Gorilla Glass Successor, The Corning Willow Glass flexible and bendable for Future Displays

4 June, 2012 Technology

Willow Glass

Corning, the Maker of the Great Gorilla Glass, has just proved that the glass can be so flexible to be able to bend it 360-Degree with its New Willow Glass, a type of glass made using 100-micron technology as the successor of the Gorilla Glass.

Willow Glass

This type of glass could be used for LCD and OLED displays, and the biggest advantage it brings is reduced weight and thickness of the actual device. Now, what's also remarkable is that even at the razor thin 100-microns, the Willow Glass still retains the toughness and resistance to scratches of the familiar Gorilla Glass.

Willow Glass

The immediate use will be in smartphones, but the glass could end up in all sorts of different products solar cells and lighting units. There's a video below which is just as beautiful as the product itself, showing how Corning rolls Gorilla Glass.


Click to Watch The Video!


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