXY once more."

So stay tuned with us to see the first Real

teaser of the Galaxy S III Tomorrow!

Black S3


Looks like Samsung Galaxy S III Black variant is coming soon, Just a few days ago, Samsung leaked images of the Black S3 on its Official facebook page for the london Olympics 2012 showing a black device.


S3 black DB

Today, We have a confirmation that the device is coming as a limited version, like the RED version, A black Samsung Galaxy S III has also appeared in Carphone Warehouse's inventory database, thus reaffirming the notion that the new color scheme is coming our way.




Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy S II smartphones Hits the the Highest Worldwide all time Sales record. However, that both otherwise high-end devices were made out of plastic was somewhat disappointing. BUT, Samsung Galaxy S III might set a new standard as the smartphone will sport a ceramic body, if rumors were right! Eldar Murtazin now claims that the design of the Samsung Galaxy S III has been finalized, suggesting that production of the device is ready to kick off.


But the ceramic casing is expected to be only one of the device several premium features. Rumors claim that the smartphone will be only 7mm thick, yet packed with processing power delivered by a quad-core processor. The display on the Galaxy S III is rumored to be 4.8-inches in diagonal and will most likely sport HD resolution.

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Galaxy S II Final Design

Click to Show Larger Version of the Photo

We all are waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S III to be released, After many mock-ups we have just got a photo of the finilized design of the "Galaxy S III" (Photo Above) with ICS and TouchWiz UI. It has software buttons just like the Galaxy Nexus and Ceramic bezel and back, It looks Very Sharp and Amazing but its still a "Mock-UP" too!


The first two iterations of the Galaxy S series didn't make that much of a statement as far as looks and material quality go. The Galaxy S II's design is valued more as an engineering achievement than as a beautiful product. The Galaxy S phones we've seen until now have been entirely made of basic plastic - the typical Samsung affair. However, what we're hearing is that for the Galaxy S III, Samsung is to improve its work in the design and materials department. It's said that the manufacturer has used higher-quality materials such as ceramics for the body of the Galaxy S III. We're not sure if this would make it better than a metal or glass casing, but it would certainly be an incredible improvement over the plastic used in previous Galaxy S handsets. And who knows, the manufacturer may implement it in such a way that it could be unlike anything we've seen.

Although there isn't even an unofficial word on the dimensions of the phone, we're willing to believe that the Galaxy S III may be a bit larger in comparison to its predecessor, due to the fact that it's very likely for it to be equipped with a larger display. Here's for hoping that the difference in size won't be that substantial, since the relatively compact and very thin design of the S II was among its main advantages. Thankfully, one of the many rumors claims that the device will have a 7mm profile, so there probably isn't too much of a reason to worry.



Now, there's much more to talk about with regards to Galaxy S III specs, simply because there have been more leaks in this respect. And boy does the Galaxy S III shape up as an outstanding smartphone, at least in the imagination of some enterprising tipsters. But, the truth is, that a lot of the details we've heard are actually quite possible, so it wouldn't be a big surprise if Galaxy S III does indeed turn out to be a winner in the specs department.

Samsung Galaxy S III: rumor round-up

To begin with, the handset is said to pack a brand new quad-core processor, of course. More specifically, it is expected to be clocked at 1.5-1.8 GHz, which automatically means the phone will be packing quite a punch. Those who have used the Galaxy S II have their hopes set for a new Exynos processor - Samsung's own line of SoCs (System-on-Chips). In case we do see a new Exynos powering the Galaxy S III, it'll most probably be the Exynos 4412, which is built with 32nm technology, allowing it to deliver better power efficiency than the current dual- and quad-core offerings like the Tegra 3, all the while providing an even better user experience in terms of performance. If you'd like to learn more about this new quad-core beast of a processor, check our article about it!

However, as we've seen with some other top-tier devices recently, manufacturers decide to switch to a dual-core Qualcomm processor for the U.S. versions of the phone, in order to be able to include LTE connectivity. Examples for such cases are the Samsung Galaxy Note and the HTC One X. Here's for hoping that this won't happen with the Galaxy S III as well, and U.S. customers will be able to experience the full quad-core Exynos goodness... if that's the processor of choice for Samsung, of course.


When it comes to the amount of memory installed on the device, we're pretty much in the dark. Still, there is one unofficial report that points at having 2GB RAM on the device, which does sound pretty good. Otherwise, storage capacity will probably be 16 or 32 GB.


The rumors regarding the screen size of the Samsung Galaxy S III are claiming that it will have a diagonal of 4.5 to 4.8 inches. That would be quite an increase from its predecessor, which had a 4.3" display. Generally, we don't mind having a bigger screen, but we do mind it if that's at the expense of device dimensions. In short, if having a 4.8" screen on the Galaxy S III means having a phone significantly bigger than the Galaxy S II - thanks, but we'd rather stay with the 4.3" one. That's our personal preference, of course. The best thing would be if we have a 4.8" screen on a body that's as big as the one of the S II, but we're not really sure if that's even possible.

As far as resolution goes, obviously most sources are expecting a 720x1280-pixel screen, as in some recent hi-end smartphones. Some, however, are speculating that we'll see a 600x1024 screen, which wouldn't be so cool. As you might expect, there are also some contrasting speculations, promising us a real 1080x1920 display. We would rather stick to the 720p theory for now.

In terms of technology, we are expecting Super AMOLED HD, as in the Galaxy Note, which means Super AMOLED-grade quality, coupled with HD resolution and PenTile arrangement of the pixels, but wouldn't it be awesome if Samsung debuts a new Super AMOLED HD Plus technology with the Galaxy S III, which is just the same as Super AMOLED HD, but using an RGB matrix? However, there's this other report which mentions something about a new Super AMOLED III technology, developed specifically for the Galaxy S III. We'll have to wait and see, obviously.


It is widely believed that the camera on the next Galaxy S phone will be a 12MP one. It's almost certain that it will also be complemented by an LED, or dual-LED flash, hopefully a capable one. The Galaxy S II was a great camera phone, and it also took very good 1080p video. However, we're starting to see some manufacturers paying more and more attention to the cameras of their phones, and by the looks of it 2012 will be a year when we'll see a pretty good amount of innovation in this area. The iPhone 4S has set the current standard in this respect, but we also have the Nokia 808 PureView on the way with its 41MP sensor and lossless zoom capabilities. We also have HTC who has developed a brand new technology called ImageChip that's expected to take mobile photography on the company's devices to a whole new level. These are actually the reasons why we expect Samsung to do some other innovation in its camera besides upping the resolution. Knowing the attention Samsung pays to its phone cameras, chances are we'll most probably get what we want.

On the video recording front, we expect the Samsung Galaxy S III to be capable of capturing 1080p video, same as its predecessor. However, we're willing to believe that the improvement here will be with regards to the quality of the video material.


Naturally, the Galaxy S III is to sport 2G, 3G and 4G connectivity, where available. It's also a no brainer that it will come with LTE support in the U.S. and in the other parts of the world that have LTE networks set up. However, as we said earlier, we do hope that the LTE version of the device will stick to the quad-core Exynos processor and won't use a dual-core solution by Qualcomm, similarly to the Galaxy Note and One X. In those areas where LTE is unavailable, the Galaxy S III will most probably deliver those beloved 4G speeds through HSPA+.

