Don't Panic! iWnn for Nexus is an Emoji Keyboard for Nexus Devices

11 April, 2014 Nexus


If you Own a Nexus device and noticed an App that installed itself through Play store called "iWnn IME for Nexus" with a blue "W" logo on it... Don't Panic! This App is an emoji keyboard plug-in for the Google Keyboard App and its only for the Nexus Devices Only.


iWnn for Nexus


This App provides you with the emoji images you get when you are using the default Google Keyboard, If iWnn IME is enabled, whenever you're typing text, you can switch the input method to iWnn IME and have a visual keyboard full of nothing but emojis.

If you don't like it or you simply don't want it on your Nexus deice, just click the "uninstall" button beside it OR Head to the App Manager and disable it.


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