Android Nougat for the Galaxy Tab S2 on AT&T Goes Live

19 June, 2017 Samsung Updates

If you own Samsung's last gen tablet on AT&T, you should be happy to know that the network has finally released Android Nougat 7.0 for the Galaxy Tab S2. It comes in much later than everyone expected it to, but at least it's finally here. AT&T now joins T-Mobile and Verizon among the list of US networks to ship the files out via OTA. Unlike Samsung's unlocked flagship smartphones in the US however, Samsung had been kind enough to also release the same update a while ago for the unlocked version of the Tab S2.

The firmware is a big one, just like any other Android OS upgrade packages and should come in at roughly 1.1GB. Make sure that you connected to a Wi-Fi network before downloading though, unless of course, you just don't care about mobile network data consumption. The update has the firmware version T817AUCU2CQE3 and it should reach your Tab S2 in the next few hours or days, depending on where you are located in the States.

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