Samsung Galaxy S III: rumor round-up


By now it should be crystal clear to everyone that the Galaxy S III will be running on Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich, which is great. It'll also have the TouchWiz user interface on top, which isn't so great. Still, we think we have an idea how Samsung might ease the pain here. The company needs to come up with a new, 5th version of its custom UI, which looks way better than what we have on the Galaxy S II. This should do it, however, whether or not Samsung has any such plans is still a mystery.


We've finally reached the painful part for every Android addict. We've literally been flooded with rumors regarding the Galaxy S III release date, however, almost all of them have been proven wrong so far. Frankly, the best guess, according to us, so far is that we should expect the device in the first half of the year, or early Q3 at the latest. This is as certain as it is nonspecific. Still, South African carrier Cell C has already confirmed that it expects to have the handset in July, so that's probably when we should expect it. One thing we really hope for is that it won't take forever this time for Samsung to bring the handset to the U.S., as with the first and second Galaxy S.

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Samsung 7mm


Samsung next-generation Galaxy S III will reportedly be one of the thinnest smartphones in the world when it is unveiled in the coming months. South Korea Electronic Times News on Monday cited unnamed sources in claiming Samsung upcoming flagship superphone will pack impressive specs into a case that is just 7 millimeters thick, the thinnest version of Samsung current flagship, the Galaxy S II, features a case that is exactly 8.495 millimeters thick.

They states that the Galaxy S III will feature an 8-megapixel rear camera, a 2-megapixel front camera, a Super AMOLED Plus display and the Android 4.0 ICS onboard. An earlier report claimed the Galaxy S III could launch as soon as April, but Electronic Times News claims the handset will hit store shelves in May. Samsung Galaxy S III will feature a quad-core processor, a Super AMOLED Plus HD display, 4G LTE connectivity, 2GB of RAM.

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Samsung Invite

Samsung Benelux has sent invitations for a press release in Amsterdam of their line up for 2012. The poster of the invitation is about Samsung Upcoming smartphones or mobile devices line up for 2012.

The Event date is March,15 which is very close to the End of the MWC 2012 (28Feb- 2Mar), Thats Why Samsung
announced before it will not release any new smartphones on the MWC. Its time to see the Galaxy S III, the long waited successor of the Galaxy S II and the scanned ICS device from Samsung.

If you look closely to the Invitation Poster above you will Notice a "3" !

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Mock Up

Samsung Upcoming Flagship Galaxy S III smartphone will pack a Huge 4.8-inch display, according to the latest rumors, along with the unusual choice of ceramic rather than plastic for the back panel. The display has not been detailed by BGR insiders as to technology or resolution, though a Super AMOLED Plus likely offering at least 720p HD. Also The reports confirm the Quad-core chipset inside the galaxy S III, this Exynos chipset is also made by samsung and it was revealed a day ago by samsung.

Samsung Quad-core Chipset

As for the ceramic, it is a relatively unique choice of material for a smartphone, though the Galaxy S III would not be the first to sport it. Luxury phone brand Vertu has used ceramics before, though the company handsets certainly are not as advanced as the GSIII is expected to be. The key benefit would be in avoiding plastic which makes the current Galaxy S II feel somewhat cheap in comparison to rivals but not switching to metal, which usually requires more complex antenna designs to counterbalance the material radio blocking potential.

Samsung other rumored ambition with the Galaxy S III that it will be 7mm thick Only seems to be coming true. The company supposedly set its engineers the challenge of trimming down the already slimline GSII with the next-gen variant, and apparently only the 8-megapixel camera will be able to fit on this 7mm body.

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The Samsung Galaxy S III is certainly the most anticipated device of this whole year. Samsung 2012 flagship has now allegedly been confirmed to launch as early as April, soon after its official announcement which is yet to come. ZDNet Korea reports about the launch date after it spoke with Cheil Worldwide, Samsung marketing and ad agency, which is preparing the device for the market in the UK.

Now, it looks like ZDNet refers to the official arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S III to shelves in April, at least in the first markets of availability. We are not yet clear about when the device will arrive stateside, but we expect it to be later on in the year.

Galaxy S III Expected Design

Galaxy S III

Galaxy S III Expected Specs

Samsung Galaxy S III will feature a huge 4.8-inch display with a stunning 1080p resolution (even higher ppi than a retina Display). It is expected to be powered by a quad-core 1.5GHz Samsung Exynos processor, an 8-megapixel camera on the back and a 2-megapixel shooter up front. Of course, it will run on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and feature LTE. Design will also evolve with neat ceramic casing.

source (ZDnet)

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Rumors is still circling around the Galaxy S III and samsung still deny all the rumors. Finally, Samsung revealed some details surrounding its next flagship Android smartphone. In fact, they specifically say: 


"The successor to the GALAXY S II smartphone will be unveiled in the first half of the year, closer to commercial availability of the product. We cannot confirm the detailed information at the moment.", said Samsung

Interestingly, Samsung does not explicitly refer to the successor to the Galaxy S II as the Galaxy S III but it will have another Name that is not announced yet, So we can still dream about this Upcoming handset, Samsung may show it on April but its actual release date to the Market will come later on.


Most of the Smartphones companies already released their new line-up and flagships on the MWC, So it is highly possible that we can see an unveiling from Samsung sometime soon (First Half on 2012), while commercial availability could potentially happen even before June.


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TheNextGalaxy Teaser

Samsung's yesterday's teaser just stopped its Countdown timer to reveal teaser video for its Unpacked event on May,3 in London where Samsung is expected to show "The Next Galaxy".

Samsung is staying as cryptic as possible still, with the title of its anagram website being "A Whole New Universe" along with a New website too www.TheNextGalaxy.xom, and the video teaser have some info hiding inside it, We take a deep look into it and got some good results



What the Teaser Revealed about the S3 ?



  • Truly smart - (New feature)
  • Fits into your hand - (Not Huge, may be smaller than Note)
  • View of the world goes wider - (Could be a Camera with wider lens)
  • Power to explore swiftly - (Quad-core Exynos)
  • Technology fits in´╗┐ - (Slim design, about 7mm)
  • Stand out - (new design, different materials "ceramic")


Watch The Video Below!

Galaxy S III

Click to show larger version

A press Photo of the Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S III Advertisement was leaked across the web today, On the bottom right of the Photo it mentions the name of Weber Shandwick, a PR company who has a history of working for Samsung. We decided to analyze this photo it to see if its true or not!

Photo Link (Original Size)

The Photo above could be true for several reasons: Weber Shandwick is the largest PR agency in the world. Weber Shandwick operates in several sectors, along with Samsung. The picture could also originate from an internal document at Weber Shandwick, which to a Unpacked event on 22 Intended to prepare May!

Galaxy S III Design Detailed

Click to show larger version

Besides, the design fits the Galaxy S3. Loudspeaker front, above and below the display aa perfect match to the current design line from Samsung. Look at the Galaxy S WiFi 4.2 or 1.10 of the Galaxy note, both are the display next to the speakers!

Is it the Galaxy S II or Not ? ... it looks very close to it but we will have to wait and see if samsung will make a statement about this Photo.

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Galaxy S III

Today, Samsung own executives confirmed to KoreaTimes that an Exynos-branded chipset with four CPU-cores will be used in the Galaxy S II successor.

Samsung Exynos Quad-core Chipset

Samsung feels the need to reduce its reliance on Qualcomm and the yet unannounced flagship will feature their own on-chip LTE radio. The fact that most previous-gen LTE devices used a separate chip for LTE connectivity was often quoted as the reason for their relatively poor battery life and Samsung is obviously going to have none of this for its next headliner.

