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Best way to invest in Cryptocurrencies in India?

23 May, 2022 Business

Best way to invest in Cryptocurrencies in India?


India has become one of the fastest to reach the top list in Crypto trading. As big as it is in perimeter, the nation has the second largest population in the world, and their contribution alone in increasing the number of users has brought crypto more recognition. In this Gold Market, the digital finance system is highly dependent on blockchain technology for its growth, and here, crypto is the steering wheel for the business to grow more in shape. While many profited from cryptocurrencies, there are plenty still left in India who need guidance before entering this business. With the lack of information about this domain, things can go seriously bad, and many may lose all their investments in crypto.


What is Crypto?

Cryptocurrencies or tokens are digitally formulated coins that allow one to exchange assets in the virtual finance system. Cryptos are only circulated in these digital networks but have real-world values as an asset. The currencies are designed with encryption, each differs from another, making it unique and unfathomable. The decentralized networks which carry the currencies offer a peer-to-peer service only, barring any third party from entering a transactional process when two are participating in the activity. The system lets one keep themselves anonymous and protects their sensitive information from the eyes of wrongdoers.


Beginner's Guide

Going through all the Blockchains

When the names differ, it is to understand that each cryptocurrency is developed under different blockchain networks and circulates in those spaces only. While one thinks about starting to invest in a particular cryptocurrency, they need to do a little bit of market research. As we all know, Bitcoin is the first-ever crypto, and most investors are too eager to invest here. Other options such as ETH and Binance are also becoming more and more active and presenting lucrative deals to the customers.


Choosing a Crypto Exchange Platform

As the regulations of India are not quite clear about its take on cryptos, and it is always a problem if the trades are allowed or not, one must be very careful with choosing a particular cryptocurrency. While a proper background check is important, investors should never forget to align their expectations with the results of a crypto program. They can choose the perfect crypto to invest in through the right exchange platforms. For instance, CoinDCX, WazirX, and CoinswitchKuber are some renowned ones in India.


Opening an Account

After choosing the exchange platform, one has to open an account under that platform. One needs to keep in mind that the information is never shared with a third party in a functional and verified cryptosystem. Even when a transaction occurs, both the parties' details are hidden by a code of jumbled words or digits to protect their personal information. The signup process is quite a simple one, and to verify one's true identity, the platform will require one to give their PAN card or Aadhaar card or driver's license details. By having this information, the system can save histories of a transaction under a specific section and save it.


Depositing Money

The next step requires one to fill their crypto wallets. These wallets are mainly of two types- Hot wallets or Cold wallets. One should use a hot wallet when they want to actively make transactions and participate in buying assets. The cold wallets are for long-term investments and are saved in a private blockchain to protect the contents. To deposit in any of these wallets, one has to link their crypto wallet with their bank accounts and deposit money by transferring through credit cards or debit cards.


Buying the first Asset

Now, one needs to finalize their decision to go with a particular crypto token. Although, a person can invest in multiple crypto tokens from different platforms, and these assets will be stored in their crypto wallet. If one is looking for steady growth, they can go with Bitcoin, while for fast-growing profits, Ethereum is a more suitable choice. These assets can be stored in the hope of future value exchange or can be traded with others and gain profits.


In this Bitcoin Era, when the cryptos are such a popular investment plan, one should always consider it a lucrative deal. But if they do not know the right ways to invest initially, it would take much of their efforts to grow in the business later.


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