Samsung I9260 Galaxy Nexus 2 Photos leaked on Picasa

28 September, 2012 GALAXY Nexus

Nexus 2

Today, Couple of photos leaked on picasa that appeared to be taken from Samsung I9260, which is rumored to be the Upcoming Galaxy Nexus 2.


Nexus 2 I9260

This latest image was shot using newer software I9260XXALI9 while the previous two were shot with ALI5 which indicate a Newer built, looks like the Galaxy Nexus 2 is still in developing process.



There's another photo from the I9260 on Picasa from a few days ago, which was shot using flash, so at least we know the camera has that. This photo was snapped with ALI5 software for what that's worth.


Source (Picasa)



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