Paul Jacobs

It is still anyone guess what will be the architecture of the four CPU cores inside the next Galaxy S device. The 32nm version of the Cortex-A9 surfaces most frequently, but Cortex-A15 cores have not been completely ruled out too. A quad-core Mali GPU is also all but certain, but it is unclear if it will be the all new T604 or merely an upgraded version of the 400MP used in the Galaxy S II.

info soruce

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Galaxy S III Press leaked


Am Official press Photo leaked of the Galaxy S III leaked along with some specs. The anonymous tipster told GSM Helpdesk that the Galaxy S III will measure 131 x 64 x 8 mm and weight 125g (the Galaxy S2 is 125.3 x 66.1 x 8.5 mm, 116 g). The screen will be slightly smaller than previously rumored 4.7-inch with 720p resolution and will use SuperAMOLED Plus HD technology. That regular RGB matrix in 1280 x 720 pixel resolution.

Galaxy S III Full Specifications

The camera on the Samsung Galaxy S III is tipped at 12MP with 1080p@60fps video recording. The camera will reportedly also feature slow-mo recording, so the 60fps might be for that mode rather than producing 60fps clips.



As far as CPU goes, the anonymous tipster confirms the quad-core at 1.5GHz. The Galaxy S III will have 1GB of RAM (same as current model) and 32GB of built-in storage, according to the tipster. The connectivity on the S III should see the adoption of dual-carrier HSPA for downlink speeds of up to 42Mbps, but uplink is reportedly still limited to 5.76Mbps. There are other specs mentioned - Wi-Fi a/b/g/n with Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC and HDMI out. None of those comes as a big surprise, either.


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Galaxy S III Wireless

More rumors on the upcoming Galaxy S III, Latest one suggest that the next Samsung flagship will be using wireless charging, rather than the conventional microUSB charging.

DDaily reports that the Galaxy S III will have wireless charging technology built right into the back casing of the phone. The technology that Samsung will be using means that the phone would not even need to be placed directly down on a charging pad it could be as much as one to two meters away and still begin charging. That would differ from traditional inductive charging which requires a direct connection between the charging surface and back case.

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Galaxy S III

Another Samsung Galaxy S III leak but this time we have a REAL device to show you! we have got a live photo that is allegedly depicting the Samsung I9300 Android smartphone. The model number has previously been associated with the next Samsung flagship, though there is no confirmation that this is in fact the Galaxy S III.

Samsung Galaxy S II code is Gt-I9100, so it would make a lot of sense for the international Galaxy S III to get code GT-I9300.

Galaxy S III I9300

The screen bezel seems quite wide, so if the pictured smartphone really does have a HD 4.7" screen it will be quite large and hard to handle. You may also Notice that Sasmung lofo is underneath the display noton the top like befroe.

Galaxy S III Full Specfiications

Another possible scenario is that earlier rumors had it right and the Galaxy S III will come with a model number I9500, while this one here is going to be its sidekick. We can also be looking at a prototype unit, which has a different design to the final version.

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Galaxy S III Poster

The Samsung Galaxy S III is occasionally making the headlines with either a rumor or a mockup pumping up our expectations before the official release, and this here rumor is no exception to that rule. Korean DDaily now reports that the upcoming Galaxy S III will feature a 4.65-inch Super AMOLED Plus screen with a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels. Moreover, this will be the first non-pentile HD AMOLED screen made by Samsung and this alone is a hugely impressive feat.



Devices like the Samsung Galaxy Nexus also had a 4.65-inch HD display, but there Samsung went with the sub-par pentile technology where instead of the traditional arrangement of red-green-blue pixels (RGB), you get less subpixels and generally a fuzzier image.



Samsung logo

The HTC One X most recently raised the bar very high with its 4.7-inch Super LCD 2 HD screen, which left us impressed but this here S III screen could easily beat it.


Galaxy S III I-9300 Specifications



News Soruce

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Galaxy S III Event



Today, We have no rumors but confirmation, An Official Samsung Press Invitation for the Galaxy S III launching event has been leaked with a release date and a sneak-peak of the device Computer rendering,


According to the leaked poster/invitation the Galaxy S III is coming on 22nd,May and the launching Event wil be held in London,UK.





The press image just shows a part of the phone, where we can see a sleek metal casing that tapers and bends backwards towards the bottom, with the display infusing seamlessly on the front. Strangely, there is no micro USB port at the bottom, as is usually the case with recent Samsung devices. The sides have been scooped out but there are no visible keys in the picture.




Will you Buy the Galaxy S III ?

Post your Answer on the comments section below (survey)





info via

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Galaxy S III

Samsung used the alternative HD PenTile screen matrix arrangement on the Galaxy Note, it wasn't bad but the colors and sharpness of the screen is not that good, Samsung want to go further with a HD Super AMOLED+ RGB matrix.




As predicted, the 5.5-Gen A2 production line that was supposed to move to Phase 3 production method tests in Q1 this year, will be churning out the 720p Super AMOLED screen with a regular RGB matrix for the Samsung Galaxy S III now in Q2.

Samsung AMOLED Production timeline

Moreover, Samsung is reportedly using a combination of FMM and LITI for it FMM for the blue pixels, since it is the blue that traditionally gave trouble in OLED screens with its shorter lifespan than the other organic LEDs, and LITI for the red and green pixels, resulting in what we hope will be a gorgeous and durable RGB Super AMOLED screen for the Galaxy S III.



The panel is reported to be the same one that initially went out on the 4.65-inch Galaxy S II HD LTE, but done with a true HD RGB matrix, resulting into the sweet 316ppi pixel density, for real this time.






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Galaxy S III

No More rendring photos, This a real live photo of the Galaxy S III with 720p display and 5 Row UI, Also the Device appeared to be running stock Android ICS 4.0.3 without samsung TouchWiz UI.



There is the physical home button underneath the 4.7" display, which we recently learned has made its way into the front design at the last minute, as well as the rumored 5 Row UI (same as Galaxy Note). In fact, Samsung has an R&D center in Poland, which leaked the Galaxy Note chillaxing in the metro in someone hands before the official announcement, so this thing might have some dose of credibility to it.



The source is a guy who is currently a tester for this product, and who had censored the UI details beforehand. The Galaxy S III has allegedly been kept as a secret for so long, as carriers got a generic box with only the screen and the ports uncovered, so the testers did not leak the design prematurely.


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Galaxy S III Invitation



Samsung has started sending out invitations for a May 3 event in London that is cryptically entitled "Come and meet the next Galaxy". That is just 17 days from now and we know the thoughts on everyone mind "Galaxy S III ?"... Yes it sounds like it is the Next GALAXY!

Galaxy S III

Samsung will really reveal its next Android GALAXY flagship then, it has managed to be on par with Apple in building excitement and secrecy around its leading phone annual edition launch.




Stay Tuned for More Info!





Samsung Invitiation

Samsung Exynos



Samsung using different processors for the same phone in different regions. Sources say that the Samsung "Galaxy S III", or the Next GALAXY that which is coming by May 3, will have a "Global" version, which will be the one with the quad-core processor, most likely the Exynos 4412.



That probably means there might be US carrier versions with Snapdragon, but let is not get ahead, May 3 is just around the corner. "As we have seen with Qualcomm S4, [quad-core] is not automatically better than a dual-core", the source added, as for users who are worried about performance.



He also said, " to expect superlative benchmark performance" from the quad-core Galaxy S III. Given that last year Exynos can hold clock for clock with the new Snapdragon S4, we would not be very surprised if 4412 blows every other Android silicon out of the water.






