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Do Cryptocurrencies Have The Capabilities To Be The Future Currencies?

22 March, 2021 Business

Do Cryptocurrencies Have The Capabilities To Be The Future Currencies?


The Cryptocurrency and Regulation act of India is set to present a bill in the parliament about creating a CBDC operated by RBI in 2021. The issue is not hidden anymore, that some of the central banks are mulling on CBDC accounts, an initiative to make the digital currency into public currencies. Many of the foreign and neighboring countries are planning to launch their own CBDC. India is marching simultaneously on the sidelines with the world's other countries in designing their digital currencies.


Initiating laws to make the event more accessible for RBI to make CBDC

On the one hand, the Indian Government's announcement has led the eyes of those with fright and fear dabbling into trading with cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, there is a positive report of launching the first public cryptocurrencies owned and operated by the Reserve Bank Of India. China has already launched its CBDC, followed by other countries like Japan, Hong Kong, England, Canada, and their advanced stage to roll out their digital currency. They are testing the currencies in cross-border payment methods, working on collaborative projects.


Besides this, casino gambling sites have rolled out with distinctive payment methods, offering games, customer support, etc., worldwide.


Banning Private Cryptocurrencies will set India back by Years

In 2018, RBI banned the transactions of cryptocurrency. However, in March 2020, the cryptocurrencies were back in India's operation when the Supreme Court lifted RBI's ban.


Crypto is the future boom acting as a financial internet globally; globally, global decentralized apps are focused on blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Over one crore of Indians are severely indulging in this thriving global crypto economy by investing, earning by cryptocurrencies. It will not be a good idea for India to ban these currencies while the rest of the world moves forward. Every blockchain needs its token of the coin to maintain the sanctity in the market.


The covid-19 pandemic has caused a massive disaster in the world, making many people jobless. On the contrary, Crypto, the ecosystem, is coming up with new jobs across various functions worldwide. There are over 300 startups in India's metropolis, with thousands of job opportunities and millions of dollars in revenue and taxes.


Buying Crypto Coins is a Suitable Mode of Investment

Earlier, people used to hedge upon investing in gold, considering them as a financial asset. Nowadays, Cryptocurrencies have taken the market portfolio as people are excited to invest in Bitcoins, and the value fluctuates in the market a lot. Moreover, buying crypto coins is entirely legal in India, and millions of investors are showing a lot of interest in trading with crypto coins.


BlockChain is Generating Jobs for the Youths of India

With the enormous popularity that the Blockchain has created worldwide, India is taking significant strides in adopting Blockchain technology. In the wake of demonetization, India is facing the paradigm shift from cash to cashless. Indian Citizens are very much accustomed to the concept of Paypal, UPI, and PayTM.


The giant tech hub of India- Bengaluru, Mumbai, NewDelhi, led the opportunities in the blockchain domain-generated over 36 % of jobs based on the same tech. The Indian Government is taking the potential to combat scams, frauds, and other illegal exchanges of money.


The Importance of CBDC, to Reset the Future Goals of India

CBDC can promote financial inclusion, payment transactions, benefits in fiscal transfer at the individual level. It can also afford the direct public consumption in basketing goods and services from the market to upscale aggregate demand and social welfare. CBDC can also perform at the policy rate by increasing the economic condition of India.


Likewise, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram will be built on a decentralized platform. Hence, if you want to access these platforms, you have to pay in Ether. Such Ethereum startups will offer new talents a wide variety of jobs to accomplish technology and gain a lot of profit in stabilizing the economy. However, NetBet has already opened a digital currency exchange platform for people living in any part of the world who can access the gambling site easily.


The Future of Cryptocurrency

CBDC will make the global industry run faster and reduce the cost of providing financial business to empower more significant innovation. CBDC has a core characteristic to showcase genuine innovations in the country. The cryptocurrency ecosystem will bring transparency to the market and reduce fraud and black marketing. It will get a good scale of Job opportunities.


It is entirely justifiable that banning these crypto ecosystems will harm India's economy and deprive the Indian industry to revolve this technology. These industries understand blockchain technology's ground reality, and India will soon welcome favorable regulations in rolling them out in the market.


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