ASUS is hoping to take on the Steam Deck

4 April, 2023 ASUS

ASUS is hoping to take on the Steam Deck


At the point when Valve originally declared the Steam Deck, many were incredulous, yet it appears to be that pretty much nothing remained to be stressed over as the handheld control center ended up being a hit. Presently it seems as though more players are hoping to enter the market in light of the fact that ASUS has uncovered that they are arranging a Steam Deck contender of their own.



Named the ASUS ROG Partner, it seems to be ASUS needs to make their own option in contrast to the Steam Deck and on paper, it seems like genuine rivalry. As per ASUS, they are guaranteeing that the ROG Partner will actually want to yield two times the exhibition of the Steam Deck. It will be fueled by an AMD Harmony 4 APU with RDNA3 designs.



It is likewise said to include a 7-inch show with a 1080po goal and a 120Hz invigorate rate, making it ideal for gamers. Likewise, in light of involved recordings by YouTube makers, the ASUS ROG Partner will have a more modest impression, making it more great for convenientce and portability contrasted with the Steam Deck.


Not much else is had some significant awareness of the control center, similar to what sort of games will be upheld or the amount it will cost. In any case, in the event that you like the possibility of the Steam Deck however need to see more choices, then, at that point, the ASUS ROG Partner could merit looking out for when it dispatches.


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