Galaxy S III Pre-order Page


More News confirms the launch of the Galaxy S III on 3, May, Amazon's German website has started taking pre-orders of the Samsung Galaxy S III to be delivered by End of May, With only 599, about $790 you can have the device reserved. All these prices includes VAT with a Free delivery and according to the site, the device is not yet available.



There were no pictures of the phone included on the Pre-order page, but some of the specs were mentioned such as the 4.7 inch Super AMOLED screen that shows 16Million colors, and a 12MP camera with AF, LED flash and face detection. Android 4.0.3 is installed out of the box and the Samsung Galaxy S III is said to come with 16GB of native storage that can be "expandable to 32GB" with a MicroSD.


Galaxy S III Pre-Order

Pre-Order your Galaxy S III



Galaxy S III

Today, We got a leak of the Galaxy S III from a Vietnamese site which got it hands on the GT-I9300 purportedly the Galaxy S III if Samsung decides to follow its own naming convention.



Specs Leaked

According to the specifications leaked, the phone houses a 4.6-inch display at 720 x 1184 without the on-screen buttons or 720 x 1280 resolution including the on-screen buttons (320 DPI, depending on whether you include those on-screen Android buttons), while a quad-core 1.4 GHz processor works on keeping the Ice Cream Sandwich OS running smoothly. Other hardware mentions include 1GB of RAM, 8-megapixel camera, 16GB of storage plus microSD capability.


Galaxy S III I9100



Well, when Samsung was asked to comment on the photo, Samsung didn't say much about the leaked photos but May,3 is very close and we will know.



Samsung Statement on the Photo:

"We will be able to tell you more at the 2012 Samsung Mobile Unpacked."





Watch The Video Below!







Do you want to be the First to get Samsung's Next GALAXY ? Then head on over to Vodafone UK site where you can register for updates on "the next Galaxy." The sign up form simply reads, "Fill out your details. And we will fill you in on everything about the new Galaxy."

Samsung Next Galaxy

After launching a countdown timer yesterday that lead to today's teaser trailers, the vague marketing looks like it will continue until the official announcement is made. It has been assumed that Samsung next Galaxy device, presumable the Galaxy S III, would be available for all major UK carriers, but it is safe to safe Vodafone will definitely be in that mix.





The Samsung Galaxy S III is out with a Quad-core Exynos processor, a gorgeous 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED display and an 8-megapixel camera, but there is nothing like seeing the handset in live action.


Galaxy S3 I9300 Specs


The Galaxy S III hands-on goes through the design with natural curves, the screen, new TouchWiz interface, performance that has improved from the S II, the pop-up play feature that allows you to have a movie on top of everything you are doing, the burst shot that allows you to snap 20 pictures quickly, and direct call.

Hand's-on Photos (engadget)













Hand's-on Video

Samsung this time took care of this and posted a full hands-on video review of the Galaxy S III, walking you through the most interesting new features of the handset.



Watch The Video Below!

Galaxy SIII

The Galaxy S III is now official. The new Android flagship of the Samsung powered by the new Exynos 4 Quad chipset, featuring four cores clocked at 1.4GHz and 1GB of RAM.

Galaxy S III

On Quadrant, the Galaxy S III got the highest score we have seen so far 5642 points. The HTC One X did come close as its quad-core CPU was able to match the performance of the S III processor, but the Mali-400MP GPU gave the Samsung smartphone the victory here.


Galaxy S III


On SunSpider, the CPU-stressing JavaScript benchmark, the Galaxy S III four 32nm 1.4GHz Cortex-A9 cores posted super fast times, once again leaving all of its competitors way behind. We suspect Samsung has also done some fine tuning to its new smartphone JavaScript engine, which helped it do so well here.

Galaxy S III

On the BrowserMark HTML5 benchmark. Galaxy S III final result was 169,811 points.

Galaxy SIII


The Samsung Galaxy S III comes with not just one, but many new little software additions that combined together make a difference. One that stands out among them is S Voice, a Siri-like service, that allows you to use your phone as a personal assistant you can speak to. It uses natural language processing, so you do not have to shout out automated commands it will understand your natural sentence.


Galaxy SIII

Well, think about Siri and you would have a good idea about the functionality of S Voice. Something different is the ability to wake up your phone by just saying "Hi, Galaxy," or "Hi, buddy," or actually whatever you pick in S Voice.

Watch The Video Below!

Flip Cover


The Samsung Galaxy S III has just got some Cool accessories to add some extra functionality to this awesome device, Samsung will release the accessories with the device release on the Market, which is expected to be by the End of this Month.

Here are the Available Accessories for the S III:

  • Flip cover
  • Battery-charging stand
  • Wireless charging Kit
  • Spare battery
  • Car dock
  • Metallic docking stand 
  • HDMI AllShare adapter


Samsung is pushing its AllShare wireless service for pushing music out to external devices with an AllShare Cast Dongle.

S Pebble

One of the best designed accessories is the S Pebble, an MP3 player that should function in concert with the Galaxy S III for more Music control wirelressly from your phone.


Wireless Charging


Samsung Also Introduces a Wireless Charing kit for the S III, It is an optional extra instead of regular charger, But you will have to swap the back cover for that is compatible. Customers had to do a similar thing with the Palm Pre: the original backplate was plastic, and charging back cover rubberized with a conductive coil built into the case. 

Galaxy S III Dropbox


Samsung and Dropbox partnered to bring deep Dropbox Integration on the Galaxy S III, Dropbox also will offer a FREE 50GB! of Cloud storage to all Galaxy S III users.

The Dropbox app will come with the Galaxy S III, and once you register, you willl have access to the whopping 50GB of cloud storage for free which would cost $200 with the current prices.

Samsung SGSIII


In case you've missed it, Here is the whole Samsung Galaxy SIII unveiling "Unpacked 2012" event that was held in london on May,3 and we was live streaming it last Thrusday.


Samsung Unpacked 2012



Watch The Video Below!

If you are Browsing from Mobile, click on the photo above to see the Video



Good News for U.S. users, Samsung has put up a signup page for U.S. customers to give their email address to receive updates on the Galaxy S III as information becomes available for their Carriers. The page also featured a "Carrier Preference" dropdown box but it was removed.

Galaxy S III

The box enabled you to choice between AT&T, C Spire Wireless, Metro PCS, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular, and Verizon. What is interesting about that list is it is not representative of the seven top carriers, making it seem that those carriers were picked for a specific reason possible the carriers that will eventually carry the Samsung Galaxy S III.


Sign-Up for Galaxy S III


Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S III Pre-orders ha just started today, The SGS III devices available for pre-orders are all Sim-Free (unlocked) devices and the price is between $800-$900.

Now Amazon UK has the phone for £499 SIM-free (which is about $809). We bet that price will continue to slide down when May,30 (launch date) come, so even right after its availability it won't be priced higher than the rest of the high-end Android smartphones.


Amazon UK Link

Amazon US has the price pegged at $899 SIM-free since the announcement and is not budging at those early adopters, who want to have the latest and greatest Android phone unlocked before everybody else is waiting for the US carrier versions.


Amazon US Link


Galaxy S III Wireless charging Kit


When Samsung announced its Galaxy S III Android flagship, it also unveiled several cool accessories , Like the wireless streaming HDMI TV-Out AllShare Cast dongle, listening to music with Mp3 player S-Pebble. But the Most anticipated one we really want to try it that allows you to charge the phone without plugging any cables, The Galaxy S III "Wireless charging kit".

