Samsung Fraser I9500 running Tizen OS Available, Developer Only [Specs + Photos]

19 June, 2012 Samsung

Samsung I9500

We all know that the GALAXY S III model No. is I9300, Today we gonna show you the Samsung I9500 "Codenamed: Fraser". This is the World's first Tizen Smartphone. Sadly, this phone currently Available for developers ONLY to create and test Apps on the Tizen Platform.

Tizen I9500

Tizen is a New Mobile Operating System developed my Samsung based on HTML5 and it has an Android Emulator that can run all Android Apps beside its own platform Apps too. This Samsung phone may be the future of another Great platform that could be the Android's successor.


Tizen OS Screenshots HERE

Tizen I9500

Samsung I9500 Full Specifications

The smartphone runs on the Tizen Larkspur SLP 2.0 operating system and powered by a 1.2 GHz Dual Core. The device was given away for all developers who attended the Tizen Developers Conference in San Francisco


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