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BlackBerry Messenger for Android leaked on a photo

6 October, 2011 BlackBerry (RIM)


BBM Android


A few days ago, we caught a glimpse at the first spy shots of the BlackBerry Messenger or BBM app for Android users running on a device. Some more screens of the app running what appears to be a different device have surfaced as well. The other screens show some of the same views that we saw previously, but it also includes a couple new views.



TechnoBuffalo was sent some screen shots from a source and the source added a bit of background to go with the screen shots that add a little credibility to things. The source claims to work for RIM. The phone the screenshots show looks very rough, and there is apparently a reason for it. The phone is a dev unit that RIM whipped up and the buttons on the front are just stuck on according to the source.


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