Sadly, it seems like we will have to wait for a part of this cable-free dream to come true as the wireless charging kit has been delayed.


Galaxy S III

Retailers UK is reporting that the kit won't be released alongside the Samsung Galaxy S III. In fact, its Expected in September.



Visa Samsung Galaxy S III

Today VISA and Samsung confirmed officially that they have teamed up to provide a limited edition of the Galaxy S III (the Olympic phone for Mobile Payment) with VISA's payWave app to sponsored athletes, who will be able to wave the phone and purchase stuff at thousands of locations across London, like taxis, retail stores, and even the Olympic Park itself.

The payWave app allows you to simply launch it and hold the phone near an enabled terminal, of which there are 140, 000 across the UK, without even requiring a passcode for purchases below 20 pound sterling.



Galaxy S III



A Sprint user agent profile revealed some information about the carrier's version of the Samsung Galaxy S III. The device has been given the model number SPH-L710 which corresponds with Sprint. The specs almost match perfectly with the GT-I9300, which is the international version handset.


User agent


The major difference between the Sprint model and the global variant is that as expected, Sprint's device won't carry the quad-core 1.4GHz Exynos 4412 processor (as it doesn't support LTE) and instead features the dual-core 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8960 S4 processor.

The Galaxy S III SPH-L71 will come with 16GB/32GB/64GB Storage with Android 4.0.4 ICS the same as the Galaxy S III I9300, Sprint is reported to announce the device very soon with a release date too.


Sprint's Galaxy S III


This device is Sprint's Galaxy S III version SPH-L300 and it will be launching on the network very soon. The device is pegged to have a MSM8960 Snapdragon S4 processor.


As seen on the Photo above, the device looks very similar to the Galaxy S III, The buttons at the bottom of the device appear to be etched into the frame. The top bezel of the device seems extremely huge, and excessive. As well, we can see on the battery below the Samsung logo that "Near Field Communications" is listed, confirming that the device will support NFC capabilities.




The physical dimensions of the device are 12.19cm x 6.38cm x 1.204cm (HxWxD). Its chipset is the Qualcomm (MSM8960), 4GB ROM and a 1GB Ram, 4.3" display with a 800×480 (WVGA) resolution, main camera is 5MP, 4G LTE, and Bluetooth 4.0 are included. The device will indeed be running Android 4.0.4 at launch.

Galaxy S III PenTile Screen


Samsung apparently deems the Galaxy S III PenTile superior for an AMOLED screen longevity, despite that it touted the RGB matrix last year in the Galayx S II marketing. We know that blue subpixels deteriorate orders of magnitude faster in an OLED screen due to the nature of their components, compared to the longer-lasting green and red. With recent advancements in the blue diodes, this has been remedied, but on the research phase, and not yet implemented in mass production, it seems.

Samsung research showed that people are keeping phones like the Galaxy S III longer than 18 months, so it wanted to ensure the screen will keep its initial quality as long as possible. The thing is that PenTile uses red-green-blue-green (RGBG) subpixel arrangement in the "screen door"-style PenTile matrix, whereas the ordinary red-green-blue RGB "stripe" matrix has twice more blues, obviously, which you can see in the picture on the right, while the human eye is much more sensitive to greens, so blues are not missed much with PenTile.



Still, Philip Berne said they are using a different PenTile method for the 4.8" HD screen on the Galaxy S III, compared to the 4.6" on the Galaxy Nexus, with shrunken gaps in the subpixel matrix, further minimizing the PenTile "grainy" effect in solid colors when looked at from right under your nose, or, even funnier, under a microscope, both of which you won't be doing anyway with the Galaxy S III.

Samsung Galaxy S III

Yesterday, We posted a lot of videos that we shooted of the Samsung's GALAXY S III features on our Review. Now, we're getting video from XDA showing off a few phone gestures that we hadn't known about before. There are three gestures shown in the video, but we definitely like the idea and would love to see more.

The video shows that if you are scrolling down a long list of items, like your Twitter feed perhaps, a quick double-tap on the top edge of the phone will return you to the top of the list. Scrolling on Android can be pretty fast, but the simple double-tap seems like a great solution. And, last was a gesture whereby placing your hand over the device will pause video that you're watching, including video in pop-up mode.

Click to Watch The Video!


Galaxy S III

Samsung have announced that eager customers who pre-order the upcoming Galaxy S III flagship from the Samsung Brand Store in Westfield Stratford City, can receive their device a day before its official release date specifically on May 29th at 6pm.

If you've already pre-ordered your device from another UK retailer, don't fret, as Samsung have also announced that other Samsung retail partners can also make the device available on the 29th, except at 7pm, and at their discretion.


Galaxy S III Offer

Phones4U, the UK online retailer, is the latest retailer to offer free extra accessories with the Galaxy S III Pre-order. If you pre-order an S III from them, you'll get a free 32GB microSD card along with a genuine Samsung case the Flip Case white/blue depending on which color you ordered.

Galaxy S III flip case

The deal goes for both the Blue and the White Galaxy S III units and with the free memory card you will get a total storage of 48GB. Phones4U offers the S III with contracts on Vodafone, Orange and O2 but There is No sim-free version currently available.


Galaxy S III SC-06D

Great News for Samsung fans in Japan, The Japanese carrier "NTT Docomo" will soon gets its own version of Samsung's GALAXY S III. However, the Japanese version packs dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 1.5GHz processor (MSM8960) instead of the Exynos Quad-core processor on the International version.


Galaxy S III

Another interesting fact is that the Samsung Galaxy S III (SC-06D) will pack 2GB of RAM instead of 1Gb on the Intentional version. Which makes the GALAXY S III SC-06D the first Android smartphone with a 2GB RAM, Other specs of the Device is the same as the original Galaxy S III I9300 specifications.

Galaxy S III


Today, As a big News for GALAXY S III future Owners, Vodafone UK is happy to announce that the GALAXY S III is the Most Pre-ordered Android smartphone device to date. Vodafone is going to launch it on May 30.


The Galaxy S III will cost you free with a two-year contract and a £41 tariff/month. The other major UK carriers (O2, Orange, Three and T-Mobile) will also launch the phone in UK on May 30.



Galaxy S III blue

While everyone is waiting to get his GALAXY S III, some speculation has been flying that the launch of the international BLUE version of the Samsung Galaxy S III is going to be delayed. The reason might have that 600,000 pebble blue battery covers for the Galaxy S III had to be destroyed by Samsung because they were defective. So the pebble blue Samsung Galaxy S III has been delayed from the original shipping date of May 29th because the supplier has stopped all deliveries. Here is an Email a pre-ordered customer received :

"Dear customer, Thank you ordered a Samsung Galaxy SIII Blue Pebble of us. We are sorry to announce that we will not deliver it on release date, which is on 29/5. This is because the supplier has suddenly stopped all deliveries of the blue mobile. This applies to all retailers and operators in Scandinavia, and is not something that only affects CDON.COM . We have tried to maintain a dialogue with the Samsung, but without success. Samsung says that the preliminary shipping date is week 22, but this is unfortunately not something that we are yet to confirm. CDON.COM will compensate all affected customers by sending out a free coupon for the license to Samsung Navigator (value of 599 €). We would again like to emphasize that there are some blue models to Scandinavia before the release, nor any dealer or any operator. We apologize for the inconvenience. Sincerely CDON.CO"


Galaxy S III blue

Strangely enough, Phandroid received an email too from retailer Negri Electronics confirming that there will be a delay in launching the international version of the Samsung Galaxy S III. The strange thing about it is that the email says it is the white version that is going to be released later than expected.

