BlueBorne Security Patch Arrives for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in the US

15 September, 2017 Samsung Updates

The situation is a bit confusing now because Samsung has likely already provided the necessary patches to take care of the infamous BlueBorne vulnerability, but an app on the Play Store which checks your device to see if it is still vulnerable is clearly showing that the Note 8 is not yet safe. Why is this happening you may ask? The answer is quite simple really! Samsung patched the BlueBorne security gap on their own with the August patch itself, while the BlueBorne Vulnerability Scanner app only marks Android phones with the September patch as "safe."

As you can imagine, this should actually be an epic win for Samsung, but as fate would have it, the Note 8 is receiving negative publicity because of it! The truth is that Samsung managed to patch a major flaw in the OS even before Google did it and that deserves some applause! The bottom line is that if you own a Galaxy Note 8, you should rest easy because as far as the software side is concerned, Samsung has you covered for now. Given my recent experience, I am not so sure about the hardware part though!

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