A look Inside the Google Nexus 4 Teardown

17 November, 2012 Google Nexus

Nexus 4



The Google Nexus 4 is the latest stock Android handset and has already sold out in the Google Play Store. The gang at iFixit did their usual teardown and found some interesting tidbits about the device. For example, the rear cover of the phone, usually just a slab of plastic designed to keep the battery from falling out, is actually a beehive of activity on the Google Nexus 4.


Nexus 4


That is where the NFC antenna lies and a few pressure contacts power up the NFC antenna and connect the induction coil used for wireless charging, to the motherboard. Even though the Google Nexus 4 supports wireless charging, the accessory does not come with the phone out of the box.


The teardown did have its difficulties. Getting to the battery was a little tougher than usual, requiring the removal of two screws, a connector, and some adhesive material. Speaking of the battery, instead of putting the Micro SIM card under the battery, LG put it on the side of the phone and included a tool to pop out the card when needed.




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