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gsmarena 001 Nokia introduces Car Mode, makes using your Symbian smartphone in a car super cool


Today Nokia introduced a new application for their Symbian smartphones, designed to make them easier to use when you are driving a car. Called Nokia Car Mode, the standalone app features an optimized user interface simplifying the access and use of Nokia Drive (voice-guided car navigation with Nokia Maps), traffic updates, music and voice calls while driving.

Nokia Car Mode also supports the MirrorLink standard, which lets your smartphone integrate with supported car audio, video and navigation systems. Thanks to MirrorLink you can control your smartphone via the car dashboard and use the handset navigation on the car display its as cool as it gets.



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Another day of leaked ICS ROMs, Samsung is really working hard on their ICS Update for the Galaxy S II to make sure they deliver the best ICS experience to all Galaxy S II users by the End of this Month.

The Latest ROM has just been leaked today the XXLP2 with some enchancments and less bugs than the LP1. It is still has the same TW interface but alot faster and with some ICS tweaks.


Build date is 10 January 2012

Android version: 4.0.3

Download XXLP2


Change-log of LP2:

  • Faceunlock is back.
  • Option to use taskmaneger.
  • Interface: Nothing in case of XXKPA.
  • Battery: Battery feels better.
  • Faster: Phones looks faster.
  • Touch: Touch response is better.


Video Below!

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SGSIII (Click to view Bigger)

Click on photo to view Original version

In an official Samsung video used in their press conference at the event, The Galaxy S III makes a brief appearance, and it carries visible changes from the galaxy S II.


The most noticeable difference is how thin the bezel is much thinner than the one on the S II. We have rumors confirms that the S III will have a next-gen Super AMOLED screen with a 4.6-inch diagonal, which would fit in the frame of the Galaxy S II if Samsung shaves down the bezel. We are still waiting an official Release from Samsung which is probably will be during the MWC2012.

Video Below!

The Galaxy S III Appears on 7:11

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Samsung Ad

In another advertisement released by Samsung to attest to the power of the Galaxy S II in the face of what they would call the clearly inferior iPhone, the new term "Samsunged" pops up to dice the love felt between Apple lovers in line for The Next Big Thing. Of course Samsung lets us know that The Next Big Thing is already here with the Galaxy S II in its many iterations, the people in line waiting for an absolution that Samsung says will never come.

Video Below!

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Google Maps

Google Maps for Android has seen another update, adding to the Las Vegas indoor floorplans released earlier in the week with a new set of plans as submitted from the Floor Plans tool. The Google LatLong Blog also reveals that the company has a new Google Maps for Google+ game incoming, seemingly turning the PND service into a real-world Pac-Man of sorts.

Google maps

Full details on the Google Maps game have not been revealed, but it looks like the floorplan data is used to track users as they move around and collect points. We ha
ve seen location-b
ased gaming before, but Google heft and the huge number of Android devices in the wild could mean it finally takes hold in the mainstream.

Download Google Maps 6.1.0



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N9 PR1.2

Nokia N9 PR 1.2 Update has been leaked, finally, Nokia N9 users can make use of the front facing camera as video calls are coming with this update The camera improvements in the last screenshot leak is confirmed as well as many more stuff.

Check out those folders. It has been a Nokia thing having folders. I know the implementation would now resemble iPhone by showing the little mini icons.

Nokia Support

We have also got some in browser copy/paste goodness. It is a little more windows phone 7 like with those brackets. This time it works in browser too.

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Fans of the Sony brand gather around, because now you have got yourself a theme song on which to cheer your beloved phones.

Well-known Xperia fan and YouTube user Domothy85 has created a third music video to celebrate the Sony Ericsson Xperia line-up and who knows, maybe attract new Xperia owners. The lyrics are really catchy and combined with the New Jagger melody by Maroon 5 it could really be worthy for your daily music playlist.


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Angry birds

A new video teaser draws attention to the upcoming Angry Birds Seasons update. It has a Chinese new year theme and is touted for January,23. Rovio will make this version available for all platforms.


Video Below!


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