"To many, being first is a necessity. To us, it is a requirement. While we do not have great news for our customers, we still anticipate to be the first to carry the Galaxy S III, but the date has been set to the 29th. Our supplier originally gave us a firm date of arrival for the 25th, but has failed to follow through with the promise- putting us in a compromising position with our reputation and name. We anticipate having the Blue, 16GB Galaxy S III before the White. At this time we are not trying to assume a delay from Samsung; but the White is expected to arrive June 1st." - Negri Electronics

This News for the International version of the GALAXY S III, We don't know if the delay will affect the US version of the Galaxy S III or not, But we Hope Not!


Stay Tuned for More News!


Soruce1, Source2


T-Mobile logo


T-Mobile customer looking forward for the GALAXY S III, We have some Good NEWS... a new document leaked has outed the possible release date for the Samsung Galaxy S III on the carrier. Unfortunately, no pricing has been released for the device yet.


Here is the Version Release Dates:

  • Samsung Galaxy S III 16GB Metallic Blue - June 20th
  • Samsung Galaxy S III 32GB Metallic Blue - June 20th
  • Samsung Galaxy S III 16GB Ceramic White - July 11th
  • Samsung Galaxy S III 32GB Ceramic White - July 11th


SGS III T-mobile

We reported a while ago that there might be a delay on the Blue version of the Galaxy S III, that's why the "Metallic Blue" release date is a bit late than the white version.


Galaxy S III Olympics

Samsung store at London, UK launch event details revealed, It will begin at the evening of Tuesday 29, May. Customers who already pre-ordered will get early to the shopping center at 5pm, First sale will take place at 6pm.


Also Samsung Store announced that the first 50 Galaxy S III owners will get a Free tickets to the Olympics as the Galaxy S III is the Official phone of the Olympics.


Galaxy S III launch

Meanwhile, The whole world is waiting along with 9 Million pre-orders of the Samsung GALAXY S III, Middle-east got the device already. The Galaxy S III has just launched in Dubai,UAE and Qatar this week.

Galaxy S III launch in Qatar

As you can see from the Photo above the phone boxes are all over the sote with a Price of 2699 QR (Qatar Rial) for the 16GB version which is about $750, The 32GB version is for 2899 QR and the 64GB version is for 3099 QR, but currently Only the 16 GB white version is Available right now.




The device is heading for Kuwait, KSA and bahrain very soon, Also Europe and many other countries will get the device very soon this Month. Here is some Unboxing photos while you are waiting:


SGS3 unboxing


unboxing SGS3

S3 launch


Samsung GALAXY S III is the most anticipated Android handset this year. Today, It launched on 28 countries across the globe, In the US and Canada, the handset is expected to arrive later this summer on various carriers with some minor tweaks. At the same time, Samsung's grand plans say the SGS III will be on 296 carriers in 145 countries by July.


S3 launch

The Galaxy S III hits shelves in the following countries and regions:

  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Europe
  • UAE, Saudi Arabia & Middle East
  • Africa


SIII launch event




The version that will first make it to retail stores in the aforementioned countries is the 16GB SGS III in Pebble Blue and White. The 32GB version and 64GB version is Expected to be available very soon.


Galaxy S III box



Also See


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Galaxy S3 Blue

We reported before the Blue version of the Galaxy S III will experience some delays to reach the Market, Today we got a confirmation from Clove Uk retailer that the blue variant of the Galaxy S III would ship on June 5th where the White variant will be available on June 1st. Only 4 days delay than the white version.


Galaxy S3 Blue


Today, Samsung Made an Official Statement regarding this delay matter, Samsung admitted that it had quality control issues relating to a new color it had invented and the special coating it had used on the back covers. As a result, the part will be in short supply for 2-3 weeks, which of course will delay the launch of the pebble blue model of the Samsung Galaxy S III.


Official Samsung Statement

"Samsung's Galaxy SIII Pebble Blue version comes with a newly invented blue colour and special hyper-glaze material. In order to meet the highest internal quality standards and to provide the best quality Galaxy SIII to customers, a short supply of Pebble Blue version is expected in some regions in the next 2-3 weeks. Samsung is working hard to ensure that customers will get the Pebble Blue coloured devices as soon as possible." - Samsung Korea



Galaxy S III


Finally, It is Official. Samsung GALAXY S III will be available in Canada on June,20. There will be two versions of the Galaxy S III the LTE sporting SGH-i747 and the 42 Mbps HSPA+ flavored SGH-iT999. The former will hit Bell Mobility, Virgin Mobile, SaskTel, TELUS and Rogers Wireless, while the iT999 will be available on Videotron, Wind and Mobilicity. Pricing is yet to be announced.

The two versions have some slightly changes form the original device. Both Galaxy S III versions will pack a Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8960 S4 Dual-core CPU, clocked at 1.5GHz. The RAM has been increased to 2GB as well, giving the device a performance boost. The LTE version will come with 16 or 32GB of built-in memory, while the HSPA+ one will be available with 16GB built-in memory only.



Samsung always tend to please the android developer community by releasing the kernel source code of their latest phones, Samsung kept their tradition and they have released the source code of the Galaxy S III.

Gt-I9300 source code

The source code for the Galaxy S III is now available for download on Samsung's website. For now, they have only provided the code for the GSM international "I9300" model. You can get the Source Code HERE.


Galaxy S III

The Samsung Galaxy S III has already been launched globally, but not in the US. Those lucky users using the Samsung Galaxy S III have already managed to pass along a tip relating to the S Voice. If you want a faster response from the unit's home button, you have to disable S Voice.

S Voice Setting Uncheck

Uncheck This on S Voice Setting

It's all quite simple. The Samsung Galaxy S III can be set to open up S Voice with a double press of the home button. The only problem with that is that after the first press of the button, there is a pause as the phone stops to see if you want to go to the home page or open S Voice. It's the same thing that happens anytime a handset manufacturer decides to offer double-tap functionality to a button. So if you want the ability to get to your home page more quickly, you can go into the settings to disable the double-tap feature.



Verizon and Sprint, two of the biggest Carriers on U.S. is confirmed to be getting the Samsung Galaxy S III as both the Verizon (SCH-i535) and the Sprint (SPH-L710) versions of the device visited the FCC. As expected, this means that each of the four major mobile operators in the States will be adding the highly anticipated phone to its line up. Both models offer connectivity through their respective Ev-Do and LTE pipelines.


Additionally, Verizon's unit has some support for GSM and EDGE on the 850MHz and 1900MHz bands which allows for some basic global roaming although without 3G data coverage.


AT&T and T-Mobile's version of the Samsung Galaxy S III will be model numbers SGH-i747M and SGH-T999 respectively. While the phone has yet to be introduced in the U.S., We currently don't have al launch date for Verizon& Sprint but T-Mobile model will be launched by June 20th.

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Verizon SGS3

Great News for US, We got a Confirmation yesterday that the U.S. Samsung Galaxy S III will be heading to Verizon carrier. Today we got the photos of the actual device and the specs too.

Verizon SGS3

As you can see the device is the same design as the Intonation version of the Galaxy S III, It pack the Verizon's 4G LTE logo in the back instead of the front, which is better to most people.

Verizon SGS3

According to Samsung, the U.S. Galaxy S III has a 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 and a 2GB RAM and other Specs are the same as the International GALAXY S III, The Verizon's device will be launching During this Month (June). Verizon website already got a page for the Galaxy S III HERE but it's not ready yet.

