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Samsung decided to DELAY the Galaxy S II Ice Cream Sandwich Update, No Release Date for Now!

11 March, 2012 Samsung Updates


Galaxy S II

Sad News for Galaxy S II owners, Today, Samsung has confirmed that it will Not be able to deliver its Android 4.0.3 update as originally planned and decided to delay the Update until further notice, with no specific reason.

The Update was supposed to be released this Month as most Galaxy S II users cannot wait to get this tasty update, However, Samsung said that it does have a New date Confirmed internally but will not share it with the public, yet.


The first phone Samsung tried to update was its previous Nexus phone the "Nexus S", a phone that Google actually had an active hand in developing. The upgrade process seemed to be running smoothly. When the Nexus S beginning to receive the new OS in December Google quickly pulled-out the updates after numerous reports of upgraded devices experienced freezing and crashing by the End-users.

• We at YouMobile want Samsung to release the Update ASAP, We currently put our Update pages and work on Hold until further Notice from Samsung as the company promised to let us know the update release date first on twitter .

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