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Future Samsung devices to use DigitalOptics tech for face tracking

24 April, 2013 Samsung

Prior to the unveiling of the Galaxy S 4 last March 14th, rumors were everywhere that Samsung Galaxy S 4 would have eye-and-face-detection and tracking features and that the technology used came from Samsung's own component manufacturing division. However, DigitalOptics has also made known its role in making the technology possibly for the Galaxy S 4.

According to a report, DigitalOptics has recently won a deal to supply the software needed for Samsung to manufacture the components. The software reportedly is able to detect pupillary movement for interface features. Although there are no reports as to the actual involvement of the DigitalOptics software to the Galaxy S 4 features, with the "multi-year" licensing deal it has struck with Samsung, this could mean more devices for Samsung that feature the exact or similar technology in the future.

Samsung Licenses DigitalOptics Face Detection and Tracking Software

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--DigitalOptics Corporation (DOCTM), a wholly owned subsidiary of Tessera Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: TSRA) announced today that Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. has signed a multi-year license for DOC's Face Detection and Face Tracking software. This software will be used in Samsung Galaxy S® 4 smartphones.

DOC's Face Detection and Face Tracking software is part of DOC's FaceToolsTM suite, which also includes Accurate Eye Tracking and Face Recognition, Smile and Blink Detection, among others. With FaceTools, end users can automatically identify individuals, capture fast moving objects, use enhanced user interfaces via real-time tracking of pupils, and take flawless pictures even under sub-optimum light or color balance conditions. This software is compatible with all application processors and can be optimized for power consumption and increased performance via custom hardware blocks, such as the DOC advanced hardware image processing (AHIP) embedded in Fujitsu's discrete image signal processors (ISPs).

The DOC's FaceTools suite is also a key capability in its innovative microelectromechnical (MEMS) mems|camTM mobile camera module recently launched in February at Mobile World Congress. By combining FaceTools along with an extensive portfolio of market leading camera technologies, DOC will enable compelling new imaging features only available in mems|cam mobile camera modules for smartphone cameras.

"Our position as the technology and market leader in imaging software is a unique asset that enables DOC to develop highly differentiated mobile camera modules," said John Thode, president of DOC. "By combining our MEMS technology with our real-time custom hardware blocks and application software we believe we have all of the capabilities to bring exceptional professional quality still and video imaging and applications to mobile devices."

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