Samsung sues Apple over the iPhone Notification Center, that Apple copied from Android

22 December, 2012 Samsung

iPhone Notifications Center

Back in 2011, When Apple launched the iOS 5 with the Notifications Center, All Android users noticed that it's copied from Google's Android OS that Android models had been shipping with this feature since the launch of Android 2.1 Eclair. Everyone was waiting for Google to take Apple to court... Well, it isn't Google but Samsung that is finally taking Apple to court over this feature.


Samsung Korea is suing Apple for the Notifications Center patent, it's not just a standards-essential patent which means that Samsung may get a BIG pay check from Apple in return, if Samsung won in court.




It is unknown whether Samsung is defending a patent it had received or whether it has enhanced an existing patent that some other company received before Apple launched its Notification Center. And that is the billion dollar question because Samsung cannot sue for something Google patented.


Samsung, Apple sue 2013

Google recently received a Patent in the U.S. for the Android Notifications Center, but technically, Samsung cannot use that to sue Apple unless it was enhanced by Samsung or if it was sold to Samsung by Google.



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