iPhone 5's A6 is a Dual-core CPU and Tri-core GPU, All made by Samsung

22 September, 2012 iPhone 5

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Apple released the iPhone 5 with the A6 Chipset that Apple designed it and Samsung manufactured it. However, Apple doesn't really care about marketing towards spec nerds, they just said that A6 is 2x Faster than previous A5X in terms of the CPU & GPU and its a Quad-core Processor.


A6 chip


In Fact, After TechInsights have examined the A6 SoC using diffusion imagery and have found out some details. It looks like the A6 is a Dual-core CPU, each core is clocked at 1GHz.

The GPU has Tri-Core (3 cores) running at 266MHz, but that is unclear. It is assumed that the GPU is a PowerVR SGX 543MP3, but again that isn't confirmed. The CPU is also a custom job made by Samsung.





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