Fresh Apple iWatch Concept Surfaces with iOS

19 February, 2013 Apple

If this is what they meant with curved and smart, then Apple may finally be coming up with a new smart iWatch concept (and many can't wait until they confirm this news!). Speculators have created prototypes of what could Apple possibly be working on and a few interesting ones have come out.

The Guardian's The Observer published a cool-looking picture of what a "smart iWatch" would look like. Fashion folks might just love this bangle smart watch that these talented speculators have created.

Others hypothesize that it will feature iOS, Retina display, "a curved glass" design, a front-facing camera and all the works. It is also highly likely to be capable of syncing with other iOS devices, so there.

With all the hype and the things that come out of these speculations, it must be something really big and worth waiting for. If these speculations will turn out to be real, then it might be the start of another tech war with other providers-but involving smart watches this time, instead of smart phones.

Source: Guardian


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