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Sprint's Galaxy S III


Samsung will launch the Galaxy S III in the US this Month, The Carriers themselves are starting to send invitations for their special launch event dates, and the first in line is Sprint, which has just announced that (Tuesday, June 12) is the launch party of the Galaxy S III in the fine city of Boston. You have to get an Invitation to attend the launch party. To get one Head to the this page.


Here is the Sprint's Official Announcement :

"Join us at an exclusive Samsung event. Come experience the smartphone redefined. There will be hands-on demonstrations, world-class technologists, games, prizes, and refreshments during this two-hour cocktail reception.

Spaces are limited and filling up fast, so reserve now by clicking on the register tab above.

When: Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Where: Cyclorama at the Center for the Arts
539 Tremont Street
Boston, MA 02116

Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm"



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T-mobile Galaxy S III

T-Mobile will be launching the Galaxy S III on June,21 on all channels, it looks exactly like the international version on the carrier's sign-up page.

Galaxy S 3

More importantly, the Galaxy S III for T-Mobile is indeed going to pack a 2GB of RAM, as recently announced by Samsung. The rest of the specs are 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor, 4.8" Super AMOLED display, and 42Mbps HSDPA radio, so it will take advantage of everything T-Mobile's network has to offer.


T-Mobile Galaxy S3 Sign-up

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AT&T Galaxy S III

After Many other US carriers announced that they will get the Galaxy S III, AT&T Wireless also announced that it will begin taking pre-orders of the Samsung Galaxy S III on June,6 and will feature a 1.5Ghz Dual-core proccessor with 2GB RAM.

The LTE-supported smartphone will be priced at $199.99 with a 2 years contract for a 16GB version right in line with what the other carriers will be asking for it. Curiously enough though, there might not be a 32GB version on offer. Instead, AT&T sales representatives will offer you a 16GB microSD card for an extra $39 only when you pick-up your device. The Pre-order page is currently showing the device's features, but in june,6 you will be able to pre-order from the same page.


AT&T SGSIII Pre-Order Page



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The AT&T version of the Samsung Galaxy S III will be available for pre-order on June 6th for a price of $199.99 with a signed two-year pact. And while you AT&T customers might feel a bit slighted at not getting the opportunity to purchase the 32GB model of the device, you will get the exclusive opportunity to buy it in Red color! That, of course, is in addition to the Marble White and Pebble Blue colors that the other carriers are also getting.

Galaxy S III RED

"The addition of the Samsung Galaxy S III to our portfolio of 4G-LTE devices gives our customers another truly cutting-edge smartphone to choose from. With an exclusive red color this summer and the power of the nation's largest 4G network, AT&T delivers the best wireless experience for Galaxy S III fans." - Said Jeff Bradley, senior vice president, Devices, AT&T Mobility.

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As promised AT&T is already taking pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S III. It will cost you $200 with a 2-year contract, while the non-contract device price is $550.

The Galaxy S III on AT&T is LTE-enabled so it will be based on a Snapdragon S4 dual-core chipset and will pack 2GB RAM, instead of the quad-core Exynos ticking in the international version (which lacks LTE support).


AT&T GAlaxy S III Pre-Order

Pre-Order GSIII Here

AT&T has confirmed that the new Samsung flagship will begin shipping on June,18. Only the White & Blue version of the Galaxy S III will be available, the RED version of the Galaxy S III is coming very soon exclusively for at&t.


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Galaxy S III Blue

Samsung Korean-based manufacture destroyed 600,000 Galaxy S III pebble blue back covers because they did not meet Samsung's high standards. Some of those covers displayed white blotches that could be seen when viewed at a specific angle. This of course led to some shortages delays for the pebble blue Globally.

Galaxy S III blue

The Good News is that the pebble blue Samsung Galaxy S III is back in Stock again and has started to ship in Europe, Now this doesn't mean that you will find this variant of the phone everywhere but it's good to know that you will get yours in blue very soon and the delay issue is OVER.

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Galaxy S III


Broke your screen as soon as you got your shiny new Galaxy S III and you are looking to replace it yourself? Or Are you into "gadget porn"? This new video, showing the complete disassembly and assembly process of a white Galaxy S III unit.

We've already seen the step by step instructions to opening the S III, but while those were only pictures, now you have a full video so generally feel safer prying your device open. Enjoy!


Click to Watch The Video!

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Chrome Galaxy S III


After we heard from Samsung that it wasn't satisfied with the quality of the Darker Samsung Galaxy S III battery covers and delayed the Pebble Blue version to replace them, We have just received some Photos of how the modified-blue version will look like as its back in stock again.

Galaxy S3 Metallic blue chrome

The New blue seems to have a gunmetal hue, and even looks dark grey under low lighting and almost looks like a Chrome finish.

Galaxy S3 metallic blue chrome

Our surces says that this will be the final production color for the new blue version, which is to be called Metallic Blue now.


Tags: iphone5 galaxysiii liquipel samsung galaxysiii samsung galaxysiii samsung galaxysiii windowsphone svoice galaxysiii ics apk samsung galaxysiii verizon samsung galaxysiii sprint samsung galaxysiii samsung galaxysiii galaxysiii samsung ics jellybean samsung galaxysiii samsung galaxysiii samsung galaxysiii samsung galaxysiii specs samsung galaxysiii release date samsung galaxysiii galaxysii samsung galaxysiii android samsung galaxysiii samsung galaxysiii samsung galaxysiii samsung galaxysiii galaxysiii samsung galaxysiii samsung samsung galaxysiii samsung galaxysiii galaxysiii samsung samsung galaxysiii samsung galaxysiii samsung galaxysiii preorder samsung galaxysiii galaxysiii vodafone samsung galaxysiii galaxys3 samsung galaxysiii galaxys3 benchmark samsung svoice galaxysiii samsung galaxysiii accessories samsung dropbox galaxysiii samsung galaxysiii galaxysiii samsung android samsung galaxysiii galaxys3 samsung galaxysiii samsung galaxysiii sprint samsung galaxysiii samsung galaxysiii galaxysiii samsung galaxysiii samsung galaxysiii samsung galaxysiii galaxysiii 2gb samsung samsung galaxysiii android samsung galaxysiii samsung galaxysiii galaxysiii asamsung galaxysiii samsung launch samsung galaxysiii samsung galaxys3 galaxysiii blue galaxys3 galaxysiii samung samsung galaxysiii samsung tip galaxysiii svoice galaxysiii samsung verison sprint samsung galaxysiii verizon sprint galaxysiii samsung t-mobile galaxysiii at&t samsung galaxysiii samsung galaxysiii at&t samsung galaxysiii at&t samsung galaxysiii samsung galaxysiii samsung galaxysiii 

Galaxy S III Korea


The Samsung Galaxy S III is launching in a 2 versions across the globe internationally, the SGS III with model number GT-I9300 has a quad-core Samsung Exynos chip and 1GB of RAM. Stateside, the Galaxy S III 4G version has a Qualcomm Snapdragon S3 chip with a Dual-core S4 processor with built-in LTE, but doubles the RAM to 2GB.


