Dylan Sigley Reviews His Favorite Online Tools

18 May, 2021 Reviews

Dylan Sigley Reviews His Favorite Online Tools


A successful drop servicing entrepreneur describes what his favorite online tools are and why he considers them useful.


Who Is Dylan Sigley?

Dylan Sigley is a New Zealander who did not have any savings or investors to help him start his business. Quite the contrary, he had a student loan to pay off. Nevertheless, only after 3 months after he started developing his own online business, he was able to quit his job and not rely on it financially. Now, he is running a 7-figure drop servicing business and teaches others to succeed in the field.


Tool #1 Reviewed by Dylan Sigley

Now, when Dylan Sigley launched various drop servicing projects, each with an informative professional website, he still relies on Facebook to promote himself and his business. Dylan Sigley invests a lot of his attention to his personal page and recommends using paid advertising options too.


Tool #2: Slack

When your business is 100% online, you need to communicate with all the people working for you in the most efficient way. You need to set tasks, control freelancers, and share information online. When your business is a startup, you cannot afford your own information system, and Dylan thinks it is not always worth doing. Many big companies use Slack to smooth and facilitate communication, store message history, and exchange files. Slack gives great opportunities to automate your business, which Dylan sees as a necessary step to success. The app offers a free-of-charge option for a small team for an unlimited period of time.


Tool #3: WordPress

When you have crystallized the business idea in your mind, you need a website to start an online business. It is possible to invest lots of money and spend months creating a website of your dream. But Dylan recommends making a beautiful website quickly and free of charge with WordPress templates. WordPress is free open-source software that allows creating an impressive website, blog, or app. 41% of all world's websites are working on WordPress.


Tool #4: LinkedIn

Networking is everything for any business. LinkedIn is a great tool for a startupper who works from home as Dylan did when he was making the first steps on his path. You can say who you are and what you do, reach other entrepreneurs, share ideas, and cooperate. And you can advertise yourself on LinkedIn too.


Tool #5: Online Courses

The business environment develops more and more rapidly, and a university business education degree often becomes dated when a student graduates. Education widens a person's horizon but lacks training on practical tools and skills. Dylan regrets spending two more years to receive his Master's degree. There are endless opportunities to learn online, and many of them are free of charge. You can enroll in a Coursera business course, for example. If you are interested in drop servicing, take a look at the Drop Servicing Blueprint course Dylan Sigley has developed himself. It is a practical step-by-step model teaching you to start your business from scratch in 30 days with zero investment.



Once you launch an online business, you are spoiled with a choice of apps, software, and courses to facilitate it. Online tools help you communicate with your team, join the community of entrepreneurs, reach current and future clients, and promote your business. Online courses can give you additional information and training if you need it. But do not waste your time; rely on the best online tools to rocket your ideas for profit and recognition.


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