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All About PSAT and Why You Should Take Exam-Labs Practice Tests

2 June, 2021 Education

All About PSAT and Why You Should Take Exam-Labs Practice Tests


Today, education has become essential and most people are looking for a way to advance to higher levels. This has led to an increase in demand forvarious education programs, which have seen their prices go up. The need for scholarships hasrisen rapidly. Since scholarships are limited, a good and fair criterion is necessaryfor choosingwhom to award the available ones. The most commonly used criterion is the use of the standardized tests. Thus, the Exam-Labs PSAT is one of the popular exams used in awarding the students their scholarships. Here, in this article, we will talk more about this well-known test.


What is PSAT?

It is a standardized test in the United States that helps in the selection process of the National Merit Scholarship Program. There are three sections in the PSAT: Reading, Writing & Language, and Mathematics. The first part will have 47 questions that you need to complete within 1 hour. You will be given text passages and informational graphics to answer the questions. For the second section, you will need to read sentences, find the mistakes or weaknesses and fix them. There will be 44 questions, and you will have 35 minutes for that. The Mathematics area will have two subsections, and you will be allowed to use a calculator only for one of them. The No Calculator Portion consists of 17 questions to be completed within 25 minutes, and the second part where you can use a calculator contains 31 questions and lasts 45 minutes. All in all, you will have 2 hours and 45 minutes for the whole PSAT test.


What are study tips for PSAT?

There is a huge variety of resources that you can use during your preparation phase. Let's look at some of them.

  • Make use of study guides

If you are having some difficulties in understanding some exam topics use study guides. There are many books available both on the official website and third-party sources.

  • Join a discussion group

A great way to understand the topics better is through discussion groups. If you do not have people around you taking the PSAT test at the same time as you, you can make use of online forums. These groups can help you learn a new thing about the exam you are expecting, which can really be helpful.

  • Take a training course

Another tip that can help you succeed in the PSAT is to enroll for a course. There are several courses that you can find online at a small fee. They can come in handy to help you better understand the objectives.

  • Use practice tests

The best way to identify your weak areas is through practice tests. They are a great tool in any preparation process because through them you become familiar with the exam structure. They are designed like the actual test so you get a clear picture of what to expect. Remember not to waste your time memorizing the answers provided for the questions because they can differ. Taking mock tests can also help you manage your time during the real one.

  • Relax during the test

It is advisable that you be relaxed during the exam for better performance. Make sure you arrive at the testing center early like 30 minutes before the official starting time. Read through all the questions and start with the simple ones.



Scholarships have been helping the students for many years to ease the financial burden that comes with school fees. If you want to earn one and you don't know where to start, you should consider taking the PSAT test. It puts you into a competition for the National Merit Scholarshipand gauges your readiness for various college programs.


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