Sk Telecom

Now, Here is The Perfect combination that brings, a Samsung Galaxy S III with both a 1.4Ghz Quad-processor Exynos CPU AND 2GB of RAM. It's expected to land only on Korea's SK Telecom in July. Here is the Galaxy S III korean version unique Technical details:


    • Quad-core Samsung Exynos 4412 with CPU clocked @ 1.4GHz
    • 2GB of RAM
    • 4.8-inch Super AMOLED HD screen
    • 4.82 ounces (136.5 grams)
    • 0.35 inches (9mm)

Tags: iphone5 galaxysiii liquipel samsung galaxysiii samsung galaxysiii samsung galaxysiii windowsphone svoice galaxysiii ics apk samsung galaxysiii verizon samsung galaxysiii sprint samsung galaxysiii samsung galaxysiii galaxysiii samsung ics jellybean samsung galaxysiii samsung galaxysiii samsung galaxysiii samsung galaxysiii specs samsung galaxysiii release date samsung galaxysiii galaxysii samsung galaxysiii android samsung galaxysiii samsung galaxysiii samsung galaxysiii samsung galaxysiii galaxysiii samsung galaxysiii samsung samsung galaxysiii samsung galaxysiii galaxysiii samsung samsung galaxysiii samsung galaxysiii samsung galaxysiii preorder samsung galaxysiii galaxysiii vodafone samsung galaxysiii galaxys3 samsung galaxysiii galaxys3 benchmark samsung svoice galaxysiii samsung galaxysiii accessories samsung dropbox galaxysiii samsung galaxysiii galaxysiii samsung android samsung galaxysiii galaxys3 samsung galaxysiii samsung galaxysiii sprint samsung galaxysiii samsung galaxysiii galaxysiii samsung galaxysiii samsung galaxysiii samsung galaxysiii galaxysiii 2gb samsung samsung galaxysiii android samsung galaxysiii samsung galaxysiii galaxysiii asamsung galaxysiii samsung launch samsung galaxysiii samsung galaxys3 galaxysiii blue galaxys3 galaxysiii samung samsung galaxysiii samsung tip galaxysiii svoice galaxysiii samsung verison sprint samsung galaxysiii verizon sprint galaxysiii samsung t-mobile galaxysiii at&t samsung galaxysiii samsung galaxysiii at&t samsung galaxysiii at&t samsung galaxysiii samsung galaxysiii samsung galaxysiii samsung galaxysiii 

Galaxy S III

As you may know that the Galaxy S III is the Official phone for the 2012 Olympics, Samsung and Eurosport have made a sweet deal to celebrate the largest sports event.

Galaxy S III Offer

European Galaxy S III owners will be offered an Exclusive 1-Month free access to the Eurosport Player, granting them live video streaming of various Olympic events right on their phone. In order to get access, Galaxy S III users will have to download the Eurosport Player for Android and activate their free subscription between July 14 and August 12.

Samsung olympics

How to get the Offer :

  • Download the Eurosport Player application from Google Play link.
  • Create your Eurosport Player account.
  • You now have unlimited access to Eurosport and Eurosport 2 from July 14th.



Download Eurosport

Eurosport Player [Play]



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Galaxy S III


Samsung's GALAXY S III a huge 4.8-inch screen and you might find it hard to hold it with just one hand, but for those with wider grip, you should know that the main antenna of the handset is placed on the bottom of the device, so that's where you should not hold tight.


Samsung explains that touching or otherwise blocking the antenna could mean worse GPS performance, reduced audio quality and cause the phone to emit higher potentially dangerous radio frequency energy. See the Image Below for more detials (Click to view larger version).


Galaxy S III Guide


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Galaxy S 3

Samsung has already began to roll-out the first OTA update for the Galaxy S III I9300, The update change-log is short, it only indicating "improved stability". Go to setting and lick on the "Software Update" button and the phone will download and install it for a few minutes.

Galaxy S III OTA

The update size depends on your initial configuration, ours was about 9MB, but there are reports for 31MB+, and whatever it improves is really not noticeable. We played around with the phone in the office before and after, and the Galaxy S III was smooth as ever.

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GalaxyS3 swype


If you having difficulties typing on your Galaxy S III with the default keyboard or If you love typing by sliding your fingers across the keyboard, instead of tapping like an woodpecker... You will surely Need "Swype Keyboard" for your Galaxy S III, which is already Pre-installed and here is How to Turn it "ON".


Swype Galaxy S III



Steps to Make "Swype" your Galaxy S III Input-Method :


1. Either press the cog on Samsung's keyboard or press Menu->Settings->Language and Input.

2. Under the second category there - "Keyboards and input methods" - choose the cog next to the "Samsung keyboard" option.


Swype Galaxy S III


3. You need the "Continuous input" option here, which is grayed out by default, not the "Keyboard swipe" option, so you have to turn on the "Predictive text" slider first.

4. Check the "Continuous input" option.

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Apple Galaxy S III ban


Apple last week requested from the US Court to block the sales of the new Galaxy S III in the US before the June 21, which is the Galaxy S III launch date in the US. The reason is that Apple thinks that Samsung is infringing on some of its patents with the Galaxy S III.

Well, there is a bit of bad news for Cupertino, as Judge Lucy Koh has denied a hearing before June 21 as it would effectively overload her calendar. Instead, Apple will now have to request for a second hearing some time after June 21, by which time the Galaxy S III would already be on sale in the US.





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Verizon Galaxy S III


Verizon's customers who really cannot wait another moment to get their hands on the Samsung Galaxy S III, They have to wait a little bit longer as the shipping date has been delayed by one day from the original day.

The "ship by" date, which had previously been set for July 9th, has now been changed to July 10th on Verizon's website.



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Galaxy S III

You May already know that the Samsung GALAXY S III has a Corning Gorilla Glass 2 covering the whole front of the smartphone for maximum protection, Here is a Screen Scratch test Video showing how the Galaxy S III can handle anything without making one scratch on the screen. Watch and Enjoy!


Click to Watch The Video!


Special Thanks to Victoria Giorgiana for the Video!

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Galaxy S III


SAFE, Samsung Approved For Enterprise, is a security program by Samsung helping IT departments gain more control over devices and underscoring the safety of a device, and now the Korean company announced that it's upcoming Galaxy S III phone will be branded SAFE on all five carriers in the United States.

Galaxy S III

SAFE is also designed to facilitate the transition to Galaxy S III smartphone for big businesses. Enterprise IT departments will now have more control over SGS IIIs, and that's something that will help allow employees use the SGS III at work.




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Galaxy S III


Users waiting for Samsung's flagship smartphone to hit Sprint and T-Mobile may have to scamper to score a unit on the launch day. Sprint has confirmed to Engadget that they're running a little behind on shipments as Galaxy S III has witnessed an overwhelming demand. Sprint however, has promised to fulfill the 16GB variant pre-orders but 32GB customers won't get it until next week.


T-mobile prices


T-Mobile, on the other hand, will go ahead and launch the phone as planned but the retail sales will be limited to the "top 29 markets" initially followed by other regions as the demand and shipment eases.

The top 29 Markets are:




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AT&T announced that customers who pre-ordered a Samsung GALAXY S III should receive the unit no later than June 25th. Originally, the pre-orders were scheduled to arrive on Thursday and on Wednesday, AT&T's website showed a June 28th arrival date for orders.



AT&T Galaxy S III Specs

AT&T says it will contact customers about the delay via SMS or email or the new date when they can expect to receive their Samsung Galaxy S III. Until supply catches up with demand, AT&T expects order fulfillment within 10 business days because of "Manufacturer Supply Constraints".




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Samsung Galaxy S III


Last week the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S III release date was moved from July 9th to July 10th. Verizon's website has been changed yet again. Now it says the device will ship by July 11th.



The Galaxy S III will still be available in white or blue for $199 or $249 depending on